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  1. Things We Saw Today: Mirror Art Takes Selfies to a New Level by Way of Doodled Warp Zone

    It's-a Mirrorsme!

    Ah, the bathroom mirror selfie. We meet again. This time, though, Mirrorsme has taken the much reviled method of self portrait and actually made it pretty awesome by drawing herself into scenes from games, movies, and other fun locations. Avoid all the "Mirror Selfie as Art" think pieces and just look at her awesome doodles.

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  2. SDCC Saturday Gallery: Flash, Arrow, Once Upon a Time, Cosplay & More

    Almost home, you guys!!

    Yes, San Diego Comic-Con 2014 may be winding down as we speak but The Mary Sue has so much more to share! Check out my pictures from Saturday at the convention including toys, the casts of Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Once Upon a Time, surprise meetings, and of course cosplay!

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  3. LEGO to Premiere New Hobbit Set at SDCC, Will Include the First Ever LEGO Smaug

    Can you imagine walking across a whole dragon's hoard of LEGO pieces?

    With their The Lonely Mountain set being unveiled at Comic-Con, LEGO is releasing their first ever Smaug figure. You could say they stopped... dragon their feet.

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  4. This Hubble Space Telescope Set Could Join LEGO’s Rapidly Expanding Universe

    Insights into space and time not included.

    This CUSOO LEGO Hubble Space Telescope design already has over 5,000 supporters, but considering the scientific achievements that a set like this would commemorate, I suspect that number might increase. Although good luck getting the Ultra Deep Field to work properly--it's hard to make awesome space porn when you're stuck on Earth.

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  5. Why Do LEGO Pieces Keep Washing Up on Cornish Beaches?

    Come on, Aquaman. Put your toys away when you're done!

    When an immense wave struck the container ship Tokio Express back in 1997 it caused 62 shipping containers to fall into the ocean. One of those containers held almost five million pieces of LEGO, and those pieces are still washing up on beaches in Cornwall 17 years later.

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  6. Relive “The Day of the Doctor” in Charming LEGO Stop Motion

    I wouldn't mind some LEGO for my 50th birthday, either.

    A sonic screwdriver probably would be handy for getting stuck together LEGO bricks to come apart. For more Doctor Who in LEGO form, go vote on some Doctor Who sets on LEGO Ideas.

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  7. Our First Look At the New LEGO Female Scientist Set

    Everything is awesome!

    They're almost here! We've been waiting for this moment since Alatariel first published her design for a female scientist set on LEGO Ideas (then CUSCOO) in June of last year, and the final LEGO-approved designs are exactly as cool as we would want them to be—save for, from my perspective, one little flaw.

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  8. LEGO Caught In Political Struggle Between Greenpeace And Shell Oil Company [Updated]

    But...but they're still coming over for Taco Tuesday, right?

    LEGO might be hazardous to more than bare feet, and Greenpeace is willing to kill as many teeny-tiny polar bears as necessary to prove it. (See above. L'il guys didn't stand a chance.)

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  9. Things We Saw Today: Dice Shaming

    Sit there until you can roll like an ADULT.

    I had a D20 behave like this recently. Maybe some public humiliation would've taught it a lesson.

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  10. These Geeky LEGO Flower Pots Will Help You Grow A Green Thumb

    Yub nub, plants. I am your only hope.

    If you're like me, keeping another living thing alive is a crippling amount of responsibility. But wouldn't everyone remember to water their plants more often if they were housed in Jin Kai's beautiful LEGO Star Wars and flowerpots? A bonsai tree, I would probably kill. But an Ent? Not on your life.

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