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iPhone 4G

  1. Comedy Central Removes iPhone 4g Joke From Online Futurama Episode

    Sharp eyed (eared?) Roberto Baldwin of caught a bizarre discrepancy between the on-air showing of this week's episode of Futurama, and the one that was posted online afterward: the audio of the final joke of the show was completely removed. The last joke was the only one in the show that was specifically about... uh. Well, I guess it's kind of a punchline, so we'll talk about it after the jump.

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  2. How to Follow Apple’s WWDC 2010 Announcement Live

    Steve Jobs' keynote for WWDC 2010 is expected to kick off at 1pm EDT (10am PDT), and it's a biggie: It's widely expected that he'll be unveiling a next-generation iPhone, which may be called (take your pick) the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4G, or the iPhone HD.

    Alas, we're not at WWDC, but there are some great bloggers who are: After the jump, their liveblogs, and some purported live video feeds from the event.

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  3. Gizmodo Editor’s Letter to Apple: Kinda Manipulative

    The ongoing mess regarding Apple's lost iPhone and Gizmodo's subsequent complete reveal of it goes on: yesterday, a California judge ordered the affidavit that lead to a warrant to search Jason Chen's home unsealed. This allowed public access to the evidence that Apple used to convince a court that the blogger who posted about their prototype should be looked into.

    Among that evidence is an email sent by Gizmodo editor Brian Lam in response to a personal call made by Steve Jobs, asking Gizmodo to give the device back. The email is, well. From Network World:

    [Lam] flat out stated that Gizmodo wouldn't return the phone unless Apple sent them something official that they could plaster up on their website. The entire email is pasted below, and while you can draw your own conclusions from Lam's points, it sounds a lot like extortion to me.

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  4. Gizmodo Gets an Unlikely Ally in iPhone-gate: Jon Stewart [Video]

    The spat between Gizmodo and Apple over Gizmodo's mysterious acquisition of an iPhone 4G months before its release -- which most lately culminated in a crack force of Apple-advised police raiding Giz editor Jason Chen's home and Gizmodo considering suing the police right back -- has proven to be an endlessly engrossing spectacle for the techies out there, with many, like Daring Fireball's John Gruber, saying Gizmodo and its publisher Gawker Media broke the law and basically deserve whatever they have coming at them.

    Well, last night, Gizmodo got a high-profile supporter for the crowd who have no idea who John Gruber is: Jon Stewart. But he didn't exactly fight the good fight:

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  5. Dilbert Takes on Missing iPhone Saga in Web-Exclusive Comic

    Haters sometimes accuse Scott Adams' Dilbert of continuing to linger in the '90s bubble that made it famous, but it was as topical -- and bitingly funny -- as ever in a web-exclusive comic Adams posted yesterday to his personal blog. Weighing in on the lost iPhone/Gizmodo saga -- the most recent development of which was a REACT raid on leaked iPhone disassembler and Giz editor Jason Chen's house -- Adams sends beloved Dilbert schlemiel Wally to the beer garden, where he's subject to the thieving of belonging-sellers and the tech bloggers who love them. Adams: "Take a moment to marvel at the fact that I didn't need to add anything to the story as it has been told in the media."

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  6. Gizmodo Editor Jason Chen’s House Raided by Police in iPhone Leak Aftermath

    Well, this gives the lie to the theory that Gizmodo's bombshell article about the leaked iPhone 4G a. was an Apple plant and b. would have no legal repercussions. Jason Chen, the Gizmodo editor who authored the piece and took apart the iPhone, which the site claims to have paid $5000 for after an Apple engineer supposedly lost it at a bar, had his house raided by California's Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team, who he says seized four of his computers and two servers, made him stand outside of his own house with his hands on his head, and tried to dredge up the source of the leaked iPhone.

    The question is: Will Chen get the legal protection afforded to journalists, whose property cannot be confiscated by search warrant, or are bloggers unprotected?

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  7. iPhone 4G: Found, Photoed, Taken Apart? What Gizmodo’s iPhone Scoop Means (Update3)

    If this is real -- as it very much looks to be -- Gizmodo has gotten themselves a monster of a scoop: After taking some flak this past weekend for not covering Engadget's pics of a rumored iPhone 4G, at 10:00 this morning, Giz surfaced with an insanely detailed post featuring 25 pictures, 3 videos, and scads of analysis of what they say, with an air of definitiveness, is Apple's next iPhone.

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  8. Rumor: Pictures of the iPhone 4G? (Update2: Maybe Real After All)

    Engadget has some "photos which made their way into [their] hands" that look a whole lot like an iPhone that no one's ever seen before. It could, quite possibly, be a prototype or production model for the patiently anticipated iPhone 4G or iPhone HD. They say the phone was found on the floor of a San Jose bar inside an iPhone 3G case. So, uh, that's not sketchy at all. If it turns out to be an unannounced next generation iPhone, I hope the story of how it got there is suitably epic. Anyway, specs on this mysterious device after the jump.

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  9. iPhone 4G Announcement Date: June 22? [Rumor]

    Leave it to Apple -- or at least Apple fans -- to keep the conversation focused on everyone's favorite Cupertino monolith: now that the hype has crested for the iPad, iPhone OS 4, and the new MacBook Pros, all eyes turn to the iPhone 4G, the prospectively-named next generation of iPhone. The latest rumor says that it'll be unveiled on June 22nd. Why?

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