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  1. The Mary Sue Interview: Roy van der Schilden and Aïda de Ridder on Herald, Colonialism, and Cultural Identity

    The Mary Sue had a chance to chat with Roy van der Schilden and Aïda de Ridder, two developers behind the adventure game/visual novel Herald. Before our chat, I got to try out a quick demo of the game. The moment I fired it up, I knew I was in for something... different.

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  2. The Mary Sue Interview: Meg Cabot on Her Middle-School Princess, and Her First-Ever Princess Diaries Novel for Adults

    Mia Thermopolis was my soul mate growing up; I read every Princess Diaries book countless times, growing up with the reluctant Princess, and even loved Anne Hathaway's bushy-haired movie iteration. Now, Meg Cabot is returning to the world of Genovia with a new book for middle-grade readers - and even one for all of us old fans, too.

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  3. The Mary Sue Interview: Katharine Isabelle on 88, Hannibal, and Why She Likes Playing (and Working With!) Horror’s “Timeless Bitches”

    “I mean badass motherf----rs!”

    When you think of modern day scream queens—no, not the ones in that Ryan Murphy show—you gotta think of Katharine Isabelle. This is a woman who has been in a few of the most fearless female-driven horror films of the last decade (Ginger Snaps and American Mary!). She’s also a champion for changing female roles within horror, partnering with fellow genre gals (ahem, Jen and Sylvia Soska) to create parts that are more than just the hopeless victim or virginal final girl.

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  4. The Mary Sue Interview: Amy Berg on Female Anti-Heroes and Portraying Complex Women in Film

    Amy Berg is one of the biggest names in documentary filmmaking today - But Berg is also moving into narrative filmmaking, and makes her debut with the crime drama Every Secret Thing, a mix of Gone Girl and Mildred Pierce starring Diane Lane, Elizabeth Banks, Dakota Fanning, Danielle MacDonald, Nate Parker, Common, and Renee Elise Goldsberry (oh, and it’s produced by Frances McDormand, and written by Nicole Holofcener).

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  5. The Mary Sue Interview: Rya Kihlstedt On Three Days in Havana And Heroes Reborn

    Actress Rya Khlstedt may not be a household name, though fans of Dexter and Nashville know her for her recurring roles. But what you may not know is that Kihlstedt is in the midst of a comeback, after leaving the profession for 12 years to raise her two children. Her latest movie, Three Days in Havana, is a wrong-man thriller written and directed by star Gil Bellows, who also happens to be Kihlstedt’s husband.

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  6. Ladies Kickin’ Butt on Hulk: The Mary Sue Exclusive Interview with Disney Infinity 3.0 Designer Jeff Bunker

    You're no match for Mulan and Minnie, big guy.

    Last year The Mary Sue spoke to Disney Infinity 2.0's executive producer John Vignocchi about Disney Infinity's commitment to having tons of awesome playable female characters, and Disney Infinity 3.0 is no different.

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  7. The Mary Sue Interview: Slow West’s Writer/Director John MacLean On Making A Movie With Fassbender and Feminism

    Someone get this guy a t-shirt.

    John MacLean arrived at Sundance this January with his debut feature Slow West, and walked out with the World Cinema Dramatic Award for Best Picture. His 1870s Colorado-set New Zealand-filmed western is a surprising twist on the American Western, starring Kodi Smit-McPhee as a 17-year-old who heads west to find his love Rose (newcomer Caren Pistorious), unaware that bounty-hunters are searching for her as well.

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  8. The Mary Sue Interview: Bill Willingham Talks Gamergate, Politics in Comics, and Saying Goodbye to Fables

    At this year's C2E2, inimitable Fables creator Bill Willingham graciously took the time to talk to The Mary Sue about the power of folklore, the unique struggles of being a creator in the digital age, and how it feels to be bringing Fables to an end after 13 years.

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  9. The Mary Sue Interview: Stephen Bradley On His Biopic Of The Incredible Christina Noble

    Bradley’s newest film, Noble, is a biopic about the life of Christina Noble, who began The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation to help oppressed and marginalized children, and provide them with health, nutritional, educational, and job assistance. The film tells the story of Noble’s life, which led her to Vietnam in 1989 after her own experiences as a homeless orphan as a child and suffering sexual and domestic abuse

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  10. The Mary Sue Interview: Horror Writer Ania Ahlborn On Her Chilling New Supernatural Thriller, Within These Walls

    Female horror writers are few and far between, so when we find a good one, we hold on tight to each and every one of their books. Award-winning author Ania Ahlborn's latest supernatural thriller Within These Walls is a terrifying look at how far one will go for success - and we got the chance to ask her all about it. And then we didn't sleep for a week.

