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  1. Emojis Can Now Get You Arrested, Unless You’re Threatening A Woman In Tech Apparently


    Now you not only have to worry about what your use of emojis (or lack thereof) is conveying to your significant other - you also have to keep in mind what they might mean to a jury.

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  2. We’re Not Surprised: The Facebook Experiment Is Probably Illegal


    Over the weekend it was revealed that Facebook engaged in "psychological experiments" on hundreds of thousands of its users. Not everyone is as outraged by the news, but it seems pretty clear that those people are in the minority and that most of us would kiiiinda like to be asked first. Well, joke's on Facebook, because despite their weasel-y excuses, they might have still broken the law anyway.

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  3. It’s Not Illegal to Play Pinball in Oakland… Anymore

    All the people in jail for pinball offenses are going to be pissed.

    Hey, youth of the 1970s! Your favorite, oft-demonized recreational activity that doesn't actually hurt anyone is finally going to lose its ridiculous illegal status so that you can go about your business in peace: Oakland is lifting its ban on pinball! ...You knew I meant pinball, right?

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  4. GoldieBlox Thinks You Need a License To Link To Its Site, Might Need To Hire Some New Lawyers

    May I make a suggestion? TAKE TO THE SEA! Three miles out, and it's a free-for-all!

    After the news came out that Goldieblox actually sued the Beastie Boys first (which we'll admit we initially got wrong), things for the start-up have been getting progressively hairier. Now someone's found an unusual clause in their Terms of Service, which has some preposterous claims about who can and can't link to their site. Yikes.

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  5. Supreme Court May Decide Boobies Case

    Today in Boobs

    There's a lot here in this story. There's a couple of fifteen year old girls who were barred from handing out breast cancer awareness bracelets by their school district. There's the much debated trend in breast cancer awareness campaigns to skew to a focus on the sexual appeal of breasts rather than the saving of lives as the motivating factor. There's the parents who thought that this was a violation of their daughters' First Amendment rights that was worth taking it all the way to a federal appeals court. But mostly, there's the undeniably delightful idea that a Supreme Court justice of America might say the word "boobies" on the record during a session.

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  6. Bradley Manning Acquitted on Charges of Aiding the Enemy, Found Guilty of 19 Other Counts

    Yeah. So that happened.

    The verdict for the Bradley Manning trial has finally been delivered down from Colonel Denise Lind in Fort Meade, Maryland. As to be expected, it's a mixed bag of results, but most importantly, Manning has been found not guilty of aiding the enemy -- a charge that would have landed him life in prison.

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  7. Things We Saw Today: We Found Carl

    Things We Saw Today

    Entertainment Weekly is here to let us know that The Walking Dead's Chandler Riggs has successfully navigated himself further through the treacherous shoals of puberty. (io9)

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  8. The California State Government Is Now In Possession of $10,000 Worth of Star Wars Merchandise

    I will make it legal!

    Eric Hodgson, a California citizen who was attempting to defraud $2 million from the California State Department of Transportation, has lightened his sentence by relinquishing a number of his possessions to the state.  Among these possessions is $10,000 worth of Star Wars merchandise, which, apparently, now belongs to the state of California.

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  9. Someone Tried To Kickstart A Where the Wild Things Are Sequel Book

    Today In Obvious

    Why do people think they can get away with crowdfunding something that doesn't belong to them? 

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  10. Summit Entertainment Is Being Sued For An Egregious Amount Of Money By A Twilight Parody Company


    Wait until you hear why.

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