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  1. Finally, A Computer Women Can Use! [Eyeroll]

    What Boys Think of Girls

    Everyday items for "ladies" almost always rub us the wrong way. I mean, Lady-Pens, really? But now one company has decided those pesky desktops and laptops we already own should probably be replaced with something more suitable for women-folk. May we present, the Fujitsu Floral Kiss? 

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  2. German Parliament Bans Laptops, Pirate Party Shows Up With Typewriter

    We can all agree that, at times, the incessant clicking of keyboards can be a noise issue. If you're in the library, and folks are elaborately typing away to either side of you, it's certainly a situation worthy of a sigh or two. This is also how the German parliament feels, as they're now wanting to officially ban laptops from their meetings. In protest of this proposed action, Patrick Breyer and Torge Schmidt apparently showed up to today's meeting with a typewriter.

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  3. Sketchy Rent-to-Own Laptops Spied on Users, Took Photographs of Sexual Encounters

    To preface the rest of this story, let's just state once and for all that nearly all rent-to-own programs are sketchy, okay? There's really nothing good about them, unless it's the only option available. The Federal Trade Commission has only further reinforced this fact by revealing that several shady rent-to-own companies were spying on those using their laptops. They specifically installed spyware that could perform functions like taking pictures via the webcam and logging keystrokes.

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  4. Bangladesh Unveils Amusingly Named "Doel" Laptop, Only Costs $130

    In the capital of Dhaka yesterday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina launched the first computer ever produced in Bangladesh, amusingly branded as the "Doel" laptop. Telecoms company Telephone Shilpa Sangstha is producing four models of the computer, the cheapest of which runs for about $130, cheaper than most worthwhile netbooks, with the primary model running Android as its operating system. According to PC World, the primary model of the Doel sports an 800MHz processor 512 MB of RAM, 16 GB of flash memory, Wi-Fi, and a 10.1-inch 1024 x 600 LCD screen. The model will also feature an SD card reader, webcam, and two USB ports.

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  5. The Odd Tale of a Stolen Laptop Recovered by Victim’s Twitter Posse

    Writer Sean Power was the victim of laptop thievery in Brooklyn; a type of gankery that rattles many of us to our very core. Luckily for him, he was using open source anti-theft program Prey and was able to track -- and eventually retrieve -- his stolen electronic lifeblood with the help of a posse of his Twitter followers who happened to be in the area of the tracked stolen laptop.

    The story is actually quite interesting, and is even accompanied by a log of tweets documenting the tracking and recovery process, but some feel the story may actually be a hoax -- a secret marketing ploy for the security software. Read on after the break for the interesting tale.

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  6. BP Loses Laptop Containing 13,000 Oil Spill Claimants’ Personal Info

    First the oil leak, now the data dump. British Petroleum disclosed to the press yesterday that one of its employees had lost a laptop containing the personal information on approximately 13,000 people who had filed claims related to last year's disastrous Deepwater Horizon leak. According to CNN, the laptop contained "names, addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth and Social Security numbers for those who filed claims related to last year's Deepwater Horizon spill." While the laptop was password-protected and capable of being remotely disabled, the data was not encrypted. BP says that the data was lost by an employee during "routine business travel," and that "there is no evidence that the laptop or data was targeted, or that anyone's personal data has in fact been compromised or accessed in any way." BP has offered to pay for credit-monitoring services for the 13,000 people whose personal data was lost, although according to an AP report, some claimants have not yet received the letters BP sent out notifying them of the data breach. (via CNN, WSJ, NPR)

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  7. Laptop Thief Considerately Returns Victim’s Data on USB Memory Stick

    Losing your laptop is a pretty awful fate -- most of us around here break into a cold sweat when we're separated from ours for about 15 minutes. In addition to being pricy devices, our laptops contain our most personal data, which can rarely be easily or fully replaced.  One professor at Sweden's Umeå University recently had his laptop stolen after carelessly leaving his backpack in a stairwell for just a few minutes. He never got the laptop back, but a week later, he was surprised to find that the thief had backed up all of his documents and personal files and mailed them to him in a USB stick:

    The professor was shocked to discover the thief had copied all the documents and personal files from his laptop to the memory storage device, a process which likely took hours. All things considered, the professor is delighted at the outcome, despite the loss of his computer. He hopes, however, that other thieves can learn to be as compassionate. "Often when people lose their computers and cameras, it is understandably not the gadget itself that is the most important. The content is often irreplaceable."
    (The Local via Neatorama. title pic via Flickr user Ambuj Saxena)

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  8. Resting Your Laptop On Your Laps Can Cause ‘Toasted Skin Syndrome’

    If your laptop is on your lap right now, you might want to shuffle it to the side: In addition to the oft-rumored sperm count reduction, your MacBook Pro or whatever could also be afflicting you with the strangely delicious sounding “Toasted Skin Syndrome.” So, unless you want to end up childless with permanently blotchy legs, you might want to go to the trouble of putting the computer on the desk for once. The findings come from a report by Swiss researchers in the medical journal Pediatrics. They cite a number of instances where users found “sponge-like patterns” on their thighs. Sexy. >>>Full article at Mediaite.

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  9. Seriously? Massachusetts School Forces Students to Buy Mac Laptops with Own Money

    Imagine an alternate reality wherein Oprah, like in our world, told her entire studio audience that they were each getting a car. Now imagine that in the other world, she added a little footnote at the end: "But you have to pay for it yourselves." A Massachusetts school, Beverly High, is committed to modernizing its education system. This apparently means students having laptops for use in class every day and for homework at night. But the school certainly isn't going to provide them itself, you need to buy them, unsuspecting students and your families.

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  10. Despite a Torrent of Reviews, Tech Elite Withold Final Judgement on iPad

    For a little while now, the elite of the tech journalism world have been behind closed doors, testing the Apple iPad ahead of its release this Saturday. And after sitting down with the device -- which Apple is trumpeting as the future of computing, while critics fear it as foretelling the coming infantilization of user interfaces -- they're actually pretty impressed! Here's what the Important Tech Writers of Our Time have been saying:

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