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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Good News Everyone!

You Can Watch The Last 3 Episodes Of Downton Abbey Early Thanks To iTunes

If you were annoyed at having to wait three months for Downton Abbey Season 3 to hit PBS, you’re going to love this news. Apple is set to offer the final three episodes of the season before they air. Could this work for other shows?


And So It Begins

It’s Not Just You: Many People Are Cutting Their Cable Loose In Favor of Streaming (Legal and Otherwise)

If you have found yourself making the decision to dump your cable company and just see what’s available online, you are part of a growing TV audience that is moving further and further away from conventional cable. About 1.5 million households canceled their cable subscriptions in 2011, which is a small but significant drop in the cable-viewing audience. Instead, these defectors are moving on to online streaming on sites like Hulu (for now, at least), Netflix, iTunes, and other — ahem — less legal venues. Some say it’s a direct result of the recession, and cable companies might want to do a little soul-searching to retain — and regain — their audiences.


We Have Done the Impossible and That Makes Us Mighty

The Avengers Beat Batman on iTunes, But What Will Happen At the Box Office?

As of right now, Marvel is beating DC in the movie trailer round, with The Avengers trailer surpassing The Dark Knight Rises in views on iTunes. Marvel also has The Amazing Spider-Man coming up, so their collective hits far outweigh Batman. But what will this mean for the movies when they come out this spring and summer? Are we turning this into an imaginary battle between rival publishing houses and the success of their spinoff films? Answer: Probably. It’s not a competition, you guys … just kidding. It probably is.


the internet is serious business

Is Netflix Ending Torrenting?

There is talk that the convenience and reasonable pricing of Netflix‘s movie streaming services might be slowly ending torrenting and peer-to-peer file sharing. This comes after its number of subscribers have reached that of Comcast and after it started accounting for 40% of bandwidth use during evening hours. What it looks like is that users are turning to Netflix to watch movies cheaply and legally rather than wait hours for a free but illegal download. Someone tell Jack Sparrow that the rum might be running out.