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  1. Roomba Tweets And Takes Orders Via Internet

    So you got yourself a roomba, gave it a name and slapped some googly eyes on top. What's next? matchlighter, from instructables, figured the next logical step is to let the little guy/gal/thing tweet whatever he/she/it is doing at the moment. Through a bunch of magic that you can check out in detail on the instructable page, matchlighter managed to allow his roomba to be remote controlled over the Internet as well as tweet when it is picked up, returns to dock, avoids a ledge and a few other scenarios. For now, the roomba's vocabulary is pretty sparse, but after a few updates maybe it'll be able to tell us when it's ferrying kittens or engaged in a fight to the death, but I'm pretty sure it'll keep all the robot uprising stuff to itself. Check out what it's up to on its twitter. (via Hack a day)

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  2. This Is an Actual Eggshell, Carved to Its Bare Minimum

    Instructables member bbstudio set out to carve an eggshell as much as possible while still retaining the shape and the image of the egg; this was the result. "Yes, it is a real goose egg shell. I use a high speed engraving tool called a paragraver and a very light touch. I hold them in my hand while I carve them ... There is no resin involved. As a matter of fact, this egg is still not treated with anything." (Instructables via MAKE)

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  3. The Incomparable Beauty of Bacon Roses

    You, like millions of humans, probably woke up this morning bereft of edible roses made of bacon. You may not have even realized the bacon rose-shaped hole in your life, until this moment. Thanks to kaptaink_cg at Instructables, now you can finally partake of these beautiful bacon trifles. Making these beautiful pork flowers seems surprisingly easy, requiring only minor modification of a muffin tin, and some cheap plastic flower stems. The simplicity of the instructions is almost poetic, when compared to the complex beauty of (bacon) roses. (Instructables via BuzzFeed)

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  4. NES Modded to Fit Inside NES Cartridge

    Anyone who has ever opened up an old NES cartridge knows that many of them were mostly empty, with the little board only taking up a small portion of the inside. Well, what better to take up all of that empty space than an entire, working Nintendo Entertainment System? Instructables user danny32412 achieved the above accomplishment by obtaining a Nintendo on a Chip (NOAC) board--which is usually a Famicom packed into a controller with an added game slot--disassembling it, then converting it to work with standard NES games and controllers. He ended up building a custom controller interface board so he could map the NES controller's buttons to the corresponding pads on the NOAC board, attached a 72-pin NES cartridge slot (as the NOAC came with a 60-pin slot), and added two controller ports and a power switch to finish it off. He gets extra points for testing it out with one of the best NES games ever made, Super Mario Bros. 3. Head on past the break to see a video of the modded NES in action.

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  5. Child’s Toy to Enigma Machine in Six Steps

    How many times have you been sitting around your house, wishing you could send messages coded in the same manner as the Nazis circa 1940? Well now with a little bit of elbow grease, you too can own your very own Enigma machine! Please imagine the above as a late-night Sci-Fi Channel infomercial. Instructables user sketchsk3tch was one such man in need of an Enigma machine, but didn't want to commit the considerable cash required to get a real one. While browsing a thrift shop he noticed a child's toy with a full keyboard and thought to himself, like anyone would, that it would make a great Nazi code machine. Because why not? Having made his dream a reality, he's shared his work online. In just six easy steps, he walks you through everything you need to know to start coding and decoding. During the Second World War, Nazi Germany relied on the ingenious Enigma code machines to keep their communications secret. Great effort was expended by the Allies in breaking this code, which in turn spurred the development of computers, made Alan Turing a legend,  and helped establish cryptography as a key aspect of military intelligence. If that's not reason enough to have one, or at least a facsimile of one, then I don't know what is. Or you can be lazy, and remember that there's an app for that. (Instructables via Hack A Day)

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  6. 8x8x8 LED Cube

    Instructables members chr and chiller created this nifty dynamic LED cube; in the wonderfully soundtracked YouTube video above, they make the convincing case that you really want an 8x8x8 LED cube and why don't you have one, there's so much cool stuff you could do with it. Fortunately, being Instructables members, they have put together a handy guide for making one yourself. (Instructables via Neatorama)

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  7. Geekolinks: 8/29

    No Half-Life Movie Unless Valve Makes It (1Up) Fallout: New Vegas Has Robot Sex (GameInformer) Yoda's Head is a Cake, Your Argument is Invalid (instructables) This is a $10,000 Game of Pinball (Tilt Warning) Timelapse Photography of the Day (Geeks Are Sexy) The 10 Greatest Fictional Inventors (Gizmodo) Mission: Impossible IV Casting (Bleeding Cool) (image via Toycutter.)

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  8. How to Papercraft Yourself in 10 Simple Steps

    The instructors at Instructables have laid out in detail how to perform an extremely useful task: Making a full-size paper clone of yourself. Have a series of hilarious miscommunication caused you to have two dates with different people on the same night? Just send Paper McGee on one of them. Need your enemies to use up all their ammo so you can take them down? Roll Papyrus McPaperson into the line of fire. The possibilities are endless. But getting your paper clone is no easy task. It will take a full week of careful, diligent work.

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  9. How to Make Bacon Fruit Cups [Springtime Delicacies]

    Today in interesting uses for bacon: Instructables member Canida has put together an instructive, well-illustrated, and mildly stomach-churning guide to making fruit cups out of bacon. The perfect springtime treat!

    These were supposedly a big hit at Bacon Camp SF 2010.

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  10. What a Fuzzy, Adorable … Crocheted Bacteriophage?

    Sure, it's not up against the toughest competition, but Instructables member skbmo has crocheted what is hands-down the most adorable bacteriophage we've ever seen. Bacteriophages, you may be aware, are the nanometers-long viruses that infect bacteria by injecting them with their genetic material and look kind of like spaceships. More pics after the jump:

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