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  1. Learn Java By Casting Spells, Saving Gnomes in a First-Person Video Game

    What skills does your favorite video game give you? When you're done burning through the 12+ hours of BioShock Infinite, what'll you have to show for it? Probably a few enhanced motor skills and the aesthetic appreciation that comes with being immersed in a compelling story. That's certainly not nothing. For developing employable, useful skills, though, one game's got all the rest beat. Computer scientists at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) have created a video game that teaches students how to program in Java by casting spells and saving the world. A world of creepy, creepy little gnomes.

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  2. Kaspersky’s Top 10 Computer Vulnerabilities Includes Not a Single One From Microsoft

    Microsoft typically gets a bad rap from the security community. To be fair, the company's history hasn't exactly been full of reasons for folks to think that they're terribly secure, but perhaps that's all about to change. Kaspersky Lab, one of the major worldwide IT security companies, just released their IT Threat Evolution report for the third quarter, and Microsoft's managed to not be included at all in the top 10 products with vulnerabilities. Seriously.

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  3. Incredible Photos from a Sulfur-Mining Expedition in Java

    There are a few places on Earth where elemental sulfur is so abundant that it's economical to mine it: One of them is the Ijen volcano complex in East Java, Indonesia. Russian photographer Dmitry Ivanov was allowed to tag along on a sulfur-mining expedition through Ijen's central crater, and the photos he gathered are nothing short of incredible.

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  4. LadyJava

    Alas, we won't be able to make it to Oslo this September for JavaZone 2010, but we're fans of their promos: After last month's faux indie movie trailer for Java 4-ever, about a young man who can no longer hide his suppressed love for Java from his orthodox .NET-loving family, they bring us "LadyJava." Now, Lady Gaga references are on thin ice thanks to sheer overuse, but this gets a pass for the sheer density of nerd puns and for the fact that it doesn't seem particularly to care about faithfulness to Lady Gaga.

    The opening line, "I wanna program like they do at Oracle," does take on an added layer of irony considering recent events.

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  5. Faux Java 4-ever Trailer Has Emotional Trailer Conventions Down Pat

    JavaZone is Scandinavia's biggest yearly conference for software developers. The 2010 Program, which will be held in Oslo, Norway from September 8 to 9 and estimates over 2,000 attendees, is the ninth consecutive meeting since non-profit organizer javaBin was established in 1996. Earlier today, to promote the conference, JavaZone released the full teaser for the mock film Java 4-ever, about a young man who can no longer hide his suppressed love for Java from his orthodox .NET-loving family. Cue dramatic trailer tropes (the good ol' father-dropping-to-knees-in-utter-shock-upon-discovering-son's-secret always gets me), heart-rending music that never fails, and intense Norwegian thespians, and I'm sold. Video after the jump.

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