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iPad 3

  1. Hot New iPad Literally Runs 13 Degrees Warmer Than iPad 2

    Since the launch of the iPad 3 new iPad last Friday, some owners have begun voicing concerns over how warm Apple's new tablet device seems to run -- some saying that their device spits out a warning message and shuts down due to heat. Apple has remained mum, saying that some components in the ultra thin device do get warm during extended use, but have generally downplayed the issue. However, a new report confirms consumer's feelings: When running full tilt and plugged into a wall socket, the new iPad can reach 116ºF -- 13º warmer than its predecessor.

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  2. Apple Sells Three Million New iPads in One Weekend

    At this point, it's fairly obvious that new Apple hardware is highly desirable. The third iteration and latest of the company's popular iPad tablet device was already popular before it even officially went on sale this past Friday with pre-order stocks of the device selling out well in advance of the release date. Despite that, Apple is now saying that it has sold an astounding three million new iPads in the tablets first weekend on sale.

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  3. This is What Apple’s Gorgeous Screens Look Like, Under a Microscope

    The launch of the new iPad brought a number of very obvious improvements to Apple's line of tablets, not the least of which was the beautiful retina display. First appearing on the iPhone 4, the retina display really makes touchscreen products pop with vibrant color. For the new iPad, Apple packed 264 pixesls-per-inch and an amazing  326 ppi into the iPhone 4S. However, Lukas Mathis was curious what all those specs really meant, so he threw a slew of touchscreen products under a digital microscope. At 80x magnification, the differences are pretty clear.

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  4. Apple Sells Out New iPad Pre-Orders, Shipping Date Slips

    Yes, yes, we all know that the new iPad unveiling was as really big deal. However, it appears that it was a bigger deal than even Apple anticipated as the consumer electronics maker has completely sold out of its pre-order stock. What's more, the delivery date has slipped on pre-orders from March 16 to March 19. This news has no doubt ruined someone's day.

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  5. Report: New iPad Jumps to 1 GB of RAM

    For whatever reason, Apple likes to play coy on the amount of RAM inside their iPads. The news always comes out, though, and a report over on The Verge says that their all-knowing, mysterious sources have let slip that the new third-generation iPad has doubled the amount of RAM in the iPad 2 and is sitting pretty at 1 GB.

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  6. Apple Unveils the New Third-Generation iPad

    Earlier today, Apple unveiled the third generation iPad -- simply named iPad -- and it rang reminiscent of the iPhone 4S announcement. Sure, the hardware is an upgrade, and it'll come packed with new-tech smell, but it won't blow your mind, and if you bought an iPad 2 anytime in the last year, you won't exactly be thrilled that it is now an older model, even though it's not all that much worse than the newer one. All of the details, and the astonishing reveal that the new iPad doesn't actually come with new-tech smell, after the break.

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  7. Watch the Apple iPad 3 Announcement Live

    At 1 PM EST, Apple will be holding an event to announce the next iPad. Whether that iPad is named the iPad 3, or iPad HD as recent rumors have been suggesting, we'll know shortly after Apple takes the stage 1 PM. The event will be held at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts in San Francisco, one of Apple's favorite locations to hold these announcement events. Today, we'll likely see the confirmation or swift squashing of the more popular iPad 3 rumors, such as it being thicker, coming with a much faster A5X chip, larger battery, a 9.7-inch Retina display, and sporting 4G LTE compatibility, along with the possibility of a new Smart Cover.

    Though Apple is said to be making a downloadable version of the announcement available a few hours after said announcement, you can watch live coverage of the announcement right here, after the break.

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  8. Start Your Morning With Some iPad 3 Rumors, Will be Called iPad HD

    According to a source CNET stands by that has been correct about Apple things in the past, the next iPad will drop the numerical naming convention and become the iPad HD, rather than the iPad 3, in order to better promote the new, pretty screen. Along with the HD moniker, reports also state the iPad HD will have 4G LTE networking.

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  9. Report: Apple to Announce iPad 3 in March

    If you're wondering when you might be able to get your eyes on some actual iPad 3 news, AllThingsD is reporting that the ever-present and all-knowing "sources" say Apple will announce the unit the first week in March. It is assumed the event will be held in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, one of Apple's preferred locations. The all-knowing sources haven't provided a release date as of yet, but if the iPad 3 follows the schedule of the iPad 2, it could release shortly after the introductory announcement by only a week or so. The device is said to be somewhat similar to the upgrade found between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S: A similar form factor, but faster and more powerful bits stuffed inside. We won't have to wait too much longer for some hard news of the new iPad, so sit tight, and try to figure out what you're going to do with that iPad 2 you only bought a year ago.

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  10. The iPad 2 Details You Need to Know

    This afternoon, Steve Jobs popped in from his medical leave to officially announce the iPad 2. (The first revelation about the new device: "iPad 2" isn't a placeholder name, but is actually what it will be called.) Given all the leaks, speculation, and coy hints from Apple itself, we would have been shocked if we didn't get an iPad 2 today: However, some of the details came as a surprise. The biggest question going into today was just how big a refresh to the iPad we'd be getting: Since John Gruber hypothesized that Apple would surprise everyone with an iPad 3 in September or so, many have speculated that the iPad 2's relation to the iPad would be akin to the iPhone 3GS' relationship to the iPhone 3. But while a few hoped-for features are missing from the iPad 2 -- most notably Retina Display -- this is a substantial overhaul. Jobs, for his part, said that "we think 2011 is clearly the year of iPad 2." The key details below:

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  11. SuperRumor: iPad 3 in 2011?

    As of yet, there is no hard evidence to support this theory whatsoever, but it's just sneaky and daring enough that we wouldn't rule it out of Apple's playbook: Blogger John Gruber speculates that in the fall of 2011, Apple could release an "iPad 3" or at least an "iPad 2.5" hot on the heels of its as-yet-not-even-announced iPad 2 this spring. Gruber, known for his connections within Apple and his habit of sometimes serving as a cipher for the company, stresses that this is purely his guess. One mystery this would appealingly resolve is the conflict between reports that the iPad 2 would have a so-called "retina display" and analyses debunking this:

    How could Apple release a third-generation iPad just six months or so after the second one? Maybe it won’t be an actual next generation model. Maybe it’s more like an iPad 2.5, or iPad 2 Pro — a new higher-end model that sits atop the iPad product family, not a replacement for the iPad 2 models (which, of course, haven’t even been released yet). Or: an iPad 2 HD. What if that’s the source of the conflicting reports of a retina display next-gen iPad? I am nearly dead certain the iPad 2 is going to have the same display resolution and size as the current iPad. I am not so sure at all, though, that there won’t be a double-resolution 2048 × 1536 iPad in 2011. Is that a technically aggressive release schedule? Absolutely. But Apple has invested $4 billion on some sort of unspecified components for future products.
    Either way, it's a step up from the mucus-secreting new MacBook Pro. (Daring Fireball via TechCrunch)

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