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  1. [UPDATED] Silent Hills Playable Teaser P.T. Is Vanishing From The Playstation Store

    Them there Silent Hills just got

    The absolutely horrifying playable teaser for Silent Hills, P.T., is being pulled off the PlayStation Store on Wednesday, April 29th. So if you were somehow waiting to get the shit scared out of you, move quick. Yeah, uh... we're right in line, right behind you. Uh-huh.

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  2. Revisiting the Kick-Ass Female Lead Of Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

    “Hear me! I am the morning sun, come to vanquish this horrible night!”

    Most lists of "female leads done right" tend to mention favourites like Chell from Portal or Jade from Beyond Good & Evil. But there are others that too few gamers remember. Exhibit A: Shanoa from 2008's Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia>

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  3. Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima Developing, Norman Reedus Starring In New Silent Hill Game

    I'm scared already.

    Sneaky, Sony. Sneaky. To coincide with their Gamescom conference yesterday, the studio uploaded an hour and sixteen minute-long playable demo simply titled P.T. into the PlayStation Store. Get to the end of it, and bam: The names of Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima, Guillermo del Toro, and The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus appear on the screen, along with Nahman's digital likeness.

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  4. Clever Girl: Velociraptors Are Taking Over The British Vogue Website

    Clever Girl

    Type the Konami Code in on the homepage of the British Vogue website, trust me.  You will not be disappointed.  When you do, you can see an array of very fashionable velociraptors in a variety of hats, that an unknown genius has arranged to slide across the webpage in response to the videogame cheat code.  I like to think of them as the residents of Jurassic Park Avenue, strolling around in wonderfully coordinated ensembles, photo-bombing unsuspecting models, and gnawing on intestines.  Head past the jump for more screenshots from the British Vogue website.

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  5. Whip It Good: LEGO Castlevania Fan Film’s the Greatest Video You’ll See Today

    YouTube is rife with a plethora of stop motion LEGO films, ranging from the thoroughly entertaining to outright abysmal. Still, a majority of them aren't any longer than 10 minutes since not everybody is willing to devote hours of their time tediously making small LEGO figurines move across a table. Though we can't speak for the dedicated folks behind the feature length fan film Castlevania IV: Legend of Vania. Created by Hovinet Films -- a small studio consisting of three brothers from Finland -- Castlevania IV was a seven-year labor of love that runs for a whopping 146 minutes! Believe us, after watching the movie, you'll have a conflicting urge to start playing with LEGOs and play Castlevania on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Decisions, decisions...

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  6. Star Trek’s Michael Dorn Is Going To Play A Werewolf In The Castlevania Movie


    I'm writing more articles these days about Star Trek: The Next Generation actor Michael Dorn than I ever expected. He's hopeful for a Worf spin-off ,and is busy with a Kickstarter for a romcom filled with Trek actors, but the latest news is he's got a role in the Castlevania movie. There's a Castlevania movie? Probably? 

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  7. Check Out 14 Glorious Minutes of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes

    Metal Gear Solid godfather Hideo Kojima started talking a lot about his next Metal Gear game, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, this weekend. After announcing the game at the celebration for the 25th anniversary of the Metal Gear franchise in Tokyo, Kojima flew to Seattle for a panel at PAX Prime, where he dished out details about how Ground Zeroes fits into the Metal Gear Solid mythos.

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  8. Leaked Metal Gear Solid 5 Images: Fact or Fiction?

    This screen-shot allegedly from Konami's Comic Con demo was found on Reddit this morning and the rumors and speculations have been running up and down the halls of the Internet like a toddler who doesn't want to get in the bathtub. Folks have been calling this the confirmation that Kojima's fabled "Project Ogre" is another iteration of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Are these speculations to be believed? Is this just another rumor that will be debunked and fall into oblivion? Read on, my friends, read on!

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  9. Konami Challenges You to Tell the Difference Between the Next Metal Gear Solid Engine and Real Life

    We all know the Metal Gear Solid isn't done, even though Metal Gear Solid 4 tried really, really hard to end the series (and would've been a satisfactory send-off at that), and Konami likes to remind us about the continuing saga from time to time. This time, though, Konami showed off the Fox Engine, which is the engine being used to develop that next MGS. Instead of simply showing off the incredible visuals of which the engine is capable, they placed said visuals next to shots from real life and challenged us to pick which was computer generated. Left column or right column?

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  10. Konami Rolls Out Surprisingly Classy Metal Gear Solid Clothing Line

    Hideo Kojima dropped by our neighborhood last summer to debut some Metal Gear Solid t-shirts and related apparel, but this ... this is just way classier than a video game clothing line has to be or should be, and it's great. Where are the relatable slogans and nostalgia-manipulating references to the series' past? Instead, it's just straight-up rugged and manly clothes. Granted, these are just photographs and it's possible the quality isn't as good as it looks. And where's the branded eyepatch? Pics below:

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