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iPhone Apps

  1. Want To Avoid Jet Lag? Surprise, There’s A Mathematician-Designed App For That

    East-coasters going to SDCC this summer, we've got your back.

    One day, when I have a bunch of dollars and tons of free time, I'm going to jet around the world to all the different comic conventions that I always admire from afar. But since I'm going to be traveling so many places, I'll probably be dealing with some crazy jet lag. Luckily, the guys who made the Entrain app have my (metaphorical future) back.

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  2. There’s Definitely No Way for Snapchat’s New “Snapkidz” Feature to Go Totally Wrong

    You know it's going to appeal to today's youths because they put a Z at the end.

    As we all likely know, Snapchat is a phone app that allows you to send self-destructing picture messages to your friends. Naturally this means that it's literally full of naked pictures, so your bratty little smartphone-wielding 8-year-old with hasn't been able to join in the fun. Well, not anymore -- now there's a feature in iOS that allows children under the age of 13 to use a protected form of the app called "Snapkidz," so your kid can take stupid pictures to their heart's content! Not that they can then send them anywhere, though.

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  3. New iPhone App Will Test Your Pee, Justifies Using Your Phone In The Bathroom

    Everyone knows you're using your phone in the bathroom, because everyone does it. It wasn't going to be long before someone decided to make an app that really integrates your phone into the pee experience... peexperience? The new app Uchek tests the users pee and keeps track of the results, giving people an inexpensive way to analyze their pee over time. Since that's something we've all been desperately wanting.

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  4. iPhone App Instantly Identifies Super PACs Behind Political Ads

    It's that time of year again. The time when the airwaves are so saturated with political advertisements that you find yourself wishing democracy would go away and leave us clawing one another's eyes out for the world's last remaining loaf of bread in peace. This year promises to be even worse, with money flooding into political action committees and newly unleashed Super PACs swollen with cash money to buy up the commercial space that should be reminding us about fast food items we might like to purchase. With a new mobile app, Super PAC App, you can at least find out who is responsible for the onslaught of presidential campaign ads you're about to be subjected to -- especially if you're one of the poor lost souls in a swing state whose vote might actually count.

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  5. Gene Simmons Hints at Upcoming Angry Birds Game Featuring KISS

    Gene Simmons has a lot more going on upstairs than you might think. In a recent interview with Industry Gamers, the legendary long-tongued bassist for KISS showed his business accumen while discussing the various projects he's working on, including a digital translation service called Orstbo (did you know Simmons speaks five languages? Crazy!). Dear to his heart is an effort to take the KISS brand to places it has never been before, such as a Hello Kitty line and appearing in Archie Comics. However, Simmons dropped a real bunker buster by saying that he's working on an Angry Birds deal. Yes, that Angry Birds.

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  6. iPhone App Trimit Can Remove Vowels, All Shreds of Dignity From Text

    In this world of 140 character Tweets and 160 character text messages (for those of use who are still trapped in the past) we all find it necessary to condense our thoughts from time to time. For the long-winded, like me, this is an important daily exercise that constantly reminds me I could be texting/speaking/communicating more efficiently, and encourages me to cut out unnecessary words and, I'll admit it, sometimes punctuation. If you can't be bothered to look over your text messages or, God forbid, edit your tweets for brevity, have no fear, the Trimit iPhone App is here and it will automatically maim your text to fit character limits by rmvng vwls & adding abbr.s 4 u. Trimit has a wealth of functionality to help you not only butcher your own text, but also that of others. The Trimit interface consists of a text box where you can type in your own text or import text from a url. After that, you can open up the settings and make a few choice decisions like whether or not you want Trimit to use abbreviations and eliminate vowels, and also how far you want the text condensed; there are specific buttons that correspond to the character limits of things like tweets or Facebook statuses. After you've taken care of that, just shake the phone and the words will be ground down into the equivalent of juice concentrate.

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  7. Catholic Church Approves iPhone Confession App

    Do you have a hectic, busy lifestyle? Commit sins that you really need to confess, but said hectic lifestyle prevents you from visiting a confessional? Ever wish you could just confess your sins on the go and get on with your day?  Well, there's an app for that! Officially approved by the Catholic Church, Confession: A Roman Catholic App sells for $1.99, a small price to pay for a clean, mobile soul. Described on iTunes as "the perfect aid for every penitent," the app provides a "personalized examination of conscience" per each password protected user profile, as well as a step-by-step guide to the sacrament. Just think, now you can immediately confess after you stumble across some unseemly thing on the Internet, rather than travel across town to the nearest church like you've always done.

    (BBC News via Geekologie and Engadget)

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  8. Wi-Fi Thermostat Gives Us Another Reason to Remain Motionless

    Sitting around while moving nothing but your fingers all day can leave you with the shivers. Well, now you can continue your marathon of inactivity by controlling your thermostat from your phone! Oh, America. I shouldn't be quite so flippant about what actually sounds like a pretty useful application. Available for computers as well as iPhones (no word on an Android app), the Filtrete program is designed to set "temperature changes, four times a day, every day of the week. That’s 56 individual data points to configure on a small display with a minimum of input options." Which might be a bit much to deal with on a phone's touch screen. But think of it as a remote start for your car - if you're coming back from the airport in the dead of winter (say from a warm, sunny environment) the least you deserve is coming home to a warm house. So this would allow you to turn up the heat in the cab on the way home or even before that.

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  9. Want to Point an iPhone at a Plane and Know its Destination? There’s an App for That!

    Plane Finder AR is an app for the iPhone that uses a bit of augmented reality to overlay flight information, flight origin and destination, near any plane that the iPhone points toward.

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  10. Lightsaber Dueling Coming to iPhone Next Month

    Because iPhones weren't geeky enough already: "Star Wars: Lightsaber Duel" is coming to the iPhone next month, courtesy of THQ Wireless. According to Mashable, "Lightsaber Duel" builds on an older iPhone app, "Lightsaber Unleashed," which used the accelerometer in the iPhone to create whooshing, officially sanctioned lightsaber sounds.

    The key difference here is actual dueling: if an iPhone-owning friend of yours also has the app, you'll be able to use Bluetooth to duel with one another.

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  11. Apple’s Ban on Sexy iPhone Apps Gives Free Pass to SI Swimsuits and Playboy

    After loads of speculation about Apple's sudden, sweeping ban of more than 5,000 sexually suggestive iPhone apps -- ranging from pornography to pictures of women in bikinis -- the company's head of worldwide product marketing, Philip W. Schiller, has explained where Apple is coming from. In an interview with the New York Times, Schiller says that complaints from "women who found the content getting too degrading and objectionable, as well as parents who were upset with what their kids were able to see" led Apple to institute its ban on sexually provocative iPhone apps. Why, then, did Apple give racy Playboy and Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue apps free passes, even as they shut down an app from a swimwear vendor that featured women wearing the bikinis they were trying to sell?

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