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Into the Woods

  1. 15 Geeky Movies To Look Forward To This Fall, Plus Paddington

    But what of Dolphin Tale 2, you cry?

    There's a lot to anticipate in the world of geek films between now and January. Trashy trolls! Benedict Cumberbatch! Nightmare-fodder Paddington Bear! Excepting that last one, there's a lot of goodness in the stars for movie-lovers this Fall; here in order of release date are 15 of the offerings I'm most excited for.

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  2. Remember That Song They Wrote For Disney’s Into The Woods? It’s Not Making It To The Movie


    We know the reports of plot changes made to Into The Woods were greatly exaggerated, but the movie still won't be exactly the same as the show. You know what won't be there, though? That song they were going to add. Oh good, because we refuse to geekily memorize any more lyrics in this show. The songs you've already got are difficult enough, Sondheim!

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  3. [Update] First Trailer for Into the Woods Has Lots of Actors, No Actual Singing

    "Look at all these cool people we got!" Yeah, OK.

    Yesterday we showed you some stills from the Disney fairy tale musical Into the Woods, and now we have the first trailer! Alas, we get the visages of Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Chris Pine, and more, but we don't get to hear them actually, y'know, sing any songs.

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  4. New Stills from Disney’s Into the Woods

    New Into the Woods stills released show that this movie is looking pretty awesome so far. I think Disney's actually doing pretty well adapting such a dark and scary musical to a movie.

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  5. Stephen Sondheim Goes Into Damage Control Mode Following Tales of Disneyfied Into the Woods

    I smell BS.

    Last week musical nerds clutched their hands to their bosoms and wailed unto the sky when word hit the 'web of Stephen Sondheim saying the movie version of Into the Woods is being hacked and slashed at by Disney until it resembles something appropriate for children. Only now Sondheim has released a statement saying his original quotes were taken out of context.

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  6. Surprise! Disney Has Disneyfied Into The Woods

    That's so nice. Not good, not bad, just.... nice.

    So you know how the award-winning Stephen Sondheim musical Into the Woods is getting made into a feature length movie by Disney? And you know how people die and have sex with each other and then also die in that musical? Yeah, apparently you have less of that to look forward to in the film version. We'll be talking specific plot details after the jump, so head's up for spoilers if you haven't seen the show before.

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  7. Meryl Streep Looks Crazy Scary In Into the Woods, You Guys

    And All Was Right With the World

    Yesterday unofficial set pics from fairy tale musical Into the Woods caught our eyeballs, and now Disney's given us our first look at Meryl Streep as the witch. Not as scary as The Devil Wears Prada's Miranda Priestly—who is, really?—but I'll take it. (Photo by Peter Mountain) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  8. Things We Saw Today: Sobriety is Futile

    Things We Saw Today

    You'll open a bottle of wine just to use this Borg Cube winestopper. I would, and I don't even like wine. (Fashionably Geek)

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  9. Disney’s Into the Woods Movie Goes Into the Production, Releases Official Cast

    More than a year and a half after their very first announcement, Disney rolled into production on Into the Woods last week, and with the start of filming comes, naturally, the final cast. Is a viral video star, as rumored, really in the role of Little Red Riding Hood? Is Anna Kendrick in it? Are Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Pine, and Johnny Depp all in one movie? Thank goodness we have answers to all these questions below. Get ready for a wall of names.

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  10. That Little Viral Video Girl Who Sang “Super Bass”? She’s In Into The Woods

    And So It Begins

    You remember Sophia Grace, right? She became a viral star after singing Nicki Minaj's "Superbass" with Rosie, her likewise pink-tutu'd compadre. Now she's breaking out of the viral star scene and signing on to do some serious film work: she's going to be in the new Into the Woods movie. So who is she playing? Why is Johnny Depp in this banner? What will become of the little British girl in this famously dark musical? Head under the cut to find out.

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