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  1. Steam in Hot Water in South Korea

    Kotaku reports that South Korean authorities have been cracking down over the weekend on unrated games, and this may mean considerable bad things for Korean Steam users. Korean law states that all games available to the public must be rated by the Game Rating Board. That's all well and nice, except that game makers must pay to get their game rated, and many cannot afford the price. When South Korea says all games, they mean all games. Tiny indie games, flash-based or mobile whatsits, big blockbusters, and everything in between. Team Liquid, a StarCraft community site, reports that Steam games may even be in the sights of Korean authorities.

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  2. Settlers of Catan Looks Awesome On the Microsoft Surface

    We personally got a look at 4th edition D&D on the Microsoft Surface at this year's PAX East, and even though purchasing one is just a leeetle bit outside our price range for gaming accessories ($10,000) we still get super excited to see what new features get rolled out for the product. Why? Because it reminds us that we live in the future now.

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  3. Geekolinks: 9/5

    GeekDad Review of Machete (Wired) Botched Transformers 3 Stunt Sign of Negligence? (Spinoff) Another Adorable Japanese Robot (TechnaBob) Star Wars Smash Bros. You Know You Want It (Kotaku) This Is A Spinning Black Hole (APotD) PAX Cosplay Gallery (1Up) Pokemon Fusion! (Alex Onsager) (pic via Reddit.)

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  4. Geekolinks: 9/4

    A Rundown of the Whole PAX Duke Nukem Experience (That Videogame Blog) An Infographic About Infographics (Urlesque) PAX Prime Photo Gallery (1Up) Google Settles in Texas Privacy Suit (Reuters) Kirby's Epic Yarn is Still Adorable (Kotaku) I Got Stabbed At Comic-Con And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt (Neatorama) Steve Jobs: The New iTunes Icon Does Not Suck, Shut Up (Wired) (image via Kotaku.)

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  5. Geekolinks: 8/28

    Final Fantasy XIV Beta Starts Tuesday (Joystiq) StarCraft II Will Get Patched Next Month (Kotaku) True Blood's Stephen Moyer as Dr. Doom? (ScreenRant) Gummy Bear Art (FlavorWire) Questionable Predator Shirt (Fashionably Geek) Walk Like The Batman (Neatorama) Walk Like the Submariner (Bleeding Cool) (image via Topless Robot.)

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  6. Wii Balance Board Use #357: Making Disabled Babies Mobile

    Four researchers at Ithaca College have addressed the problem of disabled infant mobility in a unique way. Unlike older disabled individuals, babies "lack the subtle grasp of grasping things" as Kotaku puts it. Things like the joysticks of electronic wheelchairs. How do babies instinctively move, however? By leaning towards what they want. Well, you know what relatively cheap and common electronic device can tell where you are leaning? A Wii Balance Board.

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  7. Blockbuster Sets Date For Its Bankruptcy

    According to The LA Times, Blockbuster and its biggest debtors have already discussed their plans to declare bankruptcy by mid-September with Fox, Paramount, Sony, Universal, Disney and Warner Bros.
    Blockbuster has lost a total of $1.1 billion since the beginning of 2008 and has been severely hamstrung in efforts to grow its business due to interest payments on $920 million in debt. Earlier this month the company announced that most of its debt holders had agreed to a forbearance on interest payments until Sept. 30, during which time it would attempt a recapitalization.
    Blockbuster's bankruptcy looks like it's going to be something of a tangled mess of retail vs. Hollywood vs. digital connections.

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  8. Geekolinks: 8/22

    TIL A New Word: Nurdle (Reuters) Happy Birthday, Ray Bradbury! (GeekDad) The Cosplay of Gamescom (Kotaku) Adrien Brody as Mr. Fantastic? (ScreenRant) DJ Hero 2 Dated (GameRant) 2,000 Year Old Hellenistic Paintings Discovered (The Guardian) Somebody Made a Wacom for the Wii? (Joystiq) (image via Reddit.)

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  9. Geekolinks: 8/21

    D&D Themed Sports Team Shirts (Geeks are Sexy)

    Biggest Diablo News Ever At BlizzCon (That Videogame Blog)

    Soon Neptune Will Complete Its First Orbit Since Discovered (Discovery News)

    The ABCS of Lame Marvel Villains (Comics Alliance)

    A Deleted Scene From Neil Gaiman's Dr. Who Episode (Neil Gaiman)

    Korean StarCraft Addicts Treated With Drugs (Kotaku)

    Space Food Over the Years (BoingBoing)

    (picture via Game Informer: Portland Bike Lanes Power-Up With Mario Symbols.)

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  10. (Mostly) Live Action Ad for Metroid: Other M

    In an unusual move for them these days, Nintendo has created a mostly live action ad for the imminent release of Metroid: Other M, the latest game to feature the armor plated, ball-morphing bounty hunter Samus Aran. It's pretty, has a brooding voice over, and features a lot of slow motion... To be honest, if everybody's just going to take the Halo 3: ODST advertising route, we're perfectly okay with that. Video below:

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  11. Zynga Accused of Street Vandalism in San Francisco

    Usually the only wall that you could accuse Zynga, the makers of Farmville, of mucking up is a Facebook wall, a decidedly virtual piece of architecture. But the San Francisco City Attorney's office has accused Zynga of committing "documented acts of sidewalk vandalism" by gluing fake $25,000 bills to sidewalks all over the city.

    The dollar bills, in case you hadn't guessed it by now, direct the finder to the Mafia Wars website.

