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  1. Wikipedia has a List of Lists of Lists, Which Lists Itself and a Separate List of Lists

    Wikipedia's innumerable lists is already the stuff of legends. And yet still amidst the back alleys, we hear whispers of lists of lists -- strange, higher planes of existence which float above everything. But it has transpired that there is still another level; a greater plateau of enlightenment. Friends, believe me when I say that Wikipedia has a List of Lists of Lists. And, most beautifully, it not only links to a list of lists, but also to itself. This, dear readers, is the information singularity. Wikipedia has attained nirvana

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  2. Wikipedia's List of Common Misconceptions

    It has come to my attention that Wikipedia has a page that is a list of common misconceptions. This, my friends, is a treasure trove. At the moment, the page lists what must be a couple hundred common misconceptions, links to other lists of more specific misconceptions and has 340 annotations. Of course, a lot of the listed facts are the sort of thing you've been yelling from atop your soapbox for years. Some of the other ones, however, are truly mind-blowing.

    Now, this is Wikipedia, so anyone can go in there and change anything and a list of common misconceptions seems like a pretty great place to troll. That being said, every item on the list cites at least one source, often 3 or 4, which I assume means that the statement is accurate. I don't look at the sources or anything, I just assume blue, superscript numbers are markers of truth. Somebody add that to the list of misconceptions.

    Check after the jump for a list of 10 of the best ones.

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  3. SEO Compliant Great Literature

    McSweeney's Lists are only my second favorite thing about McSweeney's, just after their "Open Letters to People Or Entities Who Are Unlikely To Respond." A little while ago, Mike Lacher's List Great Literature Retitled to Boost Website Traffic debuted. It's sort of like... what if wrote the Western Canon?

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