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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Jamie Chung

Olden Lore

Once Upon a Time’s Jamie Chung On Mulan’s Sexuality, How They Just Need to Give Her a Plotline Already, Dammit

“It was like an on-going inside joke between [Aurora actress] Sarah Bolger and I. ‘I secretly, like, really care about you.’… The audience…there’s this conspiracy online, ‘Mulan loves Aurora!’ And I’m really glad the writers listened because I really think they planned that from the beginning. They’re all about twists and, like, why not, you know? It felt so natural to begin with.” — Look, I know the news about Once Upon a Time‘s Mulan being bi/gay/whatever/just in love with a woman isn’t exactly new; the episode where her feelings were confirmed came out months ago. But I’m still a little pleasantly shocked that Once, of all shows, went there (because Disney), so if Mulan actress Jamie Chung talks at a press junket for her new show Believe about how open Once‘s writers were to Mulan and Aurora’s obvious chemistry, well…  it’s too cool not to share, is what I’m saying. Chung also said that her new gig doesn’t necessarily mean Mulan is leaving the Onceverse for good: “I think it would be really disappointing to leave the audience with this giant question mark. I would go back in a heartbeat. I am committed to [Believe], but I don’t think that door is shut so I’m hoping there is something we can do to answer those questions… I would love more character development…something to sink my teeth into with that character.” Yes. Once, turn the camera away from the same old stories for once (Regina’s good! She’s evil! Good! Evil!) and focus on some of those excellent side characters you have for more than an episode at a time.

(via: AfterEllen)


Just What You've Always Wanted

Alfonso Cuarón Is Doing a Show About a Lady With Superpowers. Mulan from Once Upon a Time Will Be In It. Are You Excited Yet?

I’ve been looking forward to Believe since I first heard about the Alfonso Cuarón-written and directed show about a girl with superpowers because… it’s an Alfonso Cuarón-written and directed show about girl with superpowers. I’m not sure what else I need to say here.

Now I know a bit more about what I’m looking forward to, as three of the show’s female characters, including its lead, have been cast. Oh hi there, Jamie Chung!


Pretty Pretty Princess

Mulan & Sleeping Beauty Argue Over A Prince In This Once Upon A Time Clip

This scene, from the upcoming second season of ABC’s Once Upon a Time, isn’t quite what you’d think. It features Mulan (played by Jamie Chung) and Aurora (Sarah Bolger) not arguing over who gets the Prince but who gets to save the Prince. Sunday cannot come fast enough.

(via io9)


ABC’s Once Upon A Time Casts Mulan And Sleeping Beauty For Season 2

Well this is really awesome news. ABC’s hit fairytale drama Once Upon a Time has cast two new literary characters to their ranks – Mulan and Sleeping Beauty! Actresses Jamie Chung and Sarah Bolger get to bring the leading ladies to life. Hit the jump for more details!