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  1. In Continuing Quest to Stay Relevant, Facebook Adds “Buy” and “Save” Buttons

    Add a "cute puppy gif" button and maybe I'd start using Facebook again.

    Facebook is testing some features that it knows will actually get you to start using your account again: "buy" and "save for later" butto—ZZZZZZZZ.

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  2. New York Public Library To Start Lending Out Internet, Be The People’s Champion

    And they've still got books, too!

    Have a New York Public Library card? Then congratulations, you are now free to Internet. Thanks to a $500,000 grant (that's a lot of late fees) the NYPL will soon be lending out broadband in an effort to help members who can't afford wireless keep up with the digital age.

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  3. Technology and Anime, a Beautiful Love Story


    It’s 2014. It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m checking my queue on Crunchyroll to see if some of the anime series I’ve been following this season have been updated. Technology has altered the way I consume anime, and sitting in front of my computer is a far cry from my childhood self sitting in front of the TV in 1985. I desperately waited for the next episode of Robotech to air because I wanted to see if Rick Hunter would choose Lin Minmay or Lisa Hayes. Of course, my 10 year old self had no idea that Robotech was actually culled from a Japanese animated series called Super Dimensional Fortress Macross and the whole saga was stitched together from three different series to make the 65 episode count for daily syndication.

    I just wanted my love triangle and my mecha space battles, okay?

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  4. Teens React to a 90s Internet Instructional Video, Make Fun of 90s Kids Before Saying Dumb Stuff Themselves

    Surf's up, kids! Let's check out this series of tubes!

    If you're old enough to the remember the early days of the World Wide Web early Internet-speak in old videos full of nostalgia. If you're under 20, it's apparently complete gibberish that needs ridiculing. That's what we learned in the latest Fine Brothers video, Teens React to 90s Internet.

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  5. Google Finally Releases Its Staff Diversity Numbers, Admits It’s Overwhelmingly White and Male

    Elsewhere on the internet

    "Don't be evil" is Our Great Overlord and Master Google's unofficial motto, but there's one area where they're having trouble keeping to that: Staff diversity. According to data just released by Google itself, the web behemoth's staff of just under 50,000 is whiter and more male than the Republican National Convention.

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  6. The Moon Now Has a Better Internet Connection Than You Thanks to NASA

    It's only a matter of time before Seamless delivers there.

    It's tough to find a good Internet speed without paying your cable provider through the nose to get it. You know who puts out a really solid wireless connection, though? NASA—provided you live on the Moon, of course.

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  7. Star Trek Sausage Dance Party [VIDEO]

    Make It So

    Things get a little weird in The Mary Sue offices late on a Friday afternoon. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  8. Only You Can Help NASA Improve Their Website Through a Game, Like Last Starfighter but With Web Surfing

    So more "pointing and clicking" and less "shooting and universe saving."

    If you're great at the Internet but not exactly a proficient coder, NASA has a way for you to put your skills to good use and improve their website. This is it, nerds: all your endless hours of clicking Internet links and navigating pages can now be justified as you help mankind's quest for space knowledge.

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  9. You Can Now Read the FCC’s Full “Net Neutrality” Proposal for Yourself

    Net neutrality is in giant sarcasm quotes.

    In case you weren't already angry enough about the FCC's vote to put through its new rules that would damage net neutrality, they've now published the entire proposal online for you to hate-read. That is, if the site its hosted on loads fast enough for your tastes. If not, maybe you can find one that's wiling to pay up.

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  10. FCC Voted in Favor of Proposal That Could Allow ISPs to Charge Sites for Better Delivery to Customers

    This isn't good news.

    The FCC has voted three to two in favor of chair Tom Wheeler's (above) proposal to beginning shaping the framework of Net Neutrality. More votes will be coming in the next few months to work out the details, but this opens up the possibility of ISPs charging sites for better reach of their customers.

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