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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Educated Guess

Have We Finally Found The Real Voice Of Apple’s Siri?

Just a little while ago we thought the voice of Apple’s Siri had finally been revealed, only to be told by the voice actor in question that was false. Now a new contender has entered the ring saying yes, she is Siri. Experts have weighed in to help confirm. 


The Human Machine

[Updated] How Siri Got Her Voice [VIDEO]

Here’s an interesting feature on “machine language,” put together by The Verge. They touch on a lot of interesting things (and there’s a small clip of Ricardo Montalban) but if you’d like to jump straight to Siri, aka Allison Dufty, go to 3:34 in the video.

Update: We heard from Dufty, who clarified that she is not the voice of Siri, rather an actress used by the video to illustrate how Siri’s voice was created. Apologies for the error.

(via The FW)

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Elsewhere on the internet

You Can Make Phone Calls With Facebook Now (If You Have an iPhone)

If you’re a Skype user and an iPhone owner you may already be aware of this particular wrinkle: that, using the Skype app for iPhone, you can use your phone’s internet connection to make a phone call to someone on Skype. If your phone has access to Wifi, you can do it by completely bypassing the cellular phone system, using neither your minutes or your dataplan.

This week, Facebook rolled out the same functionality to its Messenger app, so lets talk about what that actually means.


this exists

Is That A Life-Sized Lobster iPhone Case Or Are You Headed To Dinner?

Cell phone cases have become quite the personal statement, haven’t they? Whether you’re looking for form, fashion, or function, there’s something out there for everyone. Just the other day we showed you some DC and Marvel character cases but today we bring you something very…different. Designer Elliot Gorham of Noddy Boffin has created the perfect iPhone case for people who are really, really into lobster. Practical? Not in the least. You can barely use any of the functions of the phone while the case is on so this is purely a fashion statement, or maybe a culinary one. Let’s not stop here, let’s push the boundaries further. I’ll take a life-size kangaroo case, please.

(via Mashable)

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Winter Is Coming

Does Your Phone Deserve To Sit Upon The Iron Throne?

In the Game of Phones, your battery charges or dies. nuPROTO has created the iThrone, a dock perfect for HBO’s Game of Thrones fans. You can pre-order one for $69.99. It’s not made out of jagged metal so you don’t have to worry about scratching your phone. Your phone, however, should be prepared to be usurped by its next generation any day now…

(via Nerd Approved)

Previously in Game of Thrones


what is this I don't even

Abandoned by Facebook and Foursquare; Creepy, Stalker-Enabling App Girls Around Me is Pulled by Developer

Gotta love those stories that you come across late in the day, and then by the time you get a moment to report on them, they’ve already sort of solved themselves. For about two months now, an app called Girls Around Me has be available on Apple’s App Store, and, for what it’s worth, it’s not that it’s explicitly intended to make it easy to pretend that you know a girl, or find a girl who may be susceptible to drunkenly going home with you…

Well, actually I take it back, it’s explicitly intended to do both of those things. As Cult of Mac expertly summarizes it: “Girls Around Me lets you identify women, find out where they are, look at pictures of them and then research their personal lives, all in pursuit of a ‘one-night stand.’” Its creators wanted to make the lives of “ballers and pick-up artists” easier, which, while not my cup of tea, doesn’t remove the fact that they’re also giving would-be stalkers and date-rapists a incredible convenience.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: The Horror of Melting Snowman Cookies

For when you want to be a good party host, but still want to put off your guests enough that they’ll drink all your cheap alcohol to forget what they’ve seen. (via EPIC Ponyz)


Rights of Passage

Siri Is Going Through a (Beta) Phase: Apple Responds to Siri’s Alleged Anti-Choice Stance

So, is there a dark, anti-choice underbelly part of Apple that is causing Siri to give flaky answers (or no answers at all) when asked about abortion clinics? Apple has released an official statement addressing this strange and disturbing issue, saying that no — this was not an intentional part of Siri’s programming. Siri is technically still in the beta phase, which means that its technology is still being perfected. And that means that there are still some kinks to be worked out. As for why these particular kinks are part of such a hot-button issue, well, Apple CEO Tim Cook emphasizes that there is no agenda and he’s glad it was brought to his attention. And now, we assume they are working to resolve the issue of Siri not being able to answer any questions about female sexuality.


Imagine What You'll Know Tomorrow

Why Won’t Siri Talk About Abortion Clinics?

Huh. So this is interesting. While most of us are busy worrying about whether Apple’s new Siri program on the iPhone 4S will eventually turn into Skynet, folks have been testing its limits (or just saying ridiculous things to it while intoxicated). It seems that when you ask the intelligent software assistant where to get an abortion you’ll get responses that range from anti-abortion crisis centers to absolutely no results but not actual places to get abortions. The same goes for asking about places you can obtain emergency contraception. So now we pose this question to Siri, “Are we reading too much into this or is that a little odd?” 


Together At Last

Here Is a Furby, Talking to Siri, and They Don’t Understand Each Other [Video]

First, the Furby was confused about what an iPhone even was, since she was just getting used to dial-up internet connections. But now, this was a phone. A phone with the internet that did not hook up to a phone line! And these are not modem voices, but that of a humanoid lady? Egads! What sorcery is this? Who cares! It would make an adorable sitcom.

(via Laughing Squid)