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  1. Nerdy Knittings: All Your Favorite Nerdy/Horror Characters Made Out of Yarn

    I need to learn to knit now...

    Oxford-based Hannah Simpson sells knitted dolls based on her favorite nerdy and horror movies!

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  2. Put “Learn to Knit” on Your To-Do List so You Can Make This Wonder Woman Sweater for Your Very Own Self

    What the hell do I do with these sticks?!

    Or you can make it for someone else who might appreciate... nah. Make it for yourself.

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  3. Tortoises Nude No More Thanks to Neat Knitted Cozies

    Do Try This At Home

    On Katie Bradley's blog, she says that she sort of stumbled into the rescue and rehabilitation of tortoises, but a dozen domed friends later, she's hooked. And in her spare time she uses a crochet hook to make little cozies for them, selling them (and patterns for those enterprising friends of tortoises who are lucky enough to have opposable thumbs) on Etsy with a portion of the proceeds going towards International Reptile Rescue.

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  4. The Internet Loves Making Penguin Sweaters

    But what about bow ties to match their tuxedos?

    Dear Internet: if you are currently knitting a sweater for a penguin impacted by an oil spill, pause! Philip Island Penguin Foundation made a public plea for sweaters yesterday, but use your yarn cautiously; in the past, these requests have resulted in thousands of unnecessary sweaters. Internet, for once, you are being too kind.

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  5. Beautiful Astronomically Accurate Shawl For Chilly Stargazing Nights

    Do Try This At Home

    Redditor Boothin shared this shawl their wife made by tweaking one pattern and combining it with another. The end result was a beautiful and cozy garment that is also an accurate map of our sky as seen from the North Pole. By all means, join me in the Jealous Corner.

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  6. Things We Saw Today: LEGO Minifig Mittens

    Things We Saw Today

    Not practical, but oh-so-stylish. Carissa of Carissa Knits doesn't sell these, but she has made the knitting pattern available free of charge on her site. (Fashionably Geek)

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  7. In Norway, You Can Watch People Knit For 5 Hours On TV

    and let it be known

    Any time I happen upon Big Brother, I can't fathom how it's still on television. It looks so boring. And then I heard about watching people knit competitively. And my mind was blown.

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  8. How To Knit Crochet Your Turtle a Bowser Cosy

    Do Try This At Home

    I'm certain there is some space in the center of the Venn Diagram of people who own turtles and people who can knit crochet. I suggest the rest of you on that chart team up immediately.

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  9. Leigh Martin Turns Yarn Into Realistic Mushrooms, Plants Them


    Leigh Martin is an artist and knitter who lately has found an outlet for her passions in designing and creating fifty two different species of fungi out of yarn, and then photographing them in their "natural habitat." She hopes that her work can offer viewers "a greater awareness of their natural surroundings, a sense of how complex every ecosystem is and greater vision for noticing and enjoying these details in their daily life."

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  10. How to Knit a Woolen Face Hugger for Those Chilly Spring Nights

    Fans Do Cool Things

    Is your face suffering from a deficit of hugs? Knit yourself up a huggy buddy. Who may or may not fill your belly with its woolen eggs. It's okay! You're growing more cuddly pals for everyone else!

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