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  1. STEM Jobs are More Trans Friendly than They Once Were, But There’s Still Work to Be Done

    Earlier this month in Florida, Cindy Sullivan, a trans woman who works in IT, testified against a bill that would, among other things, affect her job security. According to the Human Rights Campaign, five out of every six trans men and trans women has experienced employment discrimination.

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  2. [UPDATED] Alice Eve’s Transphobic Comment About Bruce Jenner Underlines A Greater Misunderstanding of Feminism

    Two days ago, Star Trek Into Darkness' Alice Eve posted this great photo of body confidence activist, Harnaam Kaur, on her Instagram with the hashtags #equalpay and #equalrights. Seems like it'd be a feminist post, right? Well, yes and no. While Eve did post the image of Kaur in solidarity with a fellow woman, Eve then felt the need to talk about Bruce Jenner's announcement in the comments for some reason. They have since been deleted (but not before the Internet took notice).

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  3. The Mary Sue Interview: Talking LGBTQ+ Representation, Genre TV, and Fandom With the Cast of Orphan Black

    "Just don't be a dick!'

    "I think there's a lot of mythology about what a man or a woman is supposed to be, a lot of mythology about what gay men and gay women are supposed to be. There's just a lot of storytelling surrounding human beings and what sexuality and gender identity means to your value. It's all a lie. And it's a lie we've been told for many many years, and it's destructive and exclusionary and I resent it. "

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  4. The Mary Sue Interview: Director Eric Schaeffer On Representing The Trans Community In Boy Meets Girl

    Eric Schaeffer's latest film, and his gentlest film to day, is Boy Meets Girl, the coming of age romantic comedy about a Ricky, a transgender woman in Kentucky (played by newcomer Michelle Hendley) with a male best friend (Twilight’s Michael Welch) who develops feelings for a girl (Alexandra Turshen) for the first time. The movie has been celebrated at multiple LGBT film festivals, including winning 10 best picture honors. Schaeffer spoke with us about his new movie (now on VOD and DVD).

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  5. The Mary Sue Interview: Trans Actress Michelle Hendley On Positive Representation In Boy Meets Girl

    It’s not every day that an actress makes her debut on screen in a leading role, but for Michelle Hendley, that is exactly how she entered the film industry. When writer/director Eric Schaeffer was looking for a trans woman to play the lead in Boy Meets Girl, he stumbled upon Hendley’s old YouTube channel and thought she would be perfect fit for the role of Ricky.

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  6. Brian Michael Bendis Unconvincingly Denies Bi-Erasure In All-New X-Men


    Brian Michael Bendis' All-New X-Men #40 just came out today, but it's already been the subject of intense scrutiny after pages leaked to Tumblr earlier this week revealed a scene in which Jean Grey forces Iceman (Bobby Drake) to admit he's gay.

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  7. Marvel’s Editor-In-Chief Explains Why One of the Original X-Men Just Came Out of the Closet

    Spoilers ahead for All-New X-Men #40!

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  8. Today in Imperfect Representation: One of the Original X-Men Just Came Out as Gay

    Brian Michael Bendis' All-New X-Men #40 won't be released until tomorrow, but leaked pages uploaded to Tumblr show that this issue contains a huge reveal for one of the original mutants. Spoilers to follow.

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  9. [UPDATED] GOG Customer Service Rep Argues With Customer over Transphobia in Pillars of Eternity

    A random defense of a joke that the game's developers already decided not to defend—in case you thought we could have nice things.

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  10. The Mary Sue Interview: Greg Weisman on His YA Adventure Kickstarter, Rain of the Ghosts

    Greg Weisman is probably best known for his television work, producing amazing animated shows like Gargoyles, Spectacular Spider-Man, Young Justice and Star Wars Rebels. In the last couple years, Weisman has released two YA adventure/paranormal novels: Rain of the Ghosts and Spirits of Ash and Foam. Both books are about Rain Cacique, a thirteen year old girl living in the Caribbean who has the ability to see ghosts.

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  11. GLAAD Releases Annual Report on LGBTQ+ Representation in Hollywood; Gives Failing Grades to Disney and Sony

    GLAAD released its third annual report on Hollywood's LGBTQ+ representation earlier today, and although this year saw some notable improvements, GLAAD president Sarah Kate Ellis notes that most major studios still have significant work to do.

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  12. Review: Marvel Comics’ Angela: Asgard’s Assassin #2-5

    Ah, quality, how I’ve missed thee!

    With five issues under its belt and its first arc nearly complete, Angela: Asgard’s Assassin continues to be a standout comic book series on every level in terms of artwork, character, and story.

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  13. Things We Saw Today: A Neopets Cosplay That Will Take You Way Back

    This Neopets cosplay from AF is bringing me way back. From left to right: the Tooth Faerie, Taelia, the Air Faerie, the Soup Faerie, Illusen, and the Grey Faerie.

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  14. YouTuber AkilahObviously Uses Different Flavors of Pizza to Explain Intersectional Feminism

    "As great as it is to uplift cheese pizzas, the world could use a lot more flavor."

    Intersectional feminism is the feminism we should all strive to practice - but what does that mean? YouTuber AkilahObviously has outlined it in this new video where she uses an analogy of burgers and pizzas to explain.

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  15. [UPDATED] Rye Silverman Is Modcloth’s First Trans Model, Has Dress Named After Her, Is Basically Just Awesome

    "I still look male to most people [but I'm wearing] the clothes that I want to wear."

    After having been featured on Modcloth's Style Gallery community blog and being a Modcloth #FashionTruth spotlight on their main blog, comedian Rye Silverman has been hired as a model at Modcloth, making her their first transgender model.

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  16. Ashley Mardell Educates the World on The ABCs of LGBT

    Because seriously, there's a LOT of terms to learn.

    Thankfully, YouTuber Ashley Mardell is taking us all to school with her series, The ABCs of LGBT, where she teams up with other gender diversity experts, activists, and sex educators on YouTube to teach both cis/heterosexual allies and LGBTQ+ folks who might be in the process of learning who they are about the myriad gender expressions that exist.

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  17. Yurikuma Arashi Finale Recap: Episode 12 – “YURI KUMA ARASHI”

    Let’s go, Miss Kureha! To the outside world!

    I thought I’d start this with a spoiler-free review, for those of you scrolling past and wondering if you should give this strange little series a try. Hit the jump to read on, and I’ll let you know when the spoilers kick up again.

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  18. Today Is The International Transgender Day of Visibility, And Here’s Why It Matters

    Matters a lot.

    March 31st 2015 marks the sixth International Transgender Day of Visibility. The goal of the day is to celebrate life and transgender accomplishments while raising awareness of the discrimination that faces trans people on a daily basis. So if you know someone who is trans, tell them today that you support them, and that they matter. In person, on the Facebook, the Twitter, or the Tumblr, it doesn’t matter; do it!

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  19. Apple’s Tim Cook Says Pro-Discrimination “Religious Freedom” Laws Like Indiana’s Are Dangerous

    Our country's constitution guarantees its citizens the right to freely practice their religion so that we may all avoid discrimination. That's what's so troubling about Religious Freedom Restoration Act legislation in Indiana and elsewhere that opens the door for people to use their religion as a reason to discriminate, and Apple CEO Tim Cook, like many others, is concerned.

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  20. Best Rumor Alert: First Canon LGBTQ+ Star Wars Character May Feature in Rogue One

    Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

    If she and Felicity Jones get together, I will probably die of happiness.

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