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  12. Valve’s DotA Meets Trademark Opposition

    There are many people out there for whom the idea of more games like Defense of the Ancients (affectionately known as DotA) is very exciting, and so gamemaker Valve's announcement that it had acquired some of the developers of DotA so that they could do just that has been greeted optimistically. However, Valve is planning on calling their Defense of the Ancients Allstars, and Riot Games, maker of the DotA inspired (something of an understatement) League of Legends, feels that the use of the name Defense of the Ancients should not be restricted. Steve Mescon of Riot Games told PCGamer:
    The idea that one single company is taking control of the name of something that hundreds of people have contributed to is surprising. I believe DotA should always remain a community-owned product that modders, independent developers and game fans can continue to modify and play as often as they’d like. Guinsoo and I had hoped that the DotA name would live on in perpetuity as a community project that is both free to play and free to modify and expand.
    What is DotA? If it's so popular, why isn't the name already trademarked? The answers are really quite interesting, and are rooted in unique aspects of the industry and culture of online PC gaming.

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  13. Geekolinks: 8/15

    Floating Head (ben dickinson) Karl Urban is Judge Dredd (blastr) Pokémon Black and White Battle Footage (Joystiq) Movie-Con Day 2 Wrap Up (Bleeding Cool) Google Wants to Save the World (Fortune) How to Use the PlayStation Move (Kotaku) Jabba the Pair of Sneakers (Fashionably Geek) (Playmobile Geisha via toycutter)

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  14. Geekolinks: 8/14

    X-Men: First Class Starts Shooting Soon (Bleeding Cool) Crysis 2 Launch Date (Kotaku) The PAX Prime Schedule is Up (PAX) Albino Animals (Surf With Berserk) Pics of Dave McKean's Pumphouse Installation (Bleeding Cool) A Rocket Powered School Bus (Boing Boing) 10 Most Badass Movie Combat Units (ScreenRant) (pic via

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  15. Ingame EVE Online Raid Destroys $1,295 of Real Money

    EVE Online, the space-faring MMORPG that can be affectionately described as the prettiest economic simulation in the world, has set a weird sort of record for itself this week when a couple players became the first to destroy some in-game items that could otherwise have been redeemed for over $1,000 worth of game time.  You see, a month ago, EVE Online allowed an in-game item that can be used to pay your real life EVE subscription fees to be transportable as ship's cargo.  Anything that is transportable on a ship can be stolen, or destroyed. Wait, you say, what?  I... uh.  Why? It's the future now.  Allow us to explain.

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  16. Disneyland Hiring for Tron Floor Show

    Disney Theme park and retail blog Stitch Kingdom notes that Disneyland California has put out an audition call for "male and female contemporary and hip-hop dancers" for a show tentatively titled ElecTRONica. Says /Film's Peter Sciretta:

    I just happened to visit Disneyland and California Adventure last week, and they currently have a nighttime party in the area with moving bars featuring light up cups. Is it possible that they are going to recreate the End of Line club in the park with castmembers in light-up Tron costumes and a parkour fight stunt sequence? Very …
    The only other tidbits about the show is that it will be put on at night (for proper glow-in-the-dark purposes), and that it will be outdoors. Also, martial arts experience is a plus, just in case you were thinking about auditioning.

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  17. Geekolinks: 7/23

    LitteBigPlanet 2 Gets Release Date, Cool Extras (El33t Online) 5 Sci-Fi Actors Who Were War Heroes in Real Life (NeatoGeek) The Anatomy of a Sarlacc (forgetfoo) DS Dating Game, Now Has Arcade Version (Kotaku) Bizzare Taiwanese News CGI Thing About Sarah Palin (NMANews) Risk on the iPhone (Joystiq) Blizzard Puts the Kibosh on SC2 Reviews Before Launch Day (Rock, Paper, Shotgun) (image via Comic Book Resources.)

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  18. Unscientific Poll of the Day: Japanese Women Inadequate Next to Dating Simulators

    In a poll of over 300 Japanese women, half of them felt that they couldn't compete with fake females.
    When asked whether they thought they could win against a 2D game character their boyfriend was besotted with, 53% thought they had “no chance.”

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  19. Renowned Animator Hayao Miyazaki Frowns Upon Masturbatory iPad Stroking

    Hayao Miyazaki, animator and director for films including Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, and My Neighbor Totoro, is not just a wise old man. He's a crazy wise old man! Not in a super serious way or anything, just in that charming, old-fashioned "technology is ruining everything I remember back in the day mumble mumble mumble" adorable way.

    In the July issue of Studio Ghibli's monthly pamphlet "Neppuu," Miyazaki had some choice words for the iPad. Now, of course nobody expected him to actually have an iPad. Those in the Miyazaki!know are already aware that he has no computer, fax, or DVD player and writes letters when he needs to communicate with someone, and he rarely watches television. So obviously he's not an iPad groupie, but boy did he go a step beyond.

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  20. Geekolinks: 7/4

    YouTube's HTML Injection Vulnerability (/.)

    Best Transformers Toy Ever? (Kotaku)

    What 'Yankee Doddle Dandy' Actually Means (Neatorama)

    Two More Mad Max Movies? (Coventry Telegraph)

    Kinect Only Supports Two Players At A Time (That Videogame Blog)

    Coma: The Flash Game (Played Online)

    8 Historic Symbols That Mean The Opposite of What You Think (Cracked)

    (image via BoingBoing.)

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