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LEGO Mindstorm

  1. Here’s a LEGO Loom Looming If You’ve Ever Wanted to Know How a Loom Looms [Video]

    I'm not going to pretend that I've ever -- and I do mean ever -- been interested in learning how a loom looms. It's one of those things that's best described as one of life's smallest mysteries that aren't actually a mystery. There are surely people out there that know how a loom functions in great detail. That said, this video of a LEGO Mindstorm loom in action is surprisingly fascinating. See the LEGO loom loom!

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  2. This Amazing Robotic LEGO Clock Gives Time a Twist

    There are LEGO clocks and then there are LEGO Mindstorms-powered, Bluetooth-connected, time-twisting clocks. This incredible clockwork creation, aptly named Time Twister, by Hans Andersson is one such clock, and perhaps the only such clock. According to Andersson, the clock runs thanks to two Mindstorms cores located behind the two center digits. These communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth in order to stay in sync. To display a different time, the six rows that make up each digit twist left and right until they are properly reconfigured into the next number. It's amazing to watch, which is what I suggest you do. See the video after the break.

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  3. LEGO Robot Alligator Scares Rats in the Name of Science

    In the name of studying "natural" fear, scientists built a LEGO Mindstorms robot, dubbed Robogator, complete with eyes, a moving mouth and a lunging motion function, which they unleashed upon lab rats in an attempt to see how the rats react to the scary fake predator. Read past the jump for details.

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  4. Robotic Rubik’s Cube Solver in Action

    As tough as Rubik's Cubes might be to solve for you, it turns out that all you need to solve a 4x4 cube is some LEGO Mindstorms parts, a mass-market LEGO programmable robotics kit, and a Nokia smartphone from three years ago. The execution is the tricky part:

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