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  1. Apple Trial Reveals They Forced iPod Restore Messages to Delete iTunes Competitors’ Music

    Dammit, sad iPod. I trusted you and your "pity me" face.

    Apple might be all about DRM-free music and free hugs and high fives for everyone or whatever these days, but that wasn't always the case. In fact, an iPod DRM trial has revealed that they once went so far as to force customers to restore their devices to delete competitors' music.

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  2. Apple Is Going to Trial for $350 Million Over… iPods?

    My time machine worked! It's 2005!

    Sure, iPods still exist, but it's not every day that they specifically pop up in the news, because nobody needs them anymore. I think the Apple store just uses them as something to jam under table legs to make sure their display surfaces don't wobble. But now they're the focal point of a fairly expensive legal battle for Apple over whether or not their DRM practices gave the little MP3 players an edge in the market.

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  3. Apple Search Results Leak a Whole Slew of Announcements Before Event

    File this one under "massive public relations blunder" as it looks like a number of announcements set for today's Apple event have been leaked by Apple themselves. It should come as no surprise that the company has been preparing for the various products being unveiled today by crafting materials for whatever press releases they intend to push live. Unfortunately, these are apparently already within Apple's online database to where specific searches turn up links that spoil nearly everything.

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  4. Amazon Worker Steals 726 iPods, Must Really Like Music

    The thing to do, apparently, when you're bored at work is to just start stealing. That always leads to excitement. Between April and May, that's allegedly what Todd Anthony Cofield, Jr. did whilst working at an Amazon distribution center in South Carolina. Authorities are saying that Cofield nabbed 726 iPods and 49 HP laptops during his spree. Who knew that stealing so much valuable technology would have people look into it?

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  5. Minecraft iOS Releases Tomorrow

    With Notch busy over at Minecon and the entire Minecraft world eagerly awaiting the game's graceful departure from Beta, there was just one thing missing: Minecraft on your iPhone. Though it has long been known to be in the works, the game apparently launches tomorrow, November 17, or now if you're in New Zealand. See more pictures and read get more information on the game, after the break.

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  6. Happy 10th Birthday, iPod

    On October 23, 2001, Steve Jobs unveiled the first generation iPod. It was a modest announcement held in an Apple conference room for a small clutch of reporters; downright spartan compared to the spectacle that would come to define future product launches. The short presentation ended with the unveiling of a white, handheld digital music player with large capacity and an intuitive design. The rest, as they say is history. Here in 2011, it's hard to imagine a world without the ubiquitous music player or the tablet and smartphone that followed in its wake. Back in 2001, MP3s were just on the cusp of becoming something big. Looking at the lackluster competition the rise of digital music, Apple saw an opportunity to move behind home computing -- which at the time was the company's soul focus -- and move into consumer electronics. It was a gamble that paid off, and paved the way for the company's restoration as a major player in the tech industry. Read on after the break for a video of that fateful unveiling.

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  7. Adobe Flash Compatibility Finally Coming to iPhone, iPad

    For a long while, iOS devices and Adobe Flash were like oil and water. Now, those days are over. Adobe has just revealed Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 and Adobe Flash Access 3.0 which will allow you to access Flash content on your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad. While Apple has never been a fan of Flash, preferring to back competing HTML5 technology, Flash is now coming to their devices whether they want it to or not. Flash Media Server will allow publishers to stream Flash content to users without any sort adjustment to the devices or the Safari browser. Instead of using the actual device to render the stream, Flash Media Server will do it instead, preventing Flash content from totally devouring your battery life. Flash Media Server is now available for purchase for by publishers for a cool $4,500. Get to it guys, I've got several years of back-catalog Flash games I need to play on my iPod post-haste. (via BGR)

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  8. GameStop to Start Carrying iOS Devices, Begins Accepting iOS Device Trade-Ins

    9to5Mac reports that an announcement was made at a Las Vegas trade show that GameStop will begin carrying the full line of Apple's iOS devices in stores. GameStop has also begun accepting iOS device trade-ins for in-store credit, because of course they would. They're seemingly accepting trade-ins before they have actually obtained stock of new iOS devices to sell, which could suggest that -- aside from oh, GameStop -- GameStop may be waiting for the iPhone 5 before they begin stocking new iOS items.

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  9. 50 Free, Classic eBooks For The Reading Device of Your Choice

    If you are honest, gentle reader, you probably have a rough list of books that you've been meaning to read for a long time. The kind of classic you pick up in a bookshop, the kind that makes you mull over how it would change your life until you remember that the latest Twilight/Dan Brown crossover novel has come out and skitter off to buy that instead. But thanks to so many books passing into the public domain and the pioneering work of organizations like Project Gutenberg, more foundational works are available for free than ever before. And what's more, the widespread use of e-readers like the iPhone, iPad, and Kindle mean that you can now read and store these books with ease and comfort. Unfortunately, good, free books for e-readers are often tough to come by. The top free book list on Apple's iBooks can be hit-and-miss; finding free books using the Kindle's navigation is a laborious process, and again frequently includes more self-promoting teaser tomes from marketing gurus than it does books that you really want to read. Even if you have a specific classic in mind, the first search results are often 'critical editions' of the books which, while providing context and generally not costing as much as new releases, aren't free. You clicked this link because it had 'free' in the title, right?

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  10. Apple Eases Liquid Damage Restrictions

    For years, Apple enforced a very stringent policy that greatly limited the warranty of their devices if they were exposed to liquids. This was taken further with the inclusion of Liquid Submersion/Contact Indicators (LSI or LCI) -- small tabs that changed color in the presence of moisture. This has remained an Apple use gripe for some time. Especially when a nameless user might have accidentally spilled black current juice all over his PowerBook while under the influence of Tequila and Law and Order SVU, turning his computer into a messy, unrepairable junk pile. But according to Appleinsider, this policy may be changing.

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