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James Cameron

  1. Sigourney Weaver on the Legacy of Ellen Ripley, Women in Games, and Her Return in Alien: Isolation

    Be my mom. Please. (Sorry, mom.)

    A magical thing happened a few months ago. I spoke with Sigourney Weaver on the phone. I'm not fully recovered. Find out what the actress, soon to be heard reprising her Ellen Ripley role in the video game Alien: Isolation, had to say about women in film, women in games, her sci-fi legacy, and Ripley's daughter.

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  2. Things We Saw Today: All Hail Toyffrey Baratheon, First Of His Mold

    For fun, have all your Barbies line up to slap him one at a time.

    We can tell we're going to have a lot of fun with this Dark Horse Game of Thrones figure we found on io9's Toybox. Who's up for a Chibi Project-style series of... "experiments?"

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  3. Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington Are Locked In For the Avatar Sequels, If Anyone Still Cares

    Officially Official

    It's been over four years since Avatar came out, and for most of those years we've known that director James Cameron is ready to get his thinly veiled metaphor on in an ever-increasing number of sequels. First it was two, then maybe three. But fans chomping at the bit to see the return of Dances With Blue, Alien Wolves will have to wait awhile, 'cause stars Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington just now officially signed on to star.

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  4. Ripley’s Exoskeleton From Aliens Is Real And You Can Buy One

    Get away from her, you... Oh, no. Actually, this is pretty great.

    We've all seen the clip from James Cameron's 1986 film Aliens, where Sigourney Weaver (as eternal badass Ellen Ripley) puts the smack-down on an alien queen while wearing a strength-enhancing exoskeleton. Looks like the folks over at Panasonic have seen it too, because they've manufactured their own version - and are going to start mass-production.

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  5. “Terminator” Polymer Discovered, Capable of Healing Itself

    Skynet due to overtake humanity at any moment. No city is safe.

    Spanish scientists, who have apparently never seen a James Cameron film, have developed a new polymer that spontaneously heals itself. Dubbing the material the “Terminator” polymer, after the T-1000 (played by Robert Patrick in Terminator 2), the scientists maintain that the material’s true use is to improve the lifetime of everyday plastic products.

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  6. James Cameron Working With Steven Charles Gould to Pen Four Avatar Novels

    It's almost like he thinks the ground-breaking 3D effects weren't the main reason we were all so obsessed.

    The universe of one of the most visually stunning movies in the past few years will now be relegated to our mind's eye: James Cameron-- who hasn't yet finished the screenplay the three Avatar sequels-- is now working with science fiction writer Steven Charles Gould to write four stand-alone novels set in the Avatar universe.

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  7. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Creator Set To Help Write James Cameron’s Avatar Sequel

    And So It Begins

    James Cameron's Avatar sequels have been a topic of conversation since the unbelievably successful first installment was released in 2009, and yet we still haven't seen the recognizable blue Na'vi of the series in a single sequel, let alone two or three. Still, Avatar will be back, and now Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles creator Josh Friedman has been hired to help write the screenplay for Avatar 2, according to a source at The Wrap.

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  8. Things We Saw Today: E. coli Dalek is Here to Exterminate Your Stomach

    Things We Saw Today

    Quite the likeness indeed, as I'm sure you'll agree. (T0pless Robot)

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  9. James Cameron Donates Submarine to Science, Puts All Other Directors to Shame

    Tyrannical director, film producer, screenwriter, and self-proclaimed "king of the world" James Cameron, to be fair, has done a lot. Maybe he helmed his movies and projects with an ego and a serious dose of bluster, but the man is also a deep-sea explorer who leveled up the science of  aquatic cinematography and robotics. Now he's doing it again, but this time by letting go of the wheel. Cameron has donated his own personal submersible -- which, not coincidentally, looks like something out of The Abyss -- to science. Specifically, to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), with which he's had a longstanding relationship.

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  10. Serenity Now: Startup Will Send “FireFly” Spacecraft to Prospect Mineable Asteroids

    Asteroids have been catching our attention a lot lately. Apophis was found to be larger and more dangerous than initially believed just in time for it to pass by Earth at 9.3 million miles. NASA has a potential plan to give the Moon its own moon by capturing an asteroid. The European Space Agency is sending up a pair of craft to test asteroid deflection methods. Now the startup Deep Space Industries plans to send "FireFly" spacecraft to explore near-earth asteroids to see if they can mine them for resources.

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  11. Room for One More? Mythbusters Prove Leonardo DiCaprio Could Fit On the Raft In Titanic

    The ending of the movie Titanic has been a cinematic bone of contention for the ages. Relationships have been shattered and children disowned as a result of the senseless bickering between the two camps --  folks who take Cameron at his word that the wardrobe door could not have preserved the lives of both star-crossed lovers, and other people (yours truly included) who have always believed that there was pretty clearly room for two people, and the whole ending was a piece of idiocy that ruined an otherwise excellent film. Thanks to the Mythbusters crew, we can now shorten the title of the second camp -- you can just refer to us as "the people who were right." Want proof that both Jack and Rose could have lived to see another day, bet married, and probably grow sick of one another in due time? Let's go to the tape.

