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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Jess Fink


The Mary Sue Interview: Sexy Comics Artist Jess Fink!

Indie comic fans, get ready: Jess Fink is bringing sexy back…in time, that is. As a longtime fan, I was thrilled to get a chance to catch up with Jess to talk about her new book, time travel, Star Trek, female heroes, and the timeless inspiration of good smut.


Power Grid

Our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us, and with that comes the joy—or stress, depending on how you look at it—of giftgiving. If you’re not quite sure about that perfect gift for your parent/sibling/friend/significant other/etc., you might find yourself tempted to resort to the dreaded gift card. But, dear reader, we believe in you. We know that you have it in you to do better. But everyone needs a little help, and that’s where our Holiday Gift Guide comes into play.

Whether the giftee in question is a comics geek, a film geek, an animation geek, whatever—there’s something to be found for them on this list. You can thank us later.


and let it be known

Get Your Spend On With Our Favorite Geeky Cyber Monday Deals

It’s Cyber Monday, the day when we can all get deals on products, geeky and non-geeky alike, without having to venture out into the craziness of the holiday shopping season. (Or, God forbid, Black Friday. *shudder*) Because we love our readers and we want you to be happy, here are some of our favorite offerings from the various fan artists, publishers, and misc. geek-friendly retailers offering deals today and today only.


i'll just leave this here

Shakespearean Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Illustrated by Some of Our Favorite Ladies (And Others)

What, do you need some kind of explanation? Ryan North (who you might know from Dinosaur Comics) has just started up a Kickstarter for To Be or Not To Be, a choose-your-own-adventure version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet where you can play as Hamlet, Old Hamlet, or Ophelia. It’s already funded, with all profits from the sale of the published books going to charity.

But we thought you’d like to know about it anyway, so you can get in on those sweet rewards, because of the talent behind the book’s illustrations. You see, the more it gets funded, the more illustrations it will have, and the more art we’ll get to see by ladies like Carly Mondardo, Danielle Corsetto, Emily Partridge, Jess Fink, Kate Beaton, Meredith Gran, and Noelle Stevenson. Also come on, you can play as Ophelia.

(via everywhere.)



Contest: Pick a New Lady for Our Costumed Mascot Line Up!

We weren’t joking this morning: we’re polling our readership to decide who our sixteenth mascot will be, and that means you all get to have a say! Not only that, but we’re going to be giving out some random prizes to everybody who votes, from comics, to books, to a couple of Hasbro’s San Diego Comic Con exclusive toys from last year’s show. Read on to find out about the prizes and how to enter!


Things We Saw Today

Deals We Saw Today: A Whole Bunch of Ways to Save Some Cash

You didn’t go shopping today, right? Tell me you sat home like a clever little nerdling and waited for all the good deals to roll in over the internet, right?

Right. Here’s some of the most intriguing deals we saw today:

It starts with ThinkGeek, whose sale on items like these Giant (plush) Microbes ends at midnight tonight.


Inside of a dog it's too dark to read

The Library of Congress to Host Collection of SPX’s Best Indie Comics

Here’s one pretty big endorsement of the legitimacy of independent comics in American culture: the Library of Congress itself will be working with the Small Press Expo to help curate their collection of indie comics on an ongoing basis. SPX director Warren Bernard describes how the partnership came about:

[I]t evolved first out of my noticing that the Prints and Photographs collection of original cartoon art stops in the last century, and they had very little independent comic art in the collection as a whole. I had also became friendly with Georgia Higley, who is the comic book and serials curator in the Serial and Government Publications Division. I was talking to her about SPX a few years ago, and she was telling me about how little of the kind of comics exhibited at SPX was in the Library’s collection.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Harley Quinn’s New Costume on a Man

Says the artist behind this image, created to point out the considerable problems with Harley’s redesign, the wonderful Jess Fink: