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Kevin Keller

  1. The Mary Sue Exclusive Preview: Archie Comics’ Kevin Keller #15

    Archie's Kevin Keller is taking his turn as a superhero and artist Phil Jimenez is here to lend a hand. Check out this exclusive preview of Kevin Keller #15

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  2. More Details Revealed About Archie’s Impending Death: He’ll Be Shot Protecting His Gay Friend


    Everybody knows that when you want to make people pay extra attention to a particularly iconic comic book character, you kill them off dramatically—and Life with Archie, the series that deals with the future adult lives of your favorite Riverdale teens, is not messing around with their opportunity to do so. According to new details from Archie Comics, their titular hero will bite the dust while stopping an assassination attempt on an openly gay senator.

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  3. The Archie Movie Will, Sadly, Not Feature Zombies, But A Coming Of Age Story


    After hearing the news that there are plans for an Archie movie penned by Afterlife with Archie author and Glee writer and producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa was in the works, many hoped that the writers two Archie works might meet, with the so far mysterious Archie movie featuring some good old fashioned brain-eating monsters.  Somewhat predictably, the upcoming film will not be featuring zombies.  However, it will feature some favorite Archie characters and a more traditional Archie story, as Aguirre-Sacasa revealed to the LA Times yesterday.

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  4. Archie Comics to Poke Fun at Gay Character Controversy by Having Him Kiss a Boy

    I See What They Did There

    Despite the fact that his eventual wedding was covered in Life With Archie, Archie Comics apparently hasn't published a drawing of Kevin Keller, its first gay character, kissing another guy? Or maybe it just hasn't in a main Archie title, LWA, is, after all, a slightly more serious title that follows the adult lives of the Riverdale gang. Anyway, they're going to print Kevin kissing his boyfriend in a story that seems hilariously like they're thumbing their noses at One Million Moms. Why would Archie want to get in a dig at One Million Moms? Do you need to ask?

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  5. Batwoman, ParaNorman, True Blood get GLAAD Nominations!

    Great Hera!

    Yesterday the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation published the nominations for their annual awards honoring mainstream works of television, cinema, comics, and journalism that they consider to have done an outstanding job of depicting the LGBTQ community and the lives of those within it. Some of the nominees are, unsurprisingly, very close to our hearts.

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  6. Things We Saw Today: Archie’s Pal Kevin Keller at The Olympics

    Things We Saw Today

    Check out this Olympics-themed Archie comic! Romance, sports, and shenanigans abound! (via Newsarama.)

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  7. George Takei to Boldy Go Where Very Few Celebrities Have Gone Before: A Cameo in A Kevin Keller Comic

    And All Was Right With the World

    As a series that I left behind shortly after I decided that I would now aspire to be a real teenager and I'd be reading and watching things with less kissing and more space aliens (this made sense somehow), I've been continually impressed with Archie Comics over the past couple of years. From the almost unsettlingly mature new spin on Life With Archie, to the introduction of Kevin Keller (and the reasoning behind it), to the wedding of Kevin Keller, to Keller getting his own series, well. Institutions of whitebread suburban life in kids entertainment aren't supposed to suddenly start getting really progressive. That's completely counterintuitive to my cynical brain, and they should stop it (they shouldn't stop it).

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  8. Things We Saw Today: Han Solo Crayons

    Things We Saw Today

    We wish we could tell you that you can buy these, but they've already sold out of Extramoneyformommy's Etsy shop. Maybe if you ask nicely, she'll make some more? (Gizmodo)

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  9. One Million Moms Asking Toys R Us To Pull Archie’s Gay Marriage Comic [UPDATED]

    And That's Terrible

    Remember when the group One Million Moms decided to go up against JC Penny and Ellen DeGeneres and failed miserably? Well this time they're going after Toys R Us and Archie Comics. Shall we start placing bets? 

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  10. Things We Saw Today: Awesome Batgirl Cosplay

    Things We Saw Today

    aigue-marine looks badass as Stephanie Brown as Batgirl. (Geeks are Sexy)

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  11. Life With Archie #16 Will Feature the Wedding of Kevin Keller!


    Well, Archie Comics, you've done it again! After seeing such great success with Kevin Keller, their first openly gay character with his own title, AC has announced that not only will Kevin get to actually have a relationship, but he'll be getting married! The wedding will take place in Life With Archie #16, which will also feature some marital trouble between Archie and Veronica. (We're pretty sure Kevin has nothing to do with that.)

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  12. Kevin Keller, Archie‘s Gay, DADT Referencing Teen Character to Get His Own Monthly

    And All Was Right With the World

    Archie Comics just keeps surprising us these days, so it would probably be better if we just rebooted our image of them as an ancient all-American comics franchise that's dedicatedly filling the niche it's always been able to captivate and that other comics publishers have been unable or unwilling to dive into: pre-teen romance comics that parents don't mind buying because they are tame to the point of absurdity. After introducing their first gay character to great public attention and a record breaking print run (it's the only Archie comic that has ever been given a second printing) they didn't let the haters make them nervous (like some companies I could name) and instead made a very savvy business decision.

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  13. Things We Saw Today: The Totally Spielbergian Painted Poster for Super 8

    Things We Saw Today

    Drew Struzan, the guy behind the posters for pretty much everything you love, lends his talent and style to Super 8. (The Hollywood Reporter.)

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  14. Archie Comics To Tackle Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Head On

    Rights of Passage

    Speaking of bold moves in the realm of comics publishing, Archie Comics caught some attention when it debuted Riverdale's first gay resident (ok, first openly gay resident, all you Jughead 'shippers), selling out the issue with his first appearance and issuing a reprint for the first time in the company's history. Then, AC showed that they wouldn't be taking his popularity for granted when they announced that Kevin would be getting his own four issue miniseries, which would give him something of an origin story, and, if it did well, would lead to Kevin getting his own title alongside Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead. And again, AC showed that it would be taking Kevin's character quite seriously when the synopsis for the first issue revealed that he is an army brat whose father was an army colonel, and it looked likely that the series would be pointing some meaningful subtle fingers at the policy of Dont' Ask, Don't Tell. Turns out, AC isn't even bothering to be subtle.

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  15. Archie‘s Minseries on First Gay Character Hints at DADT?

    Fact From the Vapor of Nuance

    If you'd asked me a couple years ago whether I thought I'd ever be writing about a gay character headlining in Archie comics, I probably would have said "Yeah, well, eventually. Maybe in another decade or so," but a four-part miniseries featuring the "origin story" of Kevin Keller is set to begin release in June, and according to Comic Book Resources the miniseries is basically a test run to see if Kevin's popularity (his debut issue prompted the very first reprint of a sold out issue in Archie history) can support a full on-going series. But, as Robot 6 points out, the more interesting news of the story may be what Archie comics are hinting at with the second issue of Kevin Keller.

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  16. Gay Archie Character Kevin Keller Gets His Own Miniseries


    Last year Archie Comics surprised everybody by introducing Riverdale High's newest student: the openly gay Kevin Keller. And, though there were of course the predictable detractors, Kevin's first appearance in Veronica #202 sold out and prompted Archie Comics to do a second printing of an issue for the first time in their history. Now, Archie Comics is giving Kevin his own four-issue miniseries, and will wade into deeper waters with the character. "The series will be set before Kevin came to Riverdale, about his school life and decision to come out."

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