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  1. Conan O’Brien Wants To Become The Most Influential Person on LinkedIn With Your Help

    Let's not tell him about Tumblr.

    Let's be real for a hot second -- LinkedIn is kind of a joke. Seriously, when was the last time you updated your own account? Probably right before you left your last job, and not since. But Conan O'Brien has serious plans for the "professional network." Specifically, he wants to conquer it and become its most influential member.

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  2. Sorry, Prostitutes — LinkedIn Won’t Be Your Pimp Anymore

    LinkedIn updated their user agreement, and it now specifically bans prostitutes from using it -- even where prostitution is legal.

    LinkedIn just updated their user agreement, and it brings some bad news for sex workers. The updated UA explicitly bans the use of LinkedIn to promote prostitution and escort services -- even in places where those things are legal. I don't know how widely LinkedIn is used by the sex worker community, but this is bound to upset some people.

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  3. Report: A Lot of People Marked LinkedIn’s Attempts to Warn Them About Compromised Passwords as Spam

    Last week, the world collectively cursed under its breath after 6.5 million LinkedIn usernames and passwords were dumped onto the Internet. Now, a new report shows that LinkedIn's attempts to warn users were hampered by the fact that nobody likes to read emails from LinkedIn.

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  4. Hackers Claim To Have Access To 6.5 Million LinkedIn Passwords, So You Should Change Yours Right Now [UPDATED]

    Updated content follows below.

    Time to reevaluate your password strength; It seems like there's been another password leak, and this time it's LinkedIn. According to the Norwegian site Dagens IT, hackers posted 6.5 million unsalted password hashes on a Russian site, alleging they all belong to LinkedIn users. So far, reports are that 300,000 of the hashes have been decrypted, meaning those passwords are out in the wild, in plain text. More are sure to join them. Best to freshen up that password, just in case.

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  5. What LinkedIn Might Have Looked Like in the ’80s [Video]

    Wonder what LinkedIn might have looked like if it were around in the '80s? Squirrel Monkey has created a mockup to set your mind at ease. Spoiler: LinkedIn would have been just as little fun in the '80s as it is now.

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  6. Biggest Names Online Take Out Full Page Ad in NYTimes Speaking Against SOPA

    Yesterday, a group of nine of the biggest online companies took out a full page ad in the New York Times to voice their concern over two pieces of legislation in congress that could greatly affect the way America uses the Internet. In the letter, Google, Facebook, Mozilla, Zynga, eBay, Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and AOL ask that their point of view be heard regarding the Protect IP and the Stop Online Piracy Act.

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  7. 1 in 6 Job Seekers Found Their Current Job on a Social Network

    A recent survey by Jobvite suggests that 16% of Americans (or about 1 in 6) who are looking for another job found their most recent one via social media. That amounts to somewhere around 22 million Americans who found their last job not only online (which isn't too suprising nowadays) but on an actual social networking site. You might immediately think "Oh, of course, that's what LinkedIn is for," but actually, the majority of these lucky job-finders attribute their employment to Myspace Facebook. 78% percent of them, in fact.

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  8. LinkedIn Valued At $100+ Per Share: Biggest IPO Since Google’s in 2004

    Professional social networking site LinkedIn officially went public this morning at $45 per share, valuing the company at $4.25 billion. Some of its critics argued that this was too high a valuation for a company that only made $243 million last quarter and expects to lose money this year, and while it remains to be seen over the long term whether those critics are right, in the short term, demand has far exceeded that value. Within two hours of opening, LinkedIn stock was priced at more than $100 per share or $9 billion for the company as a whole, making this the biggest initial public offering since Google's in 2004.

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  9. LinkedIn: Peter Is the Top Name for Male CEOs, Deborah Is Tops for Females [Infographic]

    Sometimes we suspect that the real reason people found social media companies isn't to make millions, but rather to scoop up lots of user data and make cool visualizations about it. Not to be beaten by Hunch's nifty Mac people vs. PC people infographic, professional social network LinkedIn has mined the figures on disproportionately popular names by profession. Their findings: CEOs are more likely to sport names like Peter, Bob, Deborah, or Sally; meanwhile, names like Emma and Katie dominate human resources. Infographic below:

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  10. LinkedIn’s 10 Most Overused Buzzwords

    LinkedIn, the popular employment network and social network hybrid, released a top ten list of the most overused buzzwords and buzzphrases across their United States members' profiles as of 2010:

    • Extensive experience
    • Innovative
    • Motivated
    • Results-oriented
    • Dynamic
    • Proven track record
    • Team player
    • Fast-paced
    • Problem solver
    • Entrepreneurial
    The LinkedIn ministudy also broke down the buzzwords by region, discovering that profiles from US, Canada and Australia focus on their "extensive experience," whereas profiles from Brazil, Spain, and India identify themselves more as "dynamic." UK profiles focus more on their motivation, and French, German, Italian and Dutch profiles focus more on their innovative qualities. There's a handy chart over at the LinkedIn blog post breaking down the buzzwords by region, which can be seen after the break.

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