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Kate Beaton

  1. Things We Saw Today: A New Book By Kate Beaton!!!!!

    This is real life!!

    Drawn & Quarterly is publishing the follow-up to Kate Beaton's wildly-successful Hark! A Vagrant! Step Aside, Pops even features our favorite sassy velocipedestrienne on the cover. (via LA Times)

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  2. Kate Beaton Drew Today’s Google Doodle in Honor of Women’s Rights Activist Henrietta Edwards!

    Hark! An inspiring woman.

    Huzzah! Canada's Google Doodle today celebrates the 165th birthday of Henrietta Edwards, an activist who ensured women were recognized as persons under Canadian law. During her lifetime, Edwards also established Canada's first YWCA, co-founded the Victorian Order of Nurses, wrote two books on women's rights, established the National Council of Women, studied law, and was active in prison reform. Phew.

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  3. #FollowFriday: Kate Beaton (@beatonna)

    WHO IS EXCITED FOR PARTY TIMES? (I am excited for party times)

    Wow, is it Friday already? Time flies when you're gorging yourself on holiday treats and trying to ignore your family's questions about your personal life. Speaking of which, the person we think you should be following on Twitter this time is Kate Beaton, whose recent family comics have been the highlight of our week.

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  4. The Mary Sue’s Holiday Gift Guide: Geek Chic Clothing

    It is a gift!

    In our previous two 2013 holiday gift guides, we recommended some great art and a slew of interesting books. Now it's time to dress up your loved ones in fabulous geek chic! We've got new licensed merchandise to show you, featured artists' items, superhero duds, and more!

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  5. Black Canary Goes to a Concert, a Kate Beaton Story

    Elsewhere on the internet

    We thought you'd like to know that Hark! A Vagrant updated, and that it's a comic about what happens when Black Canary trails a crook into a concert and discovers a new musical calling. Previously in Hark! A Vagrant

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  6. 40 Webcomics You Need to Read

    Power Grid

    Comics are wonderful, visual ways of getting a story across, and it goes without saying that we at The Mary Sue love them. But as wonderful as they are, grabbing issue after issue can add up. And yet the desire for more comics persists. Luckily there are plenty of creative, engaging, funny, complex—and free!—stories and gag strips out there for those of us who need our dose of sequential art. You just have to know where to look. Enter the Internet.

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  7. Things We Saw Today: First Thor Poster

    Things We Saw Today

    "It's rare that you have a poster that is just Chris Hemsworth shooting on the set," said Marvel president of production Kevin Feige. "But he just looks like Thor. We just put in some lightning, and he's got his hammer and you're there." Duh, because Hemsworth IS Thor. (via USA Today)

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  8. Scientific Sleuthery Confirms the Identity of Richard III’s Remains

    Our Adorable Past

    DNA tests have confirmed "beyond a reasonable doubt" that the remains found last year underneath a parking lot in Leicester do in fact belong to Richard III, the notorious hunchback/(possible) nephew-killer and last English king to die in battle. He was also the subject of Shakespeare's Richard III and, more amusingly (not that Richard III didn't have its moments), a pair of Kate Beaton history comics.

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  9. Hark! A Vagrant’s Holiday Comic: “Something Nice” is Very Nice Indeed

    Warning: May Contain Feelings

    Kate Beaton's updates are all the more precious for being rare and uniformly of a quality that puts a lump in my throat and makes me want to go hug every parent and every adult child in the world. Go read the rest of the comic here. Previously in Kate Beaton

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  10. Giveaway: Kate Beaton’s Hark! A Vagrant Calendars

    The Mary Sue

    The month of December means one thing for everybody, regardless of what particular end of the year holiday they celebrate. Namely, that's it's the end of the year, and everybody's got to get a new calendar and start teaching their muscle memory how to write the date again. You should all be comforted to know that The Mary Sue is here for you in these troubling times. Starting today, you're going to have a chance to win one of four Hark! A Vagrant 2013 calendars featuring the art of Kate Beaton. We've got two copies of Drawn and Quarterly's There She Blows and Beethoven Birthday Party for folks in North America. Read on for some sample pics and entering info!

