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Jar Jar Binks

  1. Director J.J. Abrams Thought About Killing Off Jar Jar Binks Like Any Good Star Wars Fan in His Position

    Good, good. Give in to your anger.

    "Thought"... "Fantasized"... Same thing, right?

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  2. Benedict Cumberbatch Does His Best To Avoid Questions About Star Wars & Revisits The Penguin Problem

    Aren't pengwings a Final Fantasy monster?

    Benedict Cumberbatch visited The Graham Norton show and the host was able to pull some impressions out of him (Smaug and Jar Jar Binks) as well as prod the actor for clues about upcoming roles in Star Trek and Star Wars. And yes, they also revisit the Penguin Pronunciation Problem.

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  3. Dorkly’s Take On George “Child Ruiner” Lucas Is… Different

    "Meesa here to make you question everything you ever loved!"

    You consider yourself damn lucky I didn't use a pic of Jar Jar for this post, TMSers. As for Dorkly's comic... I can't tell you whether there's Jar Jar or not. I don't want to spoil it. The last panel packs quite a comical punch, and you should go in blank.

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  4. Benedict Cumberbatch Impersonates Jar Jar Binks, Millions Cry Out In Terror and are Suddenly Silenced

    Imagine if Smaug sounded like this.

    You know, I'd always pictured Benedict Cumberbatch playing Grand Admiral Thrawn from Heir to the Empire. Never once did I imagine him as Jar Jar Binks. I'm sort of wishing I could go back to that simpler time, now.

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  5. It’s Wednesday, so Here’s a Deleted Scene from The Phantom Menace of Jar Jar Binks Dying Horribly

    We hope we just made your Hump Day a little lees... erm, humpy.

    According to this recently surfaced deleted scene from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, something really bad was supposed to happen to Jar Jar Binks, and they kept it out of the final cut of the film. It's okay, though! Somebody on Reddit supposedly found the footage, so now we can all watch it as much as we want forever.

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  6. Yub Nub! LEGO Releasing Beautiful Ewok Village Set That We Desperately Need in Our Office

    LEGO has an Ewok Village set coming out, and our lives won't be complete until we have one.

    They've been accused of being the Jar-Jar Binks of their day, but I love the Ewoks. That's why I'm so excited to hear about LEGO's new offering -- The Ewok Village. It's a beautifully detailed 1,990 brick model complete with traps, hideouts, and even an elevating throne. The set even comes with 16 minifigs so you can relive all your favorite Endor scenes. I want this real bad. Real. Bad.

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  7. Disney Registers New Star Wars URLs, You’re Getting More Gungans

    Disney registered a number of new URLs associated with it's shiniest new toy, the Star Wars Franchise, and while most of them are merely yawn-inducing three of them are registered for something called "Gungan Frontiers" should chill you to your very soul. It appears that the race that spawned the most hated character in all of Star Wars -- nay, perhaps in all of fiction -- is getting a new lease on life. We don't know what that is yet, but I am totally prepared to hate everything about it.

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  8. Twilight’s Robert Pattinson Would Take Any Role Just To Be In Star Wars VII

    May The Force Be With You

    Robert Pattinson is doing a lot of press these days thanks to the final installment of the Twilight franchise, Breaking Dawn Part 2, being released this past week. Since he's not actually the biggest fan of anything having to do with Twilight, interviewers take part of their time to ask him other, more interesting questions. For instance, would he be interested in a role in Disney's Star Wars VII? Yes, yes he would. And he is willing to play anyway. Yes, anyone, even Jar-Jar. 

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  9. The People vs. George Lucas Debuts at SXSW

    This past Saturday, The People vs. George Lucas debuted at South by Southwest Film, ladling out a healthy dose of righteous Star Wars nerdrage upon one of the farthest-fallen figures in the geek pantheon.

    The documentary, directed by Alexandre O. Philippe, has as its focal point the franchise-slaughter Lucas committed when he rolled out The Phantom Menace in 1999, smothering the franchise goodwill of thousands of fans with visions of Jar-Jar Binks.

    We haven't seen the whole thing, but based on the trailer, The People vs. George Lucas looks like a pretty strange affair: cartoons, people in costumes, and serious-talk thrown in a blender. In their review of the movie, Heat Vision criticizes the film as "messy:" "There's no clear hook for the film, merely an idea that's instantly grokked by geeks and usually ignored by others." They also recommend the excellent, jaw-dropping 70-minute YouTube takedown of Phantom Menace.

    Judge for yourself with the HD trailers after the jump:

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