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James Marsden

  1. Pretend Mars Mission Ended by Real Fire, We Have Suspicions of Who’s Responsible

    Dammit, Sailor Mars!

    We can't take you anywhere—especially not to Mars.

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  2. X-Men: Days Of Future Past And The Summers Brothers Conundrum

    Cautiously Optimistic

    When Lucas Till appeared in X-Men: First Class as Havok, fans everywhere felt a fluttering of hope that the two Summers brothers (Havok and Cyclops) might be reunited in some lovingly fan-servicey future where Cyclops doesn't die and there weren't forty years separating First Class from the first X-Men title. Well, mutants, you might have a chance. Bryan Singer, director of X-Men 1 and 2, has apparently said that he wants to "wants to fix a few things", according to Vulture's interview with Cyclops actor James Marsden. "Hopefully," Marsden continued, "[Cyclops' death] is one of them."

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  3. It’s Official: Hugh Jackman Will Be Back to Snark at Professor X and Magneto in Days of Future Past

    i'll just leave this here

    …if you consider director Bryan Singer's Twitter an "official" source. I used to, considering he's the director and he should know about these things, but after his Twitter announcement that Sirs Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart had signed on turned out to be a bit premature, I'm not sure whether I can trust him anymore.

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  4. Things We Saw Today: A Star Wars Love Locket

    Things We Saw Today

    Courtesy of Etsy seller Land of Rapture, a Han and Leia "I love you/I know" locket, Return of the Jedi configuration. (via

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  5. Review: Looking Forward to the Future with Robot & Frank


    With the summer blockbuster season—and the releases of The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus, etc.—now behind us, we geek cinephiles will have to wait another several months until the next crop of big-budget nerd-oriented films hits the big screen. But while The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Wreck-It Ralph, Man of Steel, etc. still seem ages away, there are plenty of smaller films out there worth checking out in the interim. One of those is first-time director Jake Schreier’s indie sci-fi/comedy/drama Robot & Frank. In the film, Frank Langella plays Frank, a retired jewel thief suffering from the early stages of dementia whose son (played by James Marsden) buys him a robot caretaker/butler (voiced by Peter Sarsgaard) to take care of him. Not content with the robot’s suggestions that he take up gardening as a hobby, Frank decides to teach the robot the tricks of his old trade and pull off a few more heists. But the acting and the story, though superb, aren’t the parts of this movie that got me the most excited. Robots, guys. Robots.

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