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  1. Google Apologizes and Gets Rid of Homophobic Translator Responses

    Let's not teach more people to talk like this.

    When we worry about software going off the rails and harming humanity, throwing discriminatory slurs around isn't exactly the first thing that jumps to mind. Unfortunately, it wasn't on Google's mind, either, and some nasty words and phrases found their way into its translator. You just can't take your eyes off those machines for a second.

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  2. No Guilt In My Pleasures: How to Critique and Still Enjoy

    There’s something special about an entertainment guilty pleasure that allows an escape from regular life. Books, movies, TV shows, music, and comics that draw the consumer into a world unlike this one we live in, even if they aren’t the top of their craft in terms of production and intellect. Whether you’re depressed, frustrated with your life, or even just paid to criticize media, a guilty pleasure can offer a chance to turn off your brain and just enjoy something for a while. But does media th

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  3. On The Fetishisation Of Gay Men By Women In The Slash Community

    It's more complicated than you might think.

    About a year ago, I went with friends to see a live reading of Welcome to Night Vale and was shocked by the amount of screaming coming from women in the audience. The Night Vale episode focused heavily on the romantic relationship between two male characters, Cecil and Carlos, and half the audience would absolutely shriek every time anything remotely romantic happened between them.

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  4. Arrow‘s Caity Lotz Talks Sara Lance and Media Representation At New Orleans Wizard World Comic Con

    One of the more popular panel at last weekend’s Wizard World Comic Con New Orleans was a very laid back, casual chat with Caity Lotz (Arrow/The Machine/Mad Men), where she spent the better part of an hour laughing and answering fan questions about everything from her role on Arrow to women in films to LGBT representation in television and comic books. Did you miss it? That’s ok; I’m here for you. I’m magnanimous like that.

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  5. Ellen Degeneres Has a Response for Christian Post‘s Accusations of “Celebrating Lesbianism” in Front of Impressionable Girls

    And it's not simply a big fart sound.

    The Christian Post recently published an op-ed from Pastor Larry Tomczak about the usual thing: how positive depictions of gay people living normal lives are ruing today's youth, blah blah blah. But not everybody he called out was a fictional character. In fact, one of them runs her own wildly popular talk show, and she has her own message for the youth of today.

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  6. Korrasami Is 100% Canon, Creators Of The Legend of Korra Confirm

    And they would know.

    "Oh but that ending is so ambiguous, maybe they're just really good lady friends who enjoy holding hands with each ot—" NOPE, THEY'RE IN LOVE, PUNKS. And Bryan Koneitzko and Michael Di Martino both took to their personal Tumblrs to explain just that to all the naysayers.

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  7. J.K. Rowling Says “Of Course” There Were LGBTQ Wizards At Hogwarts (Could’ve Fooled Me)

    Wearing mandatory-issue invisibility cloaks, of course!


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  8. Why the Batgirl #37 Controversy is the Conversation We Need Right Now

    When I started writing this piece, I was angry. I wanted to take DC Comics' entire Batgirl creative team to task for what they had done, and I wanted to ask one question: why?

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  9. The Mary Sue Interview: Writer Stephen Bersford Talks Surprise Golden Globe Nominee Pride

    Over the weekend, the Pride took Best English Film at the British Independent Film Awards, beating heavier films such as 71, Calvary, Mr. Turner, and The Imitation Game (to which it lost at TIFF).  In a surprise move from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Pride has now also been nominated for a Golden Globe in Comedy.

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  10. [UPDATED] HarperCollins Refuses To Publish Book Until Author Condemns Her Daughter’s Sexuality

    Incoherent rage-screaming.

    HarperCollins might profit off LGBTQ titles in its catalog, but don't take that as an indication of commitment to equality.

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