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  1. Twitter Adds LOLcat Language Setting If That’s Something You’re Interested In

    Look, I'm not going to try and convince you that LOLcats are high art or anything, but they can certainly be amusing when the right moment strikes. Look at that cat over there on the left! Isn't it hilarious how he can't spell? Given that the phenomenon originated on the Internet, it only makes sense that the Internet should embrace it. In that vein, Twitter has now added a LOLcat language option to their service. No, I'm not joking.

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  2. Grumpy Cat’s Out to Ruin Christmas? Not on the LOLCats’s Watch! [Video]

    Is the very thought of having to sit through yet another Christmas special about some mutated reindeer with a case of low self-esteem making you sick to your stomach? Tired of being preached the true meaning of Christmas like we're soulless, materialistic goons? Okay, maybe they're right in that regard, but the point is monotony needs a good kick to the curb this holiday season and no Christmas special kicks harder than How the LOLCats Saved Christmas. True, it is yet another paint-by-numbers bastardization of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, but this iteration has 100% more cats per serving compared to other leading versions of the story. Plus, the cats don't stop to sing every five minutes, so that has to count for something.

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  3. Internet Cat Videos Get a Real-Life Film Festival

    If you have Internet, you know all about cat videos. Cat videos are what makes the Internet go around. Cat videos are so prominent that when Google had their brain simulation look at the Internet, it learned what cats were. But why should cat videos only be an Internet thing? That's what Katie Czarniecki Hill must have thought to herself before organizing The Internet Cat Video Film Festival (ICVFF), a real-life film festival for your favorite Internet cats.

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  4. Is This Article About LOLcats the Most Brilliant Troll of All Time, Or Way Behind the Times?

    This article over on The Sun, entitled "Wacky cat pics are a web hit," is an article from today, which happens to fall in the year 2012. The article only has a few sentences written up, followed by a handful of the mentioned "wacky cat pics." As anyone who has an Internet connection knows, these "wacky cat pics" are LOLcats, and have been a cornerstone of the Internet for roughly ever. So, either we're looking at a humorously out of date article, or we're looking at one of the greatest trolls of all time.

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  5. The Day the LOLcats Died [Video]

    In the time-honored fashion of making a parody of American Pie, Chris Parker gets on the YouTube and sings out against SOPA and PIPA. Sure, a little cheesy, but hey, SOPA and PIPA would ruin all the Internets, and Parker and his crew made a song about that.

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  6. 10 LOLCats Bid You a Happy Thanksgiving

    It's Thanksgiving, and you know what that means: 10 cats give thanks for a bounty of LOLs.

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  7. LOLCats Guy Offers to Buy Reddit

    In the wake of the Proposition 19 fracas earlier today, which pitted the Reddit community and admins up against the site's Condé Nast overlords over pro-marijuana reform advertisements, Ben Huh, the CEO of the omnipresent Cheezburger Network that includes sites like I Can Has Cheezburger?, FAIL Blog, and The Daily What, has offered to buy Reddit, saying that the site would "benefit from more resources and less corporate interference."

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  8. 8 Immortal Image Threads You Could Look Through for Days

    For all of the brand-new information and diversions that the Internet brings us each day (and which you closely follow on sites like this one), some of its brightest treasures exist in forum threads from long ago. People with odd image libraries, Photoshop, and too much time on their hands sculpted and collected the amusing and bizarre pictures that still pop up, often without context, to this very day. Below, we've gathered some of the longest and highest quality image threads, with themes like "you nostalgia, you lose," CAPTCHArt, Caturday, and, of course, animated GIFs. Warning: Any one of these could easily suck up a good portion of your day.

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  9. Lolcats: A Sign of Human Cultural Progress

    Clay Shirky makes a very compelling argument for why internet memes and the other creative collaborative phenomena of the internet (like Wikipedia) can be seen as an impressive human achievement, and a sign that our society has made a significant leap forward.

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  10. The Pirate Bay is Back with Pirate Party Hosting and a Message for RIAA “Assclowns”

    Yesterday, BitTorrent site The Pirate Bay briefly freaked us all out when it went down without warning, but it emerged that its bandwidth provider had been blocked from connecting The Pirate Bay and its servers to the Internet, and the folks behind the site said they were working on it. Now, the site is back and defiant: when you go to, you'll see the LOLCat-inspired message above. The biggest revelation, though, may be TPB's new bandwidth provider since CB3ROB backed off: The Pirate Party, the third-largest political party in Sweden.

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