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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: An Indiana Jones & Star Wars Combination Logo

Previously, we posted Homer Liwag’s Indiana Jones engagement ring and Star Wars wedding band. Turns out, his fiancé Aimée Reich decided to make a combination logo for both their geeky loves. (via reddit


The Future Is Now!

First Bookless Public Library Features E-readers You Can Borrow

Not quite sure e-readers are for you? They are a significant expense after all, and not everyone is ready to leave those delicious smelling pages behind. But you’re in luck if you live near Bexar County in Texas. They’re about to open the nation’s first bookless public library system.


Together At Last

The Mashup You Never Knew You Wanted: Toy Story and The Shining

I’ll bet you had no idea that a new iPad came out today. That was sarcasm. It’s probably really fancy, or has an added feature that doesn’t make sense. But some people can think of wonderful things to do with their iPad, and Kyle Lambert is one of those people. He’s created a series of “paintings,” made on his iPad, that are a mashup of Toy Story and — you probably didn’t guess it — The Shining. After the jump, see more of his paintings and read about the actual Shining reference made in Toy Story.


Elsewhere on the internet

LeVar Burton Secures Reading Rainbow Twitter Account To Promote New App

Star Trek: The Next Generation actor and host of the PBS children’s television show Reading Rainbow, LeVar Burton, has carved out a nice niche for himself on Twitter the last few years but he used the clout of his verified status, and 1.7 million followers, recently to commandeer another Twitter account for a very specific cause. @ReadingRainbow, previously held by another user, is now Burton’s to promote a Reading Rainbow app for the iPad.


In Which We Make A Terrible Pun

Cat Bets A Can Of Tuna It Can Get A Higher Score Than You At Fruit Ninja

How could we have forgotten Monday Cute?! Though, seeing as how a lot of you had off yesterday, I suppose this still counts. You remember the hungry bullfrog who played Ant Crusher? Well now we’ve got a sweet cat from Russia playing Fruit Ninja on an iPad. (So worried about that screen.) Those are some serious cat-like reflexes.

(via Geeks Are Sexy)


Highly Successful Marketing Strategies

DC Digital Comics Will Not Be Exclusive To One E-Reader

DC Comics made a few people angry recently when they decided to make an exclusive deal with Amazon for over 100 of their digital comics to be available on the new Kindle Fire. Barnes & Noble notably took offense to such a decision and pulled DC graphic novels from their physical store shelves. Books-a-Million followed soon after. Well now it seems as if the publisher is backtracking a bit to quell this particular fire. They’ve told the New York Times the exclusivity is not quite as exclusive as they first claimed. 


Good News Everyone!

Hipsters Rejoice: You Don’t Have to Give Up Moleskines For Your iPad

Everyone’s favorite notebooks — that is, the ones with paper for which you need a writing implement such as a pen — have been translated into an app for the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. The Moleskine app, which debuted April 15, allows people to take notes as if they were writing in an actual notebook. Because you can always write in a notebook, but the coolest people will spend $500 to do that on an iPad. Sssshhhhh, don’t tell them.


Just Go With It

Things We Saw Today

Dear Mom,

This is why I won’t friend you on Facebook.

The Mary Sue

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