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  1. You Can Use Your Real Name on the PlayStation 4 at Launch, While Xbox One Owners Wait

    You won't have to, but you can.

    If you want to use your real name when playing online instead of a silly gamertag, you'll be getting your chance with the next generation of consoles. While Microsoft promises the feature eventually, Sony has confirmed that it will be available as an option with the launch of the PlayStation 4 on November 15th.

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  2. 30 Years of Bad Video Game Hair (It Wasn’t Just You — It Was Bad)

    It's true: if you're a character in a video game, your hair is terrible. But according to Kotaku, that's because it's just really hard to realistically animate 100,000 strands of hair for every imaginable action-packed situation. Click here for a full-sized look back at 30 years of pixelly mullet/ponytail/spiky workarounds. (Kotaku via Flavorwire)

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  3. [Infographic] Kotaku’s The Year In Gaming

    Predictably, we suppose, this is the 2010 year in review that makes us most misty-eyed.  We remember when RealID loomed briefly but menacingly on the horizon, and when a dozen intrepid souls hung onto Halo 2 multiplayer two weeks after the service was shut down. And the Minecraft articles.  Oh, the Minecraft articles.  Check out the full infographic below.

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  4. Man Hit By Car While Attempting Real-Life Frogger

    Hey, everyone. A 23-year old, after what must have been a lengthy, thoughtful discussion with his friends, was hit by a car after attempting to recreate the Atari game of Frogger. No, really. Because he thought it could happen in real life. He thought that all vehicles in all four lanes of South Carolina highway traffic would be traveling equidistantly at the same exact speed. And he thought he had amphibian-like reflexes. Honest mistake. According to police reports, "Chief Jimmy Dixon says the man yelled 'go' and darted into oncoming traffic in the four-lane highway." Geekologie also notes that this is not the first time it's happened. (Oh, Sweden.) (via Geekologie, photo via Kotaku)

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  5. Geekolinks: 10/31: Halloween Edition

    The Thriller House (KJ92508) 6 Wicked Werewolves (Comic Book Resources) Horror! A Book of Pre-Code Monster Comics (Wired) Grab a Halloween Episode of Sam and Max for Free This Weekend (Joystiq) Red Undead Redemption Review (GameRant) 2010 Halloween Google Doodles (Geeks are Sexy) What Made it To the Minecraft Halloween Update (Kotaku) (pic seen at the Rally To Restore Sanity, via Bleeding Cool.)

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  6. Prelaunch Kinect Games Prevent Xbox Live Connection

    According to Kotaku reader Ken, he got his hands on the upcoming Kinectimals before its launch, and when he loaded it into his Xbox 360, the poor console became locked out of Xbox Live through a series of silly and unfortunate events. Read past the jump for the details.

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  7. Geekolinks: 10/24

    Life Size Monopoly House (Neatorama) Terrifying My Little Pony Zombie (eponyart) The Fastest Way Around the Bases Is Actually Almost a Circle (ScienceNews) Marty McFly Imitator for BttF Game Is Amazing (Kotaku) Photoshop Arms Onto Birds (Something Awful) Wikileaks Vs. The Pentagon Papers (Death and Taxes) Today is Wonder Woman Day (Wonder Woman Museum) (pic via Kotaku.)

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  8. Geekolinks: 10/23

    Lion-O Is Ceiling Cat For Some Reason (FashionablyGeek) Square Enix Is Making A Christmas Album (GameInformer) StarCraft II's New Minigames (Kotaku) Marvel Shelves Runaways Movie (Bleeding Cool) ABC, CBS, and NBC Are All Blocked on Google TV (The Wall Street Journal) CALM DOWN: Rumors of Star Wars Sequel Trilogy are Unfounded (Wired) BlizzCon Costumes, Day 1 (WoW Insider) (pic via Guyism.)

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  9. Blizzard Sues the Creators of StarCraft II Hacks

    After banning 5,000 players for using hacks, mods, and other tricks that are against the StarCraft II terms of use, Blizzard is now suing three of the people who created and distributed those hacks, mods, and tricks in the first place. The game maker filed suit last week in a Los Angelos court against three programmers going by the handles Permaphrost, Cranix (both Canadians), and Linuxawesome (from Peru). Their suit alleges that:
    Just days after the release of Starcraft II, Defendants already had developed, marketed, and distributed to the public a variety of hacks and cheats designed to modify (and in fact destroy) the Starcraft II online game experience. In fact, on the very day that Starcraft II was released, representatives of the hacks Web site advised members of the public that "our staff is already planning new releases for this game."

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  10. Video Games-Are-Art Lobby Gains New Supporter: Salman Rushdie

    Salman Rushdie, famed author of the Satanic Verses and Midnight's Children, has just published his second children's novel, Luka and the Fire of Life. What major metaphor does he use to frame the magical world that his young protagonist must travel through to save his father's life?
    Computer games — though [Rushdie] admitted that he was terrible at the games and his sons usually beat him. "Video games are often based on a classical quest format. That fits well with a fable," he told the AP. "The book is about the value of life, and in video games you can have a thousand lives. So I contrasted those two things."

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