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  1. ThirdLove: The iPhone App to Determine Your Correct Bra Size

    "Nothing's sexier than the right fit. Except perhaps no clothes at all." Have you never seen Tina Fey eat a pizza?

    Okay, you know that scene in Lizzie McGuire when she's all, "I want a bra, okay?! A bra!" (whatever happened to Hillary Duff, anyway?)? Well, it's not quite as simple as saying the words and everything magically working out-- some reports say 70-85% of women wear the wrong size. So, of course, there's an app to fix that.

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  2. They Might Be Giants Have A New EP Out, Listen to Two Free Tracks Here

    The godfathers of nerd-rock They Might Be Giants have a new album, Nanobots, coming out in March, but you don't have to wait -- you can check out three tracks from the new album on the Nanobots EP released today on iTunes and Amazon. If you're not sure you want to buy it yet -- you totally do, by the way, but that's just one man's well-thought out and very valid opinion -- you can listen to one of the tracks from the new EP right here. Just keep reading to check out the free track, 'Lost My Mind' and also get the latest news on the band's new free app, because the days when you could be a band and not need a dedicated piece of software to prove it are dead and gone. Good riddance, we say.

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  3. Vumber Generates Temporary Phone Numbers So You Can Deactivate the Number You Just Gave That Guy Who Hit On You

    Ever give out your phone number as the result of unrelenting pressure and wish you could've been stronger-willed each and every time that obnoxious taste test research firm calls you? Well, there's an app for that! iPhone App Vumber provides a handy little service that generates a temporary, working phone number which can be used then deleted at will. A service as helpful as getting that guy who hit on you at that bar off your back isn't free, of course, and Vumber costs $9.95 per month for your first temporary number, and additional numbers cost $3.95 per month on a sliding scale. Aside from giving out fake numbers, Vumber has a few practical uses, such as in the world of online dating. If you're a little hesitant to divulge your phone number to the Internet, you can take solace in using a temporary number that you can easily delete if a creepo somehow gets ahold of it. The same can be said for wanting a separate work number. The actual service works with most modern phones, though the service has recently been unleashing smartphone apps into the wild, bringing the godsend of a service to the forefront of "polite" ways to reject guys in bars. (via TechCrunch)

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  4. Turn Your Life Into An RPG: The Epic Win iPhone App

    After two Massachusetts teenagers hurled Molotov cocktails at a neighborhood building à la Grand Theft Auto last month, the media was once again aflame with the time-worn truism that gamers are wretchedly divorced from reality. Hardly; they were merely delinquents who couldn't even properly assemble a Molotov, using a flame retardant cloth. Any serious gaming savant would refer to their floppy disk of The Anarchist Cookbook lodged away in their basement. But then again, they'd be too busy schlepping through Dwarf Fortress or hiding under boxes to give a rat's ass. We're too busy worrying about in-game "Epic Wins" to care about in-life "Epic Wins." Gaming scholar Jane McGonigal is especially interested in replicating the very concrete and fulfilling expression of success in virtual reality (i.e. leveling, skill progression) in the real world. This upcoming iPhone app, aptly named Epic Win, from the makers of Little Big Planet, looks like an interesting experiment which could take a step in that direction.

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