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Jules Verne

  1. There’s Actually A Giant Ocean Below Earth’s Crust, Journey To The Center Of The Earth Is Legit

    So that's where kaiju come from.

    What mysteries lie beneath the Earth's surface? Some theories are awesome (Journey to the Center of the Earth); some are terrifyingly awesome (Pacific Rim); and some we just want to forget about entirely (The Core). But a team of scientists from the University of Alberta think they have proof that, deep below us, there's a giant, subterranean ocean.

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  2. 5 Nemos Who Won’t Ruin Your Plans And Leave You Snowbound This Weekend

    Winter storm Nemo is bearing down on the Northeast today, with snow already starting to pile up in Boston and outlying areas, while those in the New York area hope just to get back home before the worst of the storm lands here tonight. As tens of millions of us are watching our weekend plans buried in increasing snow drifts though, we wanted to remind you that not all Nemos are bad news. Some of them are pretty excellent, in fact, and in the interest of fairness, we present five of our favorites here for your consideration. Enjoy your weekends and stay warm, everyone.

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  3. Google Celebrates Jules Verne’s Birthday With Controllable Undersea Doodle

    If venturing to Google today, one will find a Google Doodle comprised of portholes looking out at gently bobbing waves, celebrating the birthday of Jules Verne, author of noted works Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, A Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Around the World in Eighty Days. Pretty Doodle? Of course--but see that lever to the right of the ocean view? It's manipulatable with a mouse, and allows one to waste away their work hours on a Google Doodle undersea voyage. Be sure not to let go of the lever, or else it'll automatically revert back to the middle and you may not be attacked by the giant squid lurking in the Doodle's depths.

    UPDATE: If you're on a newish MacBook and using Chrome as your browser, you can pick up your laptop and move it around, controlling the lever on the Doodle.

    (via Google)

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