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  11. Shakespearean Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Illustrated by Some of Our Favorite Ladies (And Others)

    i'll just leave this here

    What, do you need some kind of explanation? Ryan North (who you might know from Dinosaur Comics) has just started up a Kickstarter for To Be or Not To Be, a choose-your-own-adventure version of Shakespeare's Hamlet where you can play as Hamlet, Old Hamlet, or Ophelia. It's already funded, with all profits from the sale of the published books going to charity. But we thought you'd like to know about it anyway, so you can get in on those sweet rewards, because of the talent behind the book's illustrations. You see, the more it gets funded, the more illustrations it will have, and the more art we'll get to see by ladies like Carly Mondardo, Danielle Corsetto, Emily Partridge, Jess Fink, Kate Beaton, Meredith Gran, and Noelle Stevenson. Also come on, you can play as Ophelia. (via everywhere.)

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  12. Things We Saw Today: RIP Nyan Cat

    Things We Saw Today

    Marty, the feline upon whom Nyan Cat is based, passed away last night. As a friend of mine said: "He is with Ceiling Cat now." (Geekosystem)

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  13. Things We Saw Today: A Real Weasley Family Clock

    Things We Saw Today

    Here is an actual, working clock based on the Weasley's Whereabouts Clock from the Harry Potter series. Read all about how it was made on (via The Group That Shall Not Be Named)

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  14. Webcartoonists Respond to the Cover of Catwoman #0

    Great Hera!

    It's the beginning of the true summer season, and what that means in comics is that DC and Marvel are revealing their solicits for September, that is, the artist lineups, covers, and brief plot teasers. For DC, September is the first anniversary of their New 52, which means special issue #0's for everybody, each one focusing on (though not necessarily retelling) their origins. Judging by the cover for Catwoman 0#, Catwoman's new origin is that she's a refuge from Lumpy Space. Naturally this did not go unnoticed by some of our favorite webcartoonists. (Post is probably NSFW, if it isn't already.)

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  15. Things We Saw Today: A Man Wearing A TARDIS Suit

    Things We Saw Today

    We've seen our fair share of women donning TARDIS dresses but I think this is the first time I've seen a man dressed up as a fancy dress TARDIS. Well, it happened this weekend at C2E2 in Chicago. (via Kate Kotler) 

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  16. Everybody Asked Kate Beaton How to Make it in Comics, Here’s Some of What She Said

    Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

    Kate Beaton, the historical maven behind Hark! A Vagrant recently surprised a lot of fans by announcing that she would be retiring from regular updates to her webcomic for the foreseeable future, in order reassess her career after publishing her wildly successful first book, and figure out where to go from here. As she said: "Webcomics are often cited as the future of comics and the internet and I don't know what else, but the fact that no one has retired from them yet means that I, at least, rest a little uneasy in these shoes sometimes if only for the lack of having a dependable compass by which to steer the ship." But Beaton herself knows that her successful webcomic and bestselling book mean that she's worlds ahead of prospective webcomics artists in experience, and in an effort to share the lessons she's learned, she's been taking questions on how to make it in webcomics, and answering the most popular ones.

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  17. Hourly Comic Day: A Round Up

    What It Says On the Tin

    Every February 1st, lots of artists (and even some not-so artsy people who just like comics) get together and pledge to draw one comic every hour that they are awake, about something that happened to them in that hour. It's Hourly Comics Day, and it was yesterday! So here are some selections from our favorite participating artists:

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  18. Things We Fully Endorse: Continuing Award Recognition For Female Comic Creators

    Today in Boobs

    Women and comics, women in comics, women of comics, however you want to look at it, they've been a big topic of discussion over the last year. Several sites (The Mary Sue included) like to spotlight female creators and issues in the industry when at all possible and one blog thinks it's time to reinstate awards for the talented women out there. And yes, this is something we fully endorse. 

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  19. Your Morning Cranky is Not As Bad as Wonder Woman’s Morning Cranky

    Great Hera!

    Kate Beaton's Wonder Woman doodles turned into some finished Wonder Woman comics, and we couldn't be happier. Why is Wonder Woman's cranky greater than yours? Nobody keeps asking you to do a revamp. More comics below:

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  20. Kate Beaton Does More Cranky Wonder Woman Doodles

    Great Hera!

    We love it when Kate Beaton does her crabby, chain-smoking, take-no-guff Wonder Woman. This morning was no exception. More below, with some NSFW word balloons.

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