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  11. The Mary Sue Interview: My So-Called Secret Identity‘s Creator On Why Smart Is A Superpower & The Future Of Women in Comics

    Last summer I learned of a Kickstarter fundraiser for a comic called My So-Called Secret Identity. Being a fan of My So-Called Life in the '90s, I was compelled by the title. As I clicked through the website, I felt an instant draw both to the comic and to protagonist Cat, whose mantra “smart is a superpower” made me burst with pride.

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  12. The Mary Sue Interview: Eléonore Hendricks On Motherhood and Magic Mushrooms In Come Down Molly

    New Yorker Eléonore Hendricks, born and raised, has an impressive resume as a photographer, casting director, and actress. Often asked to hire non-professional actors, she cast (and coached) the Oscar-nominated film Beasts of the Southern Wild. At the Tribeca Film Festival this year, she starred as the title character in Gregory Kohn’s Come Down Molly, as a new mother struggling with loneness and depression who reunites with her high school friends for a break from adulthood.

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  13. The Mary Sue Interview: Gail Simone Talks Pulp Women and Badass Match-Ups in Swords of Sorrow

    "It’s all the toys, all the best toys."

    Gail Simone's latest comics project, Swords of Sorrow, from Dynamite, drops tomorrow! The Mary Sue had the chance to speak with Simone in anticipation of Issue #1. She gave us her thoughts on the appeal of female pulp characters, whom she'd like to see get an ongoing title, and the state of women working in the comics industry.

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  14. The Mary Sue Interview: Melissa Grey On Her New Hit YA Novel The Girl At Midnight

    Melissa Grey's The Girl at Midnight follows Echo, a girl from an ancient race of people who live under the streets of New York - and have the ability to teleport. We spoke with Grey about her awesome female protagonist, her life in NYC, and what we can expect next from Echo.

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  15. The Mary Sue Interview: Kiva Bay On The Feminist Deck Kickstarter


    By now you've probably noticed that a lot of prominent feminists on Twitter have new hand-drawn avatars on their accounts. It's no accident that they all have a similar style. All the art has been created by the hand of one talented artist: Kiva Bay. The Mary Sue recently had a chance to chat with her to talk about where she gets her inspiration and what she plans to do with the art in the future.

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  16. The Mary Sue Interview: The Brass Giant‘s Brooke Johnson on Her Steampunk Engineer Heroine

    Brooke Johnson's The Brass Giant is set in an alternate-history version of London, filled with brassy, beautiful steampunk tech—but is still inhabited by humans with all their flaws. Female Engineer Petra Wade is barred from practicing her trade because she's a woman, but she's a prodigy—under her care, machines sing; they work brilliantly, and Petra knows she was born to be a mechanist. We spoke with Johnson about her new book, the steampunk world, and her rad female protagonist.

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  17. Dreadfuls Rejoice! Penny Dreadful‘s Cast Tells Us What to Expect From Season 2

    Willy Wonka, apparently.

    It's been a long wait, but Penny Dreadful will finally be back in our lives this Sunday; and in anticipation of the Season 2 premiere, The Mary Sue team was lucky enough to attend events in New York and Toronto celebrating Showtime's breakout gothic horror series. Season 1 spoilers to follow!

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  18. The Mary Sue Interview: Liana Brooks on Her New Sci-Fi Thriller: The Day Before

    Calling all #CloneClub members.

    Liana Brooks' The Day Before follows ambitious detective Samantha Rose as she investigates a homicide in rural Alabama in the near future. But in an Orphan Black-esque turn of events, the murder victim turns out to be a clone—complicating the homicide and in fact reducing it to nothing more than littering. But Sam is not to be deterred. We spoke with Brooks about her sci-fi/thriller crossover, lady protagonists, and cloning.

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  19. The Mary Sue Interview: H1Z1‘s Art Director On Adding A Playable Female Character To Their Game Today

    Daybreak Game Company's zombie survival title, H1Z1, was released in Early Access on Steam in January, and they've been adding new features in the months since. In a new patch coming today, they're (awesomely) allowing players to choose between a male or female playable character, and we spoke with the game's Art Director, Sebastian Strzalkowski, all about their new zombie-fighting lady.

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  20. The Mary Sue Interview: Academy Award-Winner Helen Hunt On Her Sophomore Film Ride

    This week, Helen Hunt opens her second film, Ride, about mother/career woman who follows her adult son to Venice after he quits college and takes up surfing (and re-ignites her love life with her surf teacher). Hunt spoke about the new film, surfing, and motherhood.

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