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  1. Pork-Laced Bullets Advertised for Killing Muslims, Sending Them to Hell

    I mean, it seems like you could stop at just shooting someone and call that enough, right? Not when there's money to be made.

    Do you hate Muslims so much that just shooting them is not good enough? Well, good news, you horrible monster -- a small ammunition manufacturer has developed a bullet just for you, you venomously xenophobic nightmare of a human being. Idaho's own Jihawg Ammunition is manufacturing bullets tipped in pink paint that has been infused with pork. The idea is that the presence of pork --  which is haram, or forbidden, under the tenets of Islam -- in the killing round will send Muslim faithful killed with the ammunition "straight to hell."

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  2. Modern Warfare 2 Map Removed After Complaints by Perfectly Reasonable Muslim Gamers

    This past weekend, one of the popular multiplayer maps for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 disappeared from the regular rotation. Favela, as the map is called, was taken down by developer Infinity Ward, and by extension publisher Activision, because Muslim gamers had found and complained about a bit of offensive imagery present in the level. See, one of the decorative frames in a bathroom found in the level contains a quote from the Prophet Muhammad -- which is a big no-no in the Islamic faith.

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  3. Some Papers Didn’t Run This Sunday’s Non Sequitur… Because It Didn’t Have Muhammed In It

    This Sunday's Non Sequitur cartoon features a pretty simple joke: what if you replaced Waldo with some one else? Please note (by clicking the image above for the full version) that an image of the prophet of Islam does not appear. Anywhere in the panel. (Actually, I was kind of angry when I read it in the paper, because I felt it was nerd sniping me. Of course, now I have to check and see if you actually put him in there, and see just how far your punchline goes. Make me work, why don't you.) Anyway, despite actually not having an image of the prophet Muhammed, some papers apparently declined to run it yesterday.

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  4. “Girls Suck at Video Games”: The Video Game: The Video

    French animator Stéphanie Mercier has released a humorous animation titled "Girls Suck at Video Games." Don't be fooled by the title: It's a clever little ditty about how life can be tough for a woman who has to juggle a career and a baby-in-stomach -- presented in a SNES-like video game format. It brings me back to the days of Super Mario World and other side-scrollers I played as a kid, like The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse (just me?). What is it with the French, their preoccupation with sex/gender, and clever old-school-video-game-esque animations (warning: link NSFW)? Video after the jump.

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  5. Pakistani Lawyer Calls for the Execution of Mark Zuckerberg

    Social media and execution seem to be dancing hand-in-hand today, as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and cohorts find themselves the subjects of investigation regarding blasphemy against the Islam founder Muhammad.

    The Register reports that lawyer Muhammad Azhar Siddique filed an application last month to launch a First Information Report on the Facebook-hosted "Draw Muhammad" page. Most contemporary Sunni Muslims forbid visual depictions of the prophet. If Zuckerberg, his fellow co-founders Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, and "Andy," the German woman who initiated the contest, are charged as criminals under a section of the Pakistan Penal Code prohibiting "use of derogatory remark etc, in respect of the Holy Prophet," they would hypothetically face life imprisonment or, worse, the death penalty.

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  6. Does the U.S. Missile Defense Agency Logo Look the Logo for Iran’s Space Program?

    This has been a great week for conspiracy theorists as the U.S. Defense Department unveiled their new logo for their missiles system. Pictured on the left there, you can see how it bears a resemblance to President Barack Obama's campaign design. But also, the Islamic crescent symbol and the Iranian Space logo.

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