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Late Night

  1. Nat Geo Announces Awesome Guests, 4/20 Premiere Date for Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Late-Night Talk Show

    Way to know a very specific segment of Cosmos' audience, guys.

    he National Geographic Channel announced this morning that Neil deGrasse Tyson's highly anticipated late-night talk show will premiere Monday, April 20th at 11 pm and feature George Takei, Christopher Nolan, retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, producer Norman Lear, Jimmy Carter and Richard Dawkins as guests (where my ladies at, yo?). Bill Nye is set to make a weekly appearance.

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  2. Samantha Bee Will Host New Show On TBS That Is Not The Daily Show

    Oh! Innnteresting.

    Despite many late night TV fans declaring Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee a shoe-in to host the show after Jon Stewart leaves—and despite a vaguely worded tweet about good news that left her Twitter followers speculating wildly—Bee announced today that she will leave will actually be joining her husband Jason Jones in creating a new comedy series for TBS instead. Hoo boy, these are some mixed emotions I'm feeling.

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  3. Neil deGrasse Tyson Getting His Own Late Night Science Talk Show

    Well, this is delightful.

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, Neil deGrasse Tyson will be hosting a weekly late night talk show debuting this April and based on his popular Star Talk podcast.

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  4. NBCUniversal Encourages Women, People of Diverse Backgrounds to Apply for Late Night Writers Workshop

    Kabletown: where Kreativity Kounts.

    The application period is now open for the second-annual NBCUniversal Late Night Writers Workshop, a multi-day intensive designed to cultivate new voices in the traditionally white, male late night writers’ room.

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  5. Lauren Graham, Ellen DeGeneres Joining Forces On Late Night-Based Comedy Show

    Your move, actual Late Night.

    According to Variety, "the project touches on the network late night talk show changeover and its failure to produce a female host."

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  6. Don’t Take Selfies With Our Friend Bill Nye While He’s Defusing Bombs, Please

    It's in everyone's best interests really.

    Our Friend Bill Nye recently appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers. During the interview they talked about Nye's presidential selfie, talking about women with Neil deGrasse Tyson, why he chose to debate Ken Ham (and would do it again), and his repeated attempts to become an astronaut.

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  7. Watch David Letterman Announce His Coming Retirement From The Late Show

    Dave didn't cry. I'm not crying either. I promise. Really. No, YOU'RE CRYING!

    It started as a rumor yesterday, but it's true. David Letterman is retiring from The Late Show after more than thirty years. This clip from last night's show isn't particularly emotional. Letterman keeps it light. Still, there's never been a time in my life when Letterman wasn't on television. He was a big influence. He'll be missed.

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  8. David Letterman Is Retiring From The Late Show, Here’s Who I Think Should Replace Him

    I have a lot of feelings about this.

    Look. I have a lot of strong feelings about late night talk shows. I'm a comedian. I think we all do. It's looking like the David Letterman retiring rumor is true and that has me feeling feelings. Letterman is great, and he's going to leave a big hole. Who should fill it? Here's my pick, and no, I'm not picking myself.

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  9. World’s Best Besties Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen Took Over Late Night, Remain The Best

    Their show can be called Late Night with Gandalf and Picard and it will be brilliant.

    Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen have a bromance for the ages. They've been gallivanting around NYC together for a while now, hanging at the Empire State Building and at Knicks games, making sci-fi/fantasy fans the world over shriek with AU crossover joy. Last night, we were treated to the Sirs' adorableness on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  10. Have Mercy, Jesse and the Rippers Reunion Show Happening

    If this doesn't unironically fill you with joy then I'm sorry.

    Full House ran from 1987 to 1995, or for me, the ages of four to 12. During that time if you asked me to name my favorite band, there's a real chance I would have said "Jesse and the Rippers." I didn't know very many bands, but still, little kid me is very pumped about the news that Jesse and the Rippers are performing a reunion show on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

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  11. Jimmy Fallon Officially Taking Over The Tonight Show If Jay Leno Ever Steps Down

    It's as official as it's going to get: Jay Leno is stepping down from The Tonight Show again and Jimmy Fallon will be replacing him, though we've all been here before. The switch is expected to happen during NBC's coverage of the Winter Olympics next year, and will bring The Tonight Show back to New York City under Lorne Michaels as Executive Producer. Will it all go down smoothly, or are we in for another round of late night wars?

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