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Kim Jong-Il

  1. The End of an Era: Kim Jong-il Looking at Things Tumblr Bids Farewell

    It is an indelible law of the universe: Nothing on this world or any other is infinite, all things must sadly come to an end, and this even extends to Tumblr blogs. Yesterday, the Internet community woke up to the sad news that the much beloved and Webby Award-winning Tumblr Kim Jong-Il Looking at Things will not be posting any further pictures of the late Kim Jong-il acknowledging random objects with his glorious gaze. Though the blog won't be pulled down, that isn't to say this hasn't spoiled our morning.

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  2. In Honor of Kim Jong Il, Here are Clips From the Monster Movie He Made [Video]

    Made in 1985, Pulgasari is the movie Kim Jong Il made with the help of a director he kidnapped, Shin Sang-ok. The clip certainly speaks for itself, but if you needed to motivation to watch it and the phrase, "the monster movie Kim Jong Il kidnapped a director to make" wasn't enough, maybe the plot synopsis is. From Wikipedia: "The film is about a doll made of rice by a prisoner, which on coming into contact with blood, grows to become a giant metal-eating monster."

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  3. Kim Jong Il Dies, Really Unsettling and Awkward Footage of North Koreans Grieving Surfaces

    North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, 69, died last night, reportedly due to having a heart attack during a train ride. Though we don't normally report on "normal" news, the dictator's death came with a very odd, fairly unsettling video released by North Korean state news, featuring North Koreans supposedly devastated at the loss of the dictator that most of the rest of the world couldn't be happier about losing. The almost synchronization and extreme -- if it were in a movie -- cheesy outbursts of the mourners seem a little suspect, making it all the more awkward and unsettling. Head on past the break to check out the video, complete with fists pounding the concrete and people screaming at the top of their lungs.

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  4. Kim Jong-il Hired a Team of Hackers to Farm Gold in Asian MMOs

    The New York Times is reporting that North Korean despot Kim Jong-il has put together a team of hackers to farm gold in popular South Korean MMOs. Police in the region said that the team created software that allowed them to breach the servers of MMOs, such as Lineage and Dungeon and Fighter (which seems to be Dungeon Fighter Online, possibly either named with the "and" in Korea, or a translation error on someone's part), which granted "round-the-clock play by 'factories' of dozens of unmanned computers."

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  5. Foreigners Film the Inside of North Korea’s Movie Hub for the First Time

    Al Jazeera reports on a remarkable project by filmmakers Lynn Lee and James Leong, who spent two years inside North Korea making a documentary on Pyongyang's University of Cinematic and Dramatic Arts, the country's fusion of Hollywood-like entertainment industry hub and propaganda machine. Above, a 25-minute special on this otherworldly place.

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Il's love of film is well-documented, but few outsiders know that he is revered as a genius of cinema by his own people. On this episode of 101 East we gain a rare insight into the beating heart of North Korea's film industry.
    See also: North Korea's Mass Games. (Al Jazeera via MeFi)

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  6. North Korea Releases First Photo of Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-il’s Likely Successor

    North Korean newspaper Rodong Sinmun has released the first official photo of Kim Jong-un (circled above), Kim Jong-Il's likely successor as leader of North Korea. On September 27th, Kim Jong-un was promoted to four-star general, which was notable for being the first time the state has mentioned him publicly. The Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation has an interesting, detailed post on Kim Jong-un and what his succession would mean for relations with North Korea. They write that he is "believed to be a carbon copy of Kim Jong-il’s personality and body shape" (Jong-un is estimated to be 5'5" and 192 pounds) and that he is "Believed to have masterminded the March 2010 Cheonan attack and July 2009 cyber attacks on South Korea’s government and personal websites." (via Telegraph, circle added.)

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  7. Geekolinks: 6/21

    Sins of a Solar Empire vs. Justin Bieber (Double Jump) 27 Huge Hamburgers (Urlesque) Inside the Mind of an Anonymous News Site Poster ( Kim Jong-il Looks at a Radish (The Telegraph) The Goofiest Masters of the Universe Toy Commercial (Points of Articulation) World Cup: England vs. Algeria in LEGOs (SportsGrid) ThinkGeek's Best Cease and Desist (ThinkGeek) (pic via Tsaoshin.)

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  8. North Korea Claims to Have Achieved Nuclear Fusion — On Its Founder’s Birthday, No Less

    North Korea's nuclear ambitions are well-documented: While the country's dictatorial leader, Kim Jong-il, has recently expressed a willingness to talk about nuclear disarmament, the country has also hinted at further nuclear weapons test plans. But then: Plain old nuclear reactions have been done before; how about nuclear fusion, which has never before been sustained in laboratory conditions? And why not announce its discovery on the birthday of Kim Il-Sung, North Korea's founder and the father of Kim Jong-Il? Take it away, North Korean Workers Party newspaper:

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