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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Not all that glitters is gold

The One Ring… This is Your Life!

A ring that shows you the timeline of events that happened to the Ring?

We need to go deeper, precious. (Emil Johansson of the Lord of the Rings Project explains here.)

Previously in The Lord of the Rings


Elsewhere on the internet

Womanthology Reigns Queen Over Kickstarter’s 2011 Comics Projects

I remember when the Womanthology Kickstarter started up, and I thought to myself, “Oh, it’ll be safe to make a post about that on Monday, it’ll still need help then.” only to find that two weekend days later it had nearly reached its goal, with weeks left in the campaign. A preorder of its final published edition is one of my most treasured presents this holiday.

Of course, Womanthology may have received the biggest budget, dollar for dollar, but it only exceeded its funding goal by a measly 440%. See which comics rated that level of dedication below on Comics Alliance’s whole 2011 Kickstarter chart.


This is just like magic!

The Rules of Magic, According to… Well, Everything, Ever

If you have ever wanted to figure out how magic works, go could do more wrong than to peruse this exhaustive compilation of magic systems in fantasy fiction, complied and displayed by io9. We’re going to post the biggest snippet of it we can behind the jump, but it leaves out several columns and a significant portion of the bottom of the chart. Here we go:


All this has happened before...

The Future: An Infographic

I’ve seen infographics that present the slow but surprisingly eventful future that awaits us if all our fictional realities come true, but what this one has on all the others is sheer size. Also, did you know that there’s only one year of difference between the wild, lawless space frontier of Cowboy Bebeop and the emotionless dystopia of Equilibrium? Also, in only seventeen years, we will be 2000 years away from Titan, A.E.


the internet is serious business

Superheroes and Their Social Network Counterparts [Infographic]

The guys over at Freestyle Interactive have conjured up a very sweet infographic, giving that gang of social networks corresponding superhero identities. Whenever I send a tweet now, I’m going to picture shooting all 140 characters from my wrists. Full graphic after the jump, and click to enlarge.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Amazing Technicolor Cartoon Wheel

Slate created this eye-candy of a color wheel featuring tons of popular cartoon characters. We give them props for going full-geek in making a ROYGBIV-based infographic about animated characters. (via Popped Culture)


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Soldiers With Kittens

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! (At Ego TV via GammaSquad)


Lies Damned Lies

The Difference Between Men and Women (Regarding Facebook Picture Upload Frequency Only)

Every time I see one of these Facebook infographics I face the reality that I am a statistically weird Facebook user. I could chalk that up to being the kind of user who was around when it was and only worked for a few dozen American colleges, but that would be the hipster’s way out.

Full graphic, mostly about pictures, not gender, behind the jump.



The Periodic Table of Geek Storytelling

Here’s something to look at that will keep you occupied for a while. DeviantART user ComputerSherpa came up with this unbelievably informative “periodic table of storytelling” using TMS favorite TV Tropes to break down the chemical compounds of our most beloved (or reviled) geek stories. After the jump, click to enlarge for the full size. We’ll see you in a few hours.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Pink Batgirl

Girls just wanna have fun — and fight crime. (At Fashionably Geek)