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  1. Things We Saw Today: Kit Harington Gets Historical, Knows His Bastards

    Kit Harington knows things. Jon Snow, on the other hand...

    Kit Harington did not sleep through history class, that is for sure.

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  2. Things We Saw Today: Teleport Your Eyes & See the World From Your Bellybutton


    Today in "lol whut" we have a very earnest and very bizarre Kickstarter aimed at bringing you some majorly tweaked eyesight. World, meet EYEteleporter, which wants to teleport your eyes. Periscopes, man. Periscopes. I'm assuming the products do not come with the cat included in their image gallery. (via Kickstarter)

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  3. Drink for the Glory of the Klingon Empire With New “Warnog” Beer

    Does anyone know the Klingon phrase for "Let's get drunk!"

    Want to get drunk like a Klingon? That's an option you'll have pretty soon thanks to the Tin Man Brewing Company of Eastville, Indiana and their new Klingon branded Warnog ale.

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  4. For Your Consideration: The Worf of Starfleet [Video]

    Make It So

    Well, I know what's getting my Best Picture vote. Q'apla!

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  5. Coca Cola Super Bowl Ad Parody Gets Even More Diverse With Klingon and More Languages [Video]

    If we need a national language, I vote for Bear Attack.

    Hey, remember when that Super Bowl commercial made people really mad by singing the national anthem in multiple languages? Neither do I, because "America the Beautiful" is not our national anthem. To make those people angrier, here's a parody version that takes a swipe at them with rejected languages like Klingon, Dothraki, and Dolphin.

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  6. How to Resign Your Town Council Post: Do It in Klingon

    To Boldly Go

    If it's good enough for resigning your command post, it's good enough for the town council of Indian Trail, North Carolina.

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  7. Somebody Translated “Never Gonna Give You Up” Into Klingon And It Is Astounding [Video]

    Rickrolling a Klingon, however, is ill-advised.

    This video's been making the rounds today, and it's so amazing that we'd be remiss if we didn't give it special attention. Something tells us, however, that of all the memes out there on the Internet, the Klingons would not be fans of rick rolling. More likely they'd prefer the Navy Seal copypasta. But this is great too, of course.

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  8. Yes, Someone Has Translated “Never Gonna Give You Up” Into Klingon

    this exists

    God bless the internet. Does this mean that Rickrolling is coming back? (via: Nerd Approved)

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  9. Learn How Dothraki, Klingon, and Other Conlangs Work in This Great TED-Ed Video

    F'ing Conlangs, how do they work?

    Dothraki, Na'vi, Klingon, and Elvish are all real languages. Well, they're real in a sense. They were created for the works in which they appear, but they work the way real languages do, and have even evolved past their initial creations. They're "constructed languages", or conlangs, and this TED-Ed video explains them beautifully.

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  10. Official Illinois State Department Website Offers Klingon Language Accessibility

    Make It So

    Know any unemployed Klingons living in Illinois? Then you should probably go tell them their lives have become considerably easier. But since they don't have a word for "unemployed," you might have some difficulty explaining it, so bring a phaser in case things escalate.

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  11. Sixpence None The Richer’s “Kiss Me,” Translated Into Klingon. You’re Welcome. [VIDEO]

    Offered Without Comment

    Thank you for this, Jen Usellis. (Improvised Star Trek via tipster Chris Rathjen) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  12. J.J. Abrams Says Dr. Carol Marcus Won’t Be Relegated To Love Interest In Star Trek. Gives Another Huge Detail Away.

    To Boldly Go

    J.J. Abrams hasn't been giving many details about Star Trek Into Darkness but he has said some interesting things about Dr. Carol Marcus. Oh, and he just happened to confirm whether or not we'll be seing the Klingons this time around. 

