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iPad 2

  1. Samsung Rethinks Galaxy Tab 10.1 Pricing in Wake of iPad 2 Launch

    Whether you worship Apple or think its products are woefully overrated, you've got to acknowledge the benefit it brings to consumers simply by forcing its rivals to compete. Following the launch of the iPad 2, Samsung has been brave enough to admit publicly that the iPad 2 is making it rethink its strategy with the Galaxy Tab 10.1: Not only is Samsung impressed with and challenged by the upticked thinness of Apple's latest, but it is considering making its own 10-inch tablet cheaper. Samsung exec Lee Don-Joo told Korea's Yonhap news agency that it had been planning to make the Galaxy Tab 10.1 even more expensive than the already-pricey 7-inch Galaxy Tab, but that it would "have to think that over" following Wednesday's announcement from Apple. Don-Joo also said that "We will have to improve the parts that are inadequate"; it's not clear if something was lost in translation here, but he is likely referring to improving future Galaxy Tab models rather than scrapping the current line. (Engadget via Phandroid)

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  2. iPad 2 Compared to 2011′s Other Major Tablet Releases

    If you aren't sure whether or not you want to run out and sell your iPad to collect some money for the slightly thinner iPad 2, the above handy tablet comparison chart over at TiPb will hopefully make the decision process a little easier. Of course, once you weigh your options, you still have to come to terms with iPad 2, man. iPad 2. Head on past the break to see a larger version of the chart.

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  3. Thousands Already Selling Off Their Original iPads for iPad 2

    Online gadget-buyer Gazelle is reporting that over two thousand original iPads were sold in the hour after the lighter, thinner, faster iPad 2 was announced yesterday. Wired points out that before the iPad 2 announcement, the bare bones, 16GB iPad would net sellers $375. Now, just a day after the announcement, Gazelle's iPad stock has dramatically risen, dropping that cool $375 to a less cool $300.

    Now, everyone knows there is a large group of people who abandon their old tech for the new, pretty stuff when it releases, but if one does a bit of estimation and generalization, the two thousand iPads abandoned within one hour of the iPad 2 announcement--which only happened at one particular outlet--seems like a pretty large number reached fairly quickly. One has to assume other people are selling their old, last generation, clearly outdated and don't-even-work-anymore iPads to outlets beside Gazelle, which would mean many, many iPads are being left out in the metaphorical dirt road like a red fox named Tod.

    (via Wired)

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  4. The iPad 2 Details You Need to Know

    This afternoon, Steve Jobs popped in from his medical leave to officially announce the iPad 2. (The first revelation about the new device: "iPad 2" isn't a placeholder name, but is actually what it will be called.) Given all the leaks, speculation, and coy hints from Apple itself, we would have been shocked if we didn't get an iPad 2 today: However, some of the details came as a surprise. The biggest question going into today was just how big a refresh to the iPad we'd be getting: Since John Gruber hypothesized that Apple would surprise everyone with an iPad 3 in September or so, many have speculated that the iPad 2's relation to the iPad would be akin to the iPhone 3GS' relationship to the iPhone 3. But while a few hoped-for features are missing from the iPad 2 -- most notably Retina Display -- this is a substantial overhaul. Jobs, for his part, said that "we think 2011 is clearly the year of iPad 2." The key details below:

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  5. Live Video of Apple’s iPad 2 Announcement

    It's March 2, just like the announcement says, and you know what that means: At 1pm EST (10am PST), Apple is going to announce something or the other that we think just might be the iPad 2. Gizmodo is liveblogging the presser, as are Engadget, Ars, PC Mag, and CNET. If you're more of an audiovisual person, Leo Laporte and the TWiT Live crew will be hosting a live show commenting on the announcement, as will the Guys from Queens. Apple hasn't yet announced a live video stream for the event -- which is odd because it has offered live video for its last two events -- but if it does at the last minute, it'll probably appear here. We're working on finding live, streaming video for the event. Update: Now with live video of the full event:

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  6. Confirmed: Apple’s iPad 2 Event Is Happening on March 2

    The tech blogs have one less thing to speculate about now: Apple's iPad 2 event is officially happening on March 2nd, or one week from today. They've sent out the above invitation to members of the press. iPad 2-exclusive, or will there be more goodies in store? The event will take place at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts at 10am PT. (via Loop Insight)

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  7. SuperRumor: iPad 3 in 2011?

    As of yet, there is no hard evidence to support this theory whatsoever, but it's just sneaky and daring enough that we wouldn't rule it out of Apple's playbook: Blogger John Gruber speculates that in the fall of 2011, Apple could release an "iPad 3" or at least an "iPad 2.5" hot on the heels of its as-yet-not-even-announced iPad 2 this spring. Gruber, known for his connections within Apple and his habit of sometimes serving as a cipher for the company, stresses that this is purely his guess. One mystery this would appealingly resolve is the conflict between reports that the iPad 2 would have a so-called "retina display" and analyses debunking this:

    How could Apple release a third-generation iPad just six months or so after the second one? Maybe it won’t be an actual next generation model. Maybe it’s more like an iPad 2.5, or iPad 2 Pro — a new higher-end model that sits atop the iPad product family, not a replacement for the iPad 2 models (which, of course, haven’t even been released yet). Or: an iPad 2 HD. What if that’s the source of the conflicting reports of a retina display next-gen iPad? I am nearly dead certain the iPad 2 is going to have the same display resolution and size as the current iPad. I am not so sure at all, though, that there won’t be a double-resolution 2048 × 1536 iPad in 2011. Is that a technically aggressive release schedule? Absolutely. But Apple has invested $4 billion on some sort of unspecified components for future products.
    Either way, it's a step up from the mucus-secreting new MacBook Pro. (Daring Fireball via TechCrunch)

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  8. Report: iPad 2 Will Have Front- and Rear-Facing Cameras

    Citing multiple sources, Reuters reports that the iPad 2 -- which hilarious-though-sometimes-accurate rumormongers DigiTimes reports will ship in February of 2011 for an April launch -- will have both front- and rear-facing cameras, sourced by Genius Electronic Optical Co Ltd and Largan Precision Co Ltd. You may recall that a teardown of this generation's iPad revealed that it has a slot in the frame that perfectly fits the camera from a unibody MacBook Pro, which Apple evilly didn't include in this generation for whatever reason. Cameras would allow videochat applications such as Apple's FaceTime and augmented reality apps for the iPad. Reuters' sources also say, in accordance with other iPad 2 rumors we've heard, that the "new model would be slimmer, lighter and have a better resolution display." Man, if all of these iPad 2 reports are true -- they jibe with Apple's past product release strategy, but we'd still put them in the 'interesting rumor category' for now -- a bunch of people who got iPads for Christmas or Hanukkah this year are going to be annoyed. (Reuters via BGR)

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