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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Louise Gold

it's time to play the music

The Muppets… Again! May Bring Back Long Lost Female Muppet Character and Long Gone Female Puppeteer

An alternative title to this post might be ‘Making A Post About a Muppet Almost No One Has Heard About and Her Performer Returning for The Muppets Sequel Constitutes a Clear Abuse of my Power As Managing Editor.’

But according to Tough Pigs sources, Annie Sue and even her Muppeteer Louise Gold will be returning for The Muppets… Again!, and that’s great, because I love the Muppets but they seriously have two female characters that anyone has ever heard of*. When you’re still disappointed, as an adult, that Big-Fat-Ugly-Bug-Face-Baby-Eating O’Brien didn’t at least become a running gag instead of a one-off joke, you get excited about these kind of things.