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  13. This Is Gangnam Style in Klingon. ‘Nuff Said

    Dear Internet,

    A couple of weeks ago, we told you that you could stop making Gangnam Style parodies, because the Deadpool one was so clearly brilliant. You ignored our advice, Internet, and it turns out, you were right to do so. We regret the error. If you had followed our advice, the K-pop hit of the minute may never have been translated (oh, very roughly) into Klingon and given a Star Trek parody, and the world we live in would be a poorer one for that. Now, Klingon Gangnam Style is a thing, and one that brings us great joy. Forgive us for our hubris, Internet, and thank you for making our lives better with this. That is all.

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  14. Gangnam Style, Performed By A Klingon, In Klingon

    To Boldly Go

    I'm not too hip to this whole Gangnam Style phenomena but this...this is impressive. In honor of the 25th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Comediva put together a parody of Psy's hit but in Klingon. Yes, actual Klingon. Kristen Bobst made the translation and they got Felix Malmenbeck, an expert, to help with grammar. A Qapla' if ever I saw one. (via Comediva)

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  15. Alan Turing Has an Official Monopoly Board. Here are Some of Our Other Favorites

    Godfather of the computer age, Alan Turing, will be getting his face on some currency -- just not, y'know, real money. Turing's face will grace each and every bank note in the newly announced Monopoly: Alan Turing Edition. Based on a design that Turing played with friend Max Newman, the game, released by Bletchley Park Code Centre, where Turing did the codebreaking work that was instrumental to an Allied victory in WWII, is designed to teach players facts about Turing's life. Believe it or not, this Google-funded endeavor is just the latest of hundreds of bizarrely branded takes on Monopoly that are things that exist in the real world. You can get a look at some of out other favorites after the jump.

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  16. Forget Klingon Opera, How About Klingon Rent

    To Boldly Go

    Yes. This was the day you began your morning by listening to "Seasons of Love" in Klingon. Sung, naturally, by Rachel Bloom, the Hugo Award nominated creator of "F*ck Me, Ray Bradbury." LupDujHomwIj luteb gharghmey, Rachel. (via The Daily What.)

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  17. Damon Lindelof Doesn’t Want To Give Too Much Away About Star Trek 2 But Is That A Klingon?


    Producer Damon Lindelof, like everyone else involved with the film, has been tight-lipped about the details of the forthcoming Star Trek sequel but he recently did an interview with in which he talked about the film without actually talking about the film. He did, however, mention the first look of the film will likely be granted to the San Diego Comic-Con audience. There's also this pesky image from the MTV Movie Awards with director J.J. Abrams which may or may not feature a Klingon. 

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  18. Man Discovers How to Manage His Dyslexia by Studying Klingon

    Imagine What You'll Know Tomorrow

    A British linguistics geek who was producing Klingon-language CDs for the Klingon Language Institute experienced an unexpected side effect from his exposure to the fictional language: he found a way to cope with his dyslexia. Jonathan Brown of Furzton discovered that learning the syntax of Klingon helped him use a different part of his brain to understand the language. This is a proud day for Trekkies indeed!

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  19. Does Jesus Love Jawas? Would They Then Be Jawas for Jesus?

    I Want to Believe

    Don't pretend you've never thought about it. Jesus is supposed to care about all creatures big and small so why wouldn't he take care of the Klingons, E.T.'s and Jawa's out there in the galaxy? Well, recently, theologians and scientists actually put forth the debate, "Did Jesus die for Klingons too?" at the 100 Year Starship Symposium in Orlando, Florida.

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  20. Today Leonard Nimoy Doesn’t Feel Like Doing Anything [Video]


    As we officially head into Memorial Day weekend and prepare for a few days of (hopefully) pleasant weather, some of us will choose to stay indoors unless something catastrophic comes up. And in this video for the Bruno Mars single "The Lazy Song," today is the day that Leonard Nimoy has decided to not give a flying nga'chuq. (A Klingon word we assured is synonymous with the act of sex.) In other news, millions of Bruno Mars fans just Googled "Leonard Nimoy." (Topless Robot)

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