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  1. Ireland Becomes First Country On Earth to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage By Popular Vote

    Today's another one for the history books. In a popular vote of 62% in favor and 38% opposed, Ireland has become the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage as a nation.

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  2. So Irish Jack-O-Lanterns Used To Be Horrifying (And Still Kinda Are)


    Hey, you know how most carved pumpkins this time of year are kind of light-hearted and cute? Because the Jack-O-Lanterns of 19th century Ireland—carved out of turnips, because nobody who lived in Europe had heard of pumpkins yet—were horrifying monster vegetables.

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  3. This Game of Thrones Performance By “Brutal Ballet” Is The Most Metal Ballet Ever

    In the Game of Thrones ballet, you fouetté or you die.

    Ballet is far too graceful a medium for something as vicious as Game of Thrones, which makes Brutal Ballet's all-metal GOT dance the most genre-appropriate performance of all time.

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  4. A Ghost Ship Filled With Cannibal Rats Is Headed for Britain, Because Real Life Is Crazy Sometimes

    No, that's not the setup for a 28 Days Later sequel but a real thing that's happening.

    The Lyubov Orlova is a cruise ship that's been floating around the ocean without its crew, and it has built in defenses in the form of zombie rats. Well, they're actually cannibal rats, but I'm going to go ahead and consider any angry horde that eats its own zombies. Better safe than sorry.

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  5. Irish County Council Votes to Issue Drunk Driving Permits to Rural Citizens

    Ireland, it would seem, has officially decided to just start living up to all the ugliest stereotypes the rest of the world has about it. Exhibit A:  The local council for Kerry County in south-west Ireland has approved a measure that would allow police to issue permits to people living in rural areas that would allow them to drive drunk legally. The new rule was proposed by council member Danny Healy-Rae, who we hope to God was drunk when he came up with this idea, if only because the other option is him being stupid all the time.

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  6. Netflix Launches in U.K., Ireland, Now They Can Watch U.S. Versions of Their Shows

    As a Netflix customer, the best service they provide is the large amount of full television series I can watch anywhere I have an Internet connection. As someone living in the U.S., the best part of Netflix's wide array of available television is the deal it has with the BBC, which allows us to watch popular shows like Doctor Who if we don't happen to have the BBC America channel, or more obscure shows like Spaced that have been off the air for quite some time. Now, however, Netflix has launched in the U.K. and Ireland, giving customers across the pond a chance to check out our gritty American television, such as all of our remakes of BBC shows. Yeah!

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  7. NASA Satellite Takes “Extremely Rare” Cloud-Free Picture of Ireland

    Here's a belated St. Patrick's Day present courtesy of NASA: The space agency recently took this beautiful image of the Emerald Isle using the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on its Aqua satellite. NASA says the picture is "extremely rare" because there's not a single cloud above the island: Ireland is cloudy at least somewhere almost all of the time, and according to the Irish Meteorological Service, "the sky is entirely cloudy more than 50 percent of the time."

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