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Jim Carrey

  1. Things We Saw Today: Sistah Sinema’s Relaunched For Your LGBTQ Women Of Color Film Needs

    Useful things!

    It can be hard to find an abundance of media for/by queer women of color. Sistah Sinema is aiming to make a comeback to change that by teaming with Indieflix and relaunching their streaming service.

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  2. John Romita, Jr. Makes it Clear He Doesn’t Like Jim Carrey Because of Kick-Ass 2 Comments

    How will they settle this feud? Pistols at dawn?

    John Romita, Jr., is very vocal about disliking Jim Carrey and his decision to withdraw support from Kick-Ass 2 last summer.

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  3. Review: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone is Incredible, Also Burt Wonderstone

    I loved Burt Wonderstone. It isn't perfect, but my dog isn't perfect either and I still love him.

    I wasn't sure what to think when The Incredible Burt Wonderstone landed in my lap for review. I hadn't seen the movie, but I do love a good comedy. I watched it. I loved it. You should love it too. If that's not enough of an endorsement, read the full review below.

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  4. Geekosystem’s The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Giveaway

    Have we mentioned how much we like giving stuff away? Especially when it's something really great like this movie.

    The Incredible Burt Wonderstone is out on DVD and Blu-ray today, and we have 10 copies of the Blu-Ray combo pack to give away thanks to Warner Bros! They sent over a review copy, and as it turns out, I love this movie. A lot. They also sent us a bunch of GIFs from the film. We'll give the copies to the best captions for the GIFs.

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  5. Jim Carrey Decries Violence of Kick-Ass 2, Mark Millar Responds by Defending Media Violence

    What did he expect when he signed on for a film called Kick-Ass 2?

    Jim Carrey, who is playing Colonel Stars and Stripes in the upcoming Kick-Ass 2, spoke out on Twitter saying that he isn't happy about the level of violence in the film. The film, which, again, is called Kick-Ass 2, is a sequel to a movie whose MPAA R rating was due to "strong brutal violence throughout, pervasive language, sexual content, nudity and some drug use - some involving children." The film that was also, coincidentally, filmed months ago. Perhaps Mr. Carrey should have expressed his discontent sooner.

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  6. Jim Carrey Abjures Kick-Ass 2 Because of Violence


    In a surprise Twitter-bomb, Jim Carrey has withdrawn support for his upcoming film Kick-Ass 2. His reasoning after the cut.

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  7. Bah, Humbug. Hollywood is Making Another How the Grinch Stole Christmas

    Today in Depressing

    I hope you'll forgive my mixing up of Christmas books with the title. It's just that "Bah, humbug" so perfectly expresses my feelings.

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  8. A Sequel to Dumb and Dumber Is Happening With Both Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels

    And All Was Right With the World

    Hey, want to hear the most amazing announcement in the world? A real, live sequel to Dumb and Dumber is officially going to happen. No, not some uninvited "prequel" with people who have no business being in a Dumb and Dumber movie. (Except maybe Cheri Oteri.) But an actual follow-up with the original actors playing the original parts, taking place the correct amount of years since we first met them, returning to the moviegoing public like the salmon of Capistrano.

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  9. The Next Logical Progression of Changes to the Star Wars Movies

    Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Yes.

    So, in 1997, Jim Carrey starred in successful and not-too-panned film called Liar Liar, in which his character is forced to tell nothing but the absolute truth for 24 hours. Eleven years later, Yes Man came out, which was basically the same thing except this time he had to respond to all questions in an affirmative manner. Now, we'd like to think that this is the kind of thing that might happen eleven years from now, to the Star Wars movies. Well, not for real, but it'd be funny. Right? Look, all I'm saying is take good care of your DVD and VHS copies. (via Look at this Frakking Geekster.)

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  10. New Probably Destroying Your Childhood Thing: The Teaser for Mr. Poppers Penguins

    Stupid Human Tricks

    I'm... I'm the only one here who had Mr. Popper's Penguins read to them as a child, aren't I? Dammit. (via Screen Rant.)

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  11. RIP Jack LaLanne

    Jack LaLanne, the larger-than-life fitness guru who opened the country's first modern health club, helped spark the juice craze, and boasted of his ability to do 1,033 push-ups at age 42, died of respiratory failure due to pneumonia on Sunday afternoon. He was 96 years old. In addition to transforming health and fitness in America, LaLanne cast a big shadow over pop culture. Uncle Jack, the pugnacious 90-year-old fitness magnate played by Martin Short on Arrested Development, was an homage to LaLanne; so was Jim Carrey's Juice Weasel-hawking salesman in one of my favorite In Living Color sketches. If you're interested in learning more about LaLanne, our friends at Neatorama have put together a list of 10 facts about Jack LaLanne you probably didn't know. (title pic via nathancreminsino)

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