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  1. Kickstarter JRPG Makes Over Double Its Goal In Less Than A Day

    Veronica Mars, eat your heart out.

    Kickstarter's first Japan-based video game project, Project Phoenix, was uploaded yesterday and seemingly overnight has made a crowdfunding fortune, with over double its initial $100,000 goal hit. The pitch slams modern JRPGs and claims it will breathe new life into the genre through a team of AAA developers. Wowsers.

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  2. Kanye West is on a Kanye Quest, Will Put You to the Kanye Test in This Fan-Made Game

    Not sorry about that title.

    Love him or hate him, rapper Kanye West has become a fixture in American pop culture; you can't really ignore him even if you tried. So it's only natural that there's now a video game about him. Kanye Quest 3030, a new free fan-made PC game, is a beautiful, dark, twisted, and final fantasy befitting of its eponymous star.

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  3. 10 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Buy a Nintendo 3DS

    Ten games to push you over the fence

    The Nintendo 3DS finally has an absolutely fantastic lineup, and a number of those are JRPGs -- that's Japanese role-playing games. Sure, the PlayStation Vita’s got versions of Final Fantasy X, X-2, and Persona 4, and iOS has ports of almost all of Square's major 2D RPGs. But this year the 3DS is swimming in a pile of JRPG gold, like some kind of electronic, two-screened Scrooge McDuck. The 3DS has become the place for new ideas in JRPGs, and this summer is especially an amazing time for them. That's why we've compiled nine games that are each a very good reason to pick a 3DS up, if you haven't already.

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  4. Incredible RPG Figurines Made from Twist-Ties

    selectbutton forumer ionustron has a talent for making incredibly detailed, Japanese gaming-inspired figurines entirely from twist-ties.

    It wasn’t like I was living in poverty. I went through the action figure crazes with all the other TV-heads. But something about the creative toys stuck more - the smaller, the better. Micro machines and Legos were the mainstays. I liked putty and play doh but they were too messy and fragile. It should be pathetically obvious I was obsessive about video games and back in those days there was little to no budget to market toy lines for little Japanese games. When kids would write fan fiction of Scooby Doo or draw their favorite Ninja Turtle on line paper or act out the Babysitters Club, I was off in my own space alternating between a Nintendo, a Master System, or a 2600, and when the games were mostly defeated and well past the point of replay, the adventures continued on a massive wooden kitchen table.
    A few more of ionustron's creations below:

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