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  1. Finnish Nine-Year-Old Given Laptop by Mysterious Donors After Police Seize Hers

    Sometimes the Finnish police raid the homes of nine-year-old girls and confiscate their Winnie the Pooh laptops. That really happens. Okay, it happened once, but it's pretty messed up. The girl, whose computer was confiscated after being accused of illegally downloading one song off The Pirate Bay, was given a used MacBook Pro by a group of donors. The group asked to remain anonymous, but hit the jump to see us take a few guesses anyway.

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  2. HP Laptop Accidentally Ships With Testing Video Intact

    It's pretty unusual for the public to get an unfiltered glimpse into the actual activities of an assembly line worker in a Chinese factory. That's exactly what happened after a Hewlett-Packard laptop accidentally shipped with a testing video surprisingly left behind on the hard drive. We can now confirm that factories in China appear to be nearly as boring as factories everywhere else.

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  3. Amazon Worker Steals 726 iPods, Must Really Like Music

    The thing to do, apparently, when you're bored at work is to just start stealing. That always leads to excitement. Between April and May, that's allegedly what Todd Anthony Cofield, Jr. did whilst working at an Amazon distribution center in South Carolina. Authorities are saying that Cofield nabbed 726 iPods and 49 HP laptops during his spree. Who knew that stealing so much valuable technology would have people look into it?

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  4. Steal a Laptop from a Geek, End Up Shamed On YouTube

    What you're looking at here is a thief getting his groove on, blissfully unaware of his folly. This man, you see, stole the laptop of techno-wunderkind Mark Bao. Being the clever type, Bao was able to gain remote access to his stolen computer and discovered this video the thief had made of himself. Bao then posted the video to YouTube, titled appropriately "Don't steal computers belonging to people who know how to use computers." Truly, words to live by. But the story continues on Reddit, where Bao announced this morning that the thief turned himself in to the police. The culprit even sent Bao a rather half-hearted apology.

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  5. The Laptop Kamasutra

    As fascinating as this graphic of laptop "positions" (wink wink) is, I'm having more fun coming up with names for them all. The laptop between spread legs is "The Forking Path," lounging next to your laptop is "The Parallel Cranes," and using your laptop on the toilet is "Atop The Smelly Water-Cave." Any other suggestions, readers?

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  6. Laptop Case Morphs into a Desk and Chair

    You've seen them around parks. Those people sitting with their laptops on their lap, enjoying the beauty of another day on Earth, working from wherever their heart desires. You've seen their smiles, the youthful glow that comes from happiness and time spent outside. But if you're like me, you've never shared that singular joy of working comfortably while outside. The ground is uncomfortable, and frequently damp; many laptops run so hot that actually putting them anywhere near your lap is far too dangerous; and a desk offers many more options for comfortable work than your knees. Until now.

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  7. Resting Your Laptop On Your Laps Can Cause ‘Toasted Skin Syndrome’

    If your laptop is on your lap right now, you might want to shuffle it to the side: In addition to the oft-rumored sperm count reduction, your MacBook Pro or whatever could also be afflicting you with the strangely delicious sounding “Toasted Skin Syndrome.” So, unless you want to end up childless with permanently blotchy legs, you might want to go to the trouble of putting the computer on the desk for once. The findings come from a report by Swiss researchers in the medical journal Pediatrics. They cite a number of instances where users found “sponge-like patterns” on their thighs. Sexy. >>>Full article at Mediaite.

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  8. Dell x Google Chrome OS to Happen?

    There are some inevitable pairings, like Brad x Angelina ("Brangelina"), Jack x Kate ("Jate"), or Naruto x Hinata ("NaruHina"). Add this to the list: Reuters reports that Dell is in talks with Google about including the new Chrome operating system on their laptops. As I see it, "Dhrome" (I'm hoping this nickname will get picked up; remember, you heard it here first) is more than likely to occur, as Google hopes to find a leg up against Microsoft and Dell looks for a new angle to trump the new Apple computers. Reports of Dell considering Chrome extend to last year, when the OS was reportedly tested on a Netbook via USB.

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  9. “We Are Not Time Travelers”: Modern Technology Circa 1977

    Earlier this week, San Francisco-based designer Alex Varanese released a series of hypothetical posters titled "ALT/1977: WE ARE NOT TIME TRAVELERS" visualizing an MP3 player, a laptop, a cell phone, and a handheld video game system, as if they were created in the 1970s. The seventies: Star Wars, The Godfather, and the first supercomputer? I'd travel there (then?) in a heartbeat. More images after the jump.

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  10. Cameron: Watching Avatar on Your iPhone Is “Dumb,” Laptop Not Much Better

    Speaking at a press conference to hawk Avatar's upcoming Blu-Ray release, James Cameron revealed his disdain for watching his opus on screens not big enough to contain its majesty.

    Avatar on the iPhone? Definitely no-go. On a laptop? Still pushing it.

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  11. Finally: A Sweater for You and Your Laptop

    Regretsy has discovered a request on Alchemy, Etsy's forum for requests, for a laptop sweater.

    What's a laptop sweater, you ask? Obviously: a sweater that covers a person and their MacBook ... at the same time.

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