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  1. New Virtual Windshield Lets You See Through Vehicles

    Q would so love this for the next Bond car.

    We've all been there: stuck on the highway, trapped by a giant 18-wheeler, not sure if you should attempt to pass or just stay safe, in truck hell, for what seems like all of eternity. Lucky for us, researchers at the University of Porto feel our pain, and invented a See-Through System for car windshields. Zip past that annoying trucker with ease!

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  2. Don’t Believe In Ghosts? Scientists Are Working on Making Their Own

    Despite the popularity of paranormal phenomena -- in the movies, on reality TV, or in real life research teams -- there remains no solid proof of the unseen. Namely, ghosts. Most visual reports of ghost sightings are dismissed as optical illusions, a trick of the light, or the subject perception of some natural phenomenon. So why keep looking for them when we can make our own? In a breakthrough at the National University of Singapore, scientists may be able to engineer ghosts.

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  3. Small Shark Can Glow And Become Invisible, Is Not A Mutant

    The first in-depth study of the splendid lantern shark, a rare type of dogfish shark found mostly in the East China Sea and off the coasts of Taiwan and Japan, has revealed that the shark can glow in the dark and go "invisible." Both of these abilities are naturally occurring biological processes. The ability to glow, and hide itself in an invisibility "cloak," are controlled by light-emitting organs called photophores. Many species glow using bioluminescence, but coupling with the invisibility is particularly interesting. To become invisible, the photophores replace the down-welling light from the sun, which is absorbed by the shark's body. The silhouette of the shark then disappears when it is viewed from below. This is useful to help the shark hide from predators, staring up at it from the ocean's depths.

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  4. Chinese Researchers Announce Radar Invisibility Cloak with Illusion Capabilities

    A Chinese research team from Southeast University in Nanjing have announced that they have found a way to change the way radar waves interact with an object. Researchers Wei Xiang Jiang and Tie Jun Cui used advanced metamaterials, sometimes used to guide light in unique ways, to similarly guide radio waves, thus changing how the object appeared in a radar scan. The New Scientist explains the experiment:
    Copper conducts electricity well and reflects incoming radio waves, giving it a bright radar signature. To alter this behaviour, the team built a device made of 11 concentric rings of circuit boards etched with small metal-lined channels that prevent electromagnetic waves reflecting away. Instead, they guide the waves in a direction that the researchers choose specifically to make the hidden object appear to have different electrical properties.
    Many of you are probably saying, "so what?" Admittedly, it's not very exciting in and of itself that some guys were able to make copper look like porcelain to radar. But then one of the researchers says the magic words that will make your ears prick up.
    Similar illusion devices could eventually be used for stealth technology: for example, to "convert the radar image of an aircraft into a flying bird", Cui says.
    There's the payoff.

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  5. Your “Hacked Kinect Does A Cool Thing” Video of the Day: Invisibility

    The Hollow Man keeps on top of all the latest trends. We've seen the Kinect used to present objects in 3D, to bring Minority Report style interfaces into the present, to make puppets, and to play Mario by actually running and jumping. Isn't this thing supposed to play Xbox games too? Are you sure?

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