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  1. Japan’s Military Space Force Will Protect the World From (Space Debris) Devastation

    And unite all space programs between our nations.

    Japan is planning on launching Nova Corps a military space force in 2019 that will protect satellites and other objects in orbit from dangerous space debris. I guess George Clooney and Sandra Bullock are busy or something?

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  2. Japan Celebrates Opening Of Hollywood Godzilla With Gold And To-Scale Statues

    What did America have? A Fiat ad?

    In honor of Godzilla's 60th anniversary and the Japanese release of the Hollywood reboot, the people of Tokyo have erected several statues in honor of the lizard, including a 1/7 scale Gojira in a public park and a ten-inch tall, 33 pound, solid gold figure that could be yours for "just" $1.47 million.

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  3. Artist Arrested For Sharing 3D Data Of Her Genitalia In Bid To Build Vagina Boat

    Did the data have dentata? Did it kill someone? I don't get it!

    NSFW due to various mentions of the orifice from which all life springs forth.

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  4. This Japanese Doctor Who Parody Is the Weirdest Thing You’ll See All Day

    "Sonic Screw Sword! Go!"

    If you’re not quite sure what you just watched, trust me when I say you’re not alone. Watching it it has left me completely unsure of my place in the universe. Who am I? Why does this video exist? Why do the Daleks have legs? When will I be able to get that music out of my head? Where can I get a Sonic Screw Sword that doubles as a… kazoo/xylophone?

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  5. Slide Into a Giant Toilet in Tokyo’s New Toilet Science Exhibit

    You too, can become feces!

    If you find yourself not too busy between now and October 5, you might want to stop by the toilet exhibit at Tokyo's science museum. I say you might want to, because sliding into a giant toilet wearing a hat that looks like poop probably isn't for everyone, no matter how many books remind us that everyone poops. Definitely don't skip the singing toilet choir, though.

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  6. Otaku Dictionary: Japanese Honorifics

    Allow us to explain.

    When you first watch Japanese animation in its native language it's only natural that you'd come across words that you don't understand.

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  7. Japan Unveils Creepy Robots That Will Steal News Anchors’ Jobs

    This just in: humans are staging another adorable "rebellion."

    Breaking news: robots may soon report your breaking news. Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of Osaka University in Japan just unveiled a pair of robots, called Kodomoroid and Otonaroid, that appear extremely human and demonstrate better language skills than a lot of real humans I know—at least, it sounds that way. It's hard to be sure when they're speaking a language I don't understand.

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  8. Japan Is Opening a Capybara Waterpark, Get it Together, America

    I mean, where are my tax dollars even going?

    Ah, summer: a time for ice cream trucks, fresh cut grass, and now, lounging poolside with the world's largest rodent! If you're going to be in Japan this July and you have a soft spot for capybaras, Shizuoka Prefecture’s Izu Shaboten Park is opening a new attraction to let visitors get wet and wild with one of the weirdest animals.

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  9. People are Buying “Kitty-Cat Pots” to Cool Their Cats During the Summer

    Other ways to get a "cool cat:" take it to a jazz club, give it a cigar.

    RocketNews24 reports that Japan is currently enduring its hottest weather in 90 years, and as a result, the country is going crazy for a product that saves the butts of overheated felines. Sure, the Cooling Aluminium Kitty-Cat Pot might look like just a bowl, but it's basically a mini-fridge with a cat inside. Yes, please!

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  10. Woman Lets It Go, Asks for Divorce Because Husband Didn’t Like Frozen

    Chill, lady. This isn't Cool Runnings we're talking about here.

    For a movie about sub-zero temperatures, Frozen's fans certainly can get heated. Case in point? According to Japanese social media, a woman is divorcing her husband over irreconcilable differences of Frozen opinion. Get ready to lose all of your ice assets, bud.

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