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  12. Science Beats James Cameron: Titanic’s Death Scene Officially Mythbusted

    and let it be known

    Annoyed movie-goers (and director James Cameron) have argued this one for years but we can finally put it to rest. The Mythbusters crew (Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman) tried to figure out if Titanic's Rose and Jack could both have survived. Cameron may think he had the last word but I think that's best left to this guy. (via MTV) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  13. James Cameron Needs Interns to Help Mine Asteroids

    Good News Everyone!

    James Cameron wants you. To be his intern! OK, not exactly. The director made headlines last April for launching, along with a collection of superrich backers including Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Planetary Resources, a start-up aimed at mining asteroids for water and precious metals. And now Planetary Resources is looking for interns.

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  14. There is An Alternate Universe Where James Cameron Made Jurassic Park As a Horror Movie

    hold on to your butts

    Terrifying as a pre-teen me found the opening "SHOOOOOT HAAAARRR" scene of Jurassic Park, the movie can't really be seen as a horror flick. The book, on the other hand, is full of babies being stolen from cradles to be devoured in the Caribbean jungle, grown men being torn apart by swarms of chicken-sized dinosaurs, and an ending that doesn't so much imply as outright state that the shockingly intelligent velociraptors have figured out how to get lysine in their diet without human aid, have gotten off the island by taking over a passing ship, and are now migrating across habited farmland in South America. So... lets just say that a movie adaptation could have gone a number of ways. James Cameron revealed one possibility last weekend: apparently, he missed the film rights to Jurassic Park by less than a day.

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  15. James Cameron Sinks Our Ship (Or, At Least, Our AU)

    I Guess I Can't Argue With That

    James Cameron doesn't care what you think. It's one of the many privileges of having made billions of dollars. But even mega movie tyrants can get sick of myths that float around the internet. Especially if they have to do with Titanic. In response to the long-standing theory explored by a Reddit user that Jack could have easily fit onto that door with Rose (don't pretend like you don't know what we're talking about), Cameron has gone on the record stating that it's not a question of space, but a question of buoyancy.

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  16. As The Avengers Hits the $1.5 Billion Milestone, Joss Whedon Says It’s Not Even a Great Movie


    Pardon me for the silly headline, but it's a pretty funny juxtaposition any way you slice it. Marvel Studios made a big push this weekend, increasing the number of theaters running The Avengers (now a nearly four month old movie) by close to two thousand. The result? The Avengers has now pushed past the $1.5 billion dollar mark in gross box office earnings. That still leaves it in third place on the list of highest grossing movies of all time, behind two James Cameron movies (you know the ones: Titanic and Avatar), but Joss Whedon isn't sweating it.

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  17. Aliens: The Puppet Musical – A Theatrical Sci-Fi Parody Of Epic Proportions!

    Today in Awesome

    Science-fiction is fun, but poking fun at science-fiction can also be fun. Just look at Spaceballs! Well one Salt Lake City performance group has taken it up a notch. Meat & Potato Theater have created Aliens (The Puppet Musical). It's completely out of this world. 

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  18. Avengers Makes $1 Billion, Two New Marvel Films In The Works


    The Avengers has officially gone from making millions to billions. And we can certainly understand why - it was awesome. To celebrate, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige reiterated the company's plans for sequels to their solo films but also talked about two more properties they've yet to announce.

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  19. Despite Statements to the Contrary, James Cameron still has time for Battle Angel Alita

    Cautiously Optimistic

    A few days ago James Cameron told the New York Times that he was, for the foreseeable future, going to be doing two things: making documentaries about the deep ocean, and making Avatar movies. He says he shut down the development arm of his production company and is no longer accepting scripts to produce. He'll make two to three more Avatar movies, and then he's out of the fiction film business for good. Among those who follow Cameron's work, however, this left one question: What about Battle Angel Alita, the manga and feature animated film adaptation thereof, that Cameron has been working on for several years and owns the American license to? According to Ain't It Cool News, Alita may still be on the table.

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  20. James Cameron Says He’ll Possibly Make a Fourth Avatar Movie, Then No More James Cameron Movies

    Oh Really?

    James Cameron has announced that he is officially tired of making all that money and winning all those awards. In an interview with The New York Times, the big-budget filmmaker said that he might make one more Avatar movie after the second and third movies he has planned -- and then that's basically it. Because he's really into deep-sea diving these days, and also, he has made more money than any one person should, so it's probably cool to retire now. Well, can we blame him?

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