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  1. New PS3 Firmware Update Prevents Jailbreak For Now

    Around a week after the PSGroove was made downloadable and free to the public, Sony has released a mandatory firmware update 3.42 for the PlayStation 3, effectively stopping the jailbreak for now.

    Not that this is a surprise, but foregoing the firmware update will prevent access to the PlayStation Network. So, at the moment, if someone wants their console cracked, they'll have to trade online functionality. Of course, as is the relationship between crackers and companies, Sony will probably be caught in an ongoing tug of war with people insistent on creating jailbreaks for the rest of the console's lifecycle.

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  2. PS3 Cracked on Two Phones — And a Calculator

    The downloadable, open source PS3 jailbreak, PSGroove has now been successfully applied by using two different mobile phones and TI-84 Plus calculator.

    As reported about a week ago, now that a downloadable, open source crack for the PS3 exists, keeping it from spreading should be virtually unstoppable. Coupled with its open source code, it was simply a matter of time before the crack became easier to implement and it's application became available for different devices, although the recent firmware update may spoil future fun.

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  3. PSGroove: Open Source PS3 Jailbreak, Available for Download

    A new, open source PS3 jailbreak, called PSGroove, is now available for download.

    After the PlayStation 3 was finally cracked, the Australian Federal Court quickly put a stop to the jailbreak's circulation by halting the distribution of the crack and turning the cracking group's inventory over to Sony, the long-overdue crack's future was looking grim (for people into that sort of thing).

    However, a new, open source jailbreak has just been released, dubbed PSGroove.

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  4. Australian Federal Court Halts PSJailbreak Distribution

    As mentioned two days ago, the PlayStation 3 was finally cracked by a group of hackers, who then (against everything that piracy stands for) decided to sell their jailbreak for a steep price of $130. Today, only two days later, the Australian Federal Court has put an end to the group's efforts. PS3Hax posted the court's decision, which essentially prevents the jailbreak device from being distributed in any manner whatsoever.

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  5. PlayStation 3 Finally Cracked

    In quite possibly the longest time it took hackers to crack anything, four years after its launch, the PlayStation 3 has finally been cracked. Best (if you're into that sort of thing) or worst (if you're Sony) of all, is that the crack is applied via a simple plug and play USB stick, complete with a GUI installer that doesn't void warranties, is compatible with any region and model of the PS3 and claims to never brick the console. Other features include backing up games to an internal or external hard drive, which allows them to load faster, and the ability to install homebrew applications.

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  6. Jailbreaking Phones is Now Legal

    This is huge: jailbreaking iPhones and other electronic devices to run software unauthorized by the companies that make them is no longer a criminal act. Every three years, the Library of Congress reviews the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, and their latest review, which among other things protects jailbreakers, appears to be a major victory for free speech proponents who find the copyright law too restrictive.

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  7. iPad Jailbreak: Fast, but Expected

    Two weeks ago, hacking superstar geohot posted a video of an untethered jailbreak for the iPod Touch and iPhone 3GS, and hinted that it would "probably work on the iPad too." Well, we've just gotten what appears to be our iPad jailbreak alright, as expected -- but it came not from geohot, but from a different camp.

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