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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Karen Gillan


That Doctor Who Fan Proposal Was Caught On Video

Remember those completely adorable images of a Doctor Who proposal done in front of stars Karen Gillan and Matt Smith at a recent convention? It was caught on video too! The audio isn’t great but it’s cute to see the actors faces in action.

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Hello Sweetie

Doctor Who Fan Uses Karen Gillan/Matt Smith Convention Photo Op To Propose

I don’t know who was more surprised, the girlfriend or Karen Gillan and Matt Smith. At the Louisville Comic Con in March, one Doctor Who fan decided he was going to propose during his photo opp with the Who-Crew. The picture evolution is fantastic.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: A Giant Cardboard Velociraptor With Googly Eyes

We get a lot of emails about Kickstarter campaigns around these parts, but this one—”KitRex: the 3D paper velociraptor that you build yourself!“—caught our eye. Fun tip: Having a campaign that involves dinosaurs and googly eyes never hurts. (Thanks to tipster Amy)



Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Oculus May Be The Scariest Movie Of All

When we first heard there was going to be a horror film starring both Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan and Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff, we knew it was a must-see. Lucky for us, we were invited to an early screening of Relativity Media’s Oculus to see the horror for ourselves. We’re not ashamed to say, we’re still shaking in our boots. 


May The Force Be With You

Karen Gillan(‘s Hair) Might Be In the Star Wars Sequels

“It really hit me when I woke up the next morning. That’s when I was like, ‘Oh, my god, where’s my hair?!’ But also, everyone kept me in good spirit. Everyone was laughing and telling jokes. Marvel are the best company to work for, they really are. They treat you really well. They made my hair into the most incredible well-made wig and they gave it to the Star Wars people. It’s just so funny to think that my hair is made into a wig, next to all these Star Wars monster heads in a warehouse. I thought that was really funny.”Karen Gillan talks to Collider about giving her hair the chop for Guardians of the Galaxy and what happened to it afterwards. Can we get the wig Matt Smith wore in “The Time of the Doctor” in that warehouse, too?

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It Came From Outer Space

Zoe Saldana and Karen Gillan Face Off for Guardians of the Galaxy Reshoots

Guardians of the Galaxy has gone back to the studio for pickups and reshoots (don’t worry, this is not unusual. The first Hobbit movie had special effects shots that were still being worked on the night before its premiere), and that includes expanding a fight scene between Zoe Saldana‘s Gamora and Karen Gillan‘s Nebula that reportedly took two months of rehearsals to perfect. Director James Gunn instagrammed this shot from the set last week.

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Hello Sweetie

Karen Gillan Did A Reddit AMA And Revealed Her Love For Another Redhead Of Geekdom

We’re very excited for Karen Gillan’s post-Doctor Who career path so far. She’s got the seriously scary-looking horror film Oculus coming out April 11, not to mention a role in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and a pilot for ABC. The actress recently took some time out of her busy schedule to do a Reddit “Ask Me Anything.” Here are some of our favorite questions and answers.



Guess Who’s Co-Starring In Karen Gillan’s New Sitcom? Hint: It’s John Cho

It is a scientific fact that John Cho makes everything better. I saw a Tumblr post about it, and Tumblr’s relationship with accuracy is iffy at best, but in this case it’s spot on. Selfie, congratulations. You’ve been Cho-sen.



Guardians Of The Galaxy’s Karen Gillan Discusses Her Nebula Fight Scenes & Wind Machines

Karen Gillan, of Doctor Who fame, is about to take a huge step in her career by appearing in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Here what she has to say about the villainous Nebula. 


Fear is the Mind Killer

Karen Gillan & Katee Sackhoff’s Oculus Might Be The Most Horrifying Film Ever

Ok, maybe not ever, ever but holy crap, this looks scary as hell. And that makes me want to see it even more. And look at Karen Gillan go with her American accent! (Here’s the first trailer if you missed it.)

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