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James Gandolfini

  1. Last Meal for the Ages: Gandolfini Goes Out in Style

    If you didn't think he was a badass before, well...

    Legendary actor James Gandolfini, as has been widely spread, died of a heart attack while in Italy. He had been on a family vacation, and collapsed after the kind of dinner and drinks that's most often associated with competitive college students. Yeah, it's impressive.

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  2. So Many Feels: James Gandolfini Talks About Being Scared on Sesame Street [Video]

    Knowing that I'll never get to share my fear of giant talking vegetables with him now is a huge bummer.

    The Internet is still reeling from the news that beloved Sopranos actor James Gandolfini has gone to the big New Jersey diner in the sky, and this video that the Sesame Street YouTube channel put out today says all you need to know about how much we've lost. In fact, I think I need a hug from Zoe too, now.

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  3. Amazon and Journey Demonstrate the Dos and Don’ts of Mourning James Gandolfini’s Passing

    The Five Stages of Grief are slightly different for massive corporations. For example the first stage is apparently "Be Really Sleazy."

    As a big fan of Things That Are Empirically Excellent, is am, it will surprise no one, an avid admirer and huge fan of HBO's The Sopranos, and so, like many of you, I was publicly bummed out when James Gandolfini, the man who was the backbone of one of the most excellent and important television shows ever passed away suddenly yesterday at just 51. As Facebook feeds across the world lit up with expressions of shock and sorrow at the news, we were treated to handy lessons in how to mourn a public figure -- and how not to -- from two unexpected sources: the classic rockers of Journey and Internet-retailer Amazon. Here's a Protip: Do offer your sympathies to the figure's family. Don't try to hawk product. (Potential spoilers ahead if you haven't finished The Sopranos and are really sensitive about your definition of spoiler. Also, if you haven't finished The Sopranos, what the hell are you doing?)

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  4. Interview: Violet & Daisy’s Saoirse Ronan

    The Mary Sue Exclusive

    We spoke with Saoirse Ronan in advance of her latest film release, Violet & Daisy, co-starring Alexis Bledel and James Gandolfini. We already showed you what her thoughts were on being Joss Whedon's "prototype" for Scarlet Witch in The Avengers 2 but Violet & Daisy is based in a world without superheroes, though it's more than meets the eye. The Mary Sue held a special screening of the film for our readers recently, who got to see first hand just what the story about two hitwomen actually entailed. Read what Ronan had to tell us about her experience working on Violet & Daisy, her role, and her tendency toward strong women characters. 

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  5. HBO’s Doing an Historical Comedy About Paleontologists. Called Bone Wars. This Is a Good Day.

    Our Adorable Past

    A Steve Carell- and James Gandolfini-starring made-for-TV comedy isn't our normal sort of thing at The Mary Sue. But if it's about "feuding paleontologists"? Based on a real-life event called the "Great Dinosaur Rush"? And called Bone Wars? You bet your sweet bippy we're covering it.

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