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  1. Watch Orphan Black’s Clone Dance Party Reenacted By Young Actress From The Show

    Helena is going to eat all you.

    [Slight Orphan Black finale spoilers.]

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  2. DC Comics Writer Chuck Dixon Claims His Conservative Politics Lost Him Jobs in Comics

    For A More Civilized Age

    Chuck Dixon has not just written a lot of Batman comics, he was heavily involved in my favorite era of the character, in which the state of Batman's relationships with his various surrogate family members and friends held just as much weight as his triumph over his foes. And while Gail Simone is more closely associated with the Birds of Prey, Dixon was the first to popularize the all-female superhero team in a way that wasn't primarily for the male gaze. From his most popular and longstanding work in the DC Universe alone, you would not immediately guess that Dixon is an outspoken social conservative. This weekend, Dixon and artist Paul Rivoche (whose graphic novel adaptation of a popular conservative reading of the history of the Great Depression hit shelves in the last month) published a post on the Wall Street Journal's opinion section bemoaning the predominantly liberal bias of modern comics (as they see it), claiming that Dixon's career dried up once he started to voice his political views in the workplace, and calling conservative creators of all stripes to take up the torch and catch up to the left wing in their dominance of the market. I think.

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  3. Monday Cute (?): Game of Thrones’ The Mountain Dresses As The Hulk, Terrifies Children [VIDEO]

    It is known

    Our most recent Mountain That Rides from HBO's Game of Thrones, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson , has an interesting skeleton in his closet. That time he dressed up as Marvel's Hulk for a kids party. Skip to about two minutes in for the good stuff. Also check him out deadlifting half a ton over at Geekosystem. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  4. These “Science Riot Grrls” Just Won The Science Fair Of My Heart [Video]

    she blinded me with science

    Few things make me happier than seeing little humans grinning over science projects. Here's the origin story: The young singer in this video came home from science class feeling stoked about the cool experiments she got to do (I know that feel, kid). She and her classmates had been singing a song about being "extraordinary." Her dad helped her write the rest. And thus, Science Riot Grrls was born.

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  5. Thanks To Vocal Star Wars Fans, Disney Stores Will Be Stocking Princess Leia Merchandise Soon

    Pretty Pretty Princess

    Disney has given an official response to the #WeWantLeia campaign which started online after a Disney Store representative told someone there were no plans for Leia merchandise. To any rational human being, this made no sense. Disney now owns Star Wars, Disney is all about princesses, Leia is a "princess," Disney stores were already stocking Star Wars merchandise, girls and boys alike think she's a cool character, girls and boys will beg their parents to spend loads of money on them, Disney is all about money.

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  6. Little Boy Drops Some Vital Life Knowledge At Pre-School Graduation [VIDEO]

    So say we all!

    These graduating pre-schoolers were asked to tell the audience what they wanted to be when they grew up. Think you can guess the answer from Jathan here? (via Daily Dot) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  7. Baby Predator Is the Enemy of Humanity, Naptime


    Was that one picture we gave you of the baby Predator cosplayer at WonderCon not enough? Can you have enough baby Predator cosplay? Here's an entire photoshoot by photographer Albert Lien of Simply Colorful. You can see more pics at his Facebook page.

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  8. In Which Brave Adults Rewatch The Nightmare Fuel Of Their Youth [Video]

    Today in things that make us scream incoherently

    After I saw this video of adults revisiting the scary movies of their younger years, I thought to myself -- hey! What better way to start a Sunday than by slaying the monsters under our beds? I'll start: Judge Doom's fake eyes falling out. The death of Tasha Yar. Maleficent appearing in Aurora's fireplace. Velociraptors stalking Lex and Tim through the kitchen. The entirety of The Secret of NIMH. That freaking story arc on Ghostwriter with the bubblegum monster. (via Screen Rant)

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  9. Luke Pearson’s Hilda and the Black Hound: Whimsical Adventures For All-Ages

    The Mary Sue

    Meet Hilda. She’s a plucky, young adventurer who explores the fjords and streets of her hometown with her trusty pet foxtalope. Hilda is the main character in a series of all-ages graphic novels written and illustrated by Luke Pearson, the latest of which, Hilda and the Black Hound, was published last week by Nobrow. The Mary Sue was at Strand Book Store in New York for the release of the new book and to seePearson in conversation with writer and artist George O’Connor (Journey into Mohawk Country, the Olympians series).

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  10. May the 4th Be with Our Readers and Their Star Wars Day Pictures!

    May The Force Be With You

    We asked and you delivered, sharing with us all your lovely pictures of the good times you had on May 4th, Star Wars Day. Even cats got into the act, though when asked whether they were having a "good" time, no comment was